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****EPISODE 14****


‘Is that all?’ he asked and resumed his writing.


‘Uhm… no…I also… need… no… not me… just that there isnt any food…’ ‘Food and pictures brought you here, which automatically means money…’ he was saying.


‘Not exactly like that…’ Daisy wanted to protest but Jide’s raised hand signalled her to stop.


‘I have heard you’ he said with finality.


More like ‘I have heard all your stammering’ he thought amusingly but


his face held no smile. He wasn’t even looking at the pitiful sight of Daisy at the door.


Daisy curtised mentally and left his presence closing the door softly behind her.


Once out, she relaxed her back on the wall, she realised she


was shaking inwardly, she raised her hand to her forehead and felt she was sweating too, She became angry with herself. What was it about his presence that


turned her into Jelly butter, she thought.


‘I bet Grace would be bolder in his presence’ she said angrily as she walked to her room now.


‘Such a chicken livered Daisy!’ she continued and banged the door of her room like it had been the one who upset her.


Grace had been the caller of the afternoon, Daisy recognized her immediately as the ‘lady on red’ from the picture and wedding. She became a trifle jealous, because Grace was a stunner and she was as nasty as she was pretty too.


She had gone on about how Daisy appeared from nowhere to steal her man



and how she was not gonna give up without a fight, how she would wait for the day Jide would definitely push Daisy away with the messiest divorce she (Daisy) had ever known and how the pain would be greater than the scandalous wedding she had…bla bla bla…


Daisy was all calm throughout the exchange, she was only grateful that her emotions didn’t give up on her, the worst she could have done was to whimper and give up a tear in front of that woman! She wished she was all bitchty like Brenda her friend. She would have given her a piece of her mind too. But she wasn’t and all she had done was to tell the irate Grace to kindly leave her home when she was done, then she had left her standing in the parlour.


She didn’t know when Grace left cursing fire and brimstone. She just went to her room to sulk, but bounced back to her cheerful self hours later and started preparing for the confrontation with Jide.


Jide however, had not been aware of Grace’s visit to his home, he had last seen her at the wedding.


The next morning he dropped a considerable amount of money for Daisy on the Dining and that became his routine, dropping money weekly for Daisy on the dining to buy whatever things she needed for the home or her personal effects. she should well know that his love and attention wasn’t hers, but she could eat and fatten up for all he cared.


He however, never ate the food Daisy unrelentingly prepared and left on the dining daily for him, until weeks later, he reconsidered and started eating the breakfast and dinner that was readily and steadily available for him.


He reasoned that since it was his money she used in preparing the food and couldn’t possibly poison him, there was no reason skipping it and waste money eating out.


But that was where the contact ended, he didn’t go any further. They lived like familiar strangers up on till…


To be continued……..


By Oden Green




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