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#Chapter 62✓



Zeemah writes








I alight from a cab in front of the house .


I pay the cabman and drag my feet to the gate.


“I will” kept echoing in my ears and i can’t help the tears burning at the back of my throat.


I vowed never to do this anymore.


Why did i agree to it?


“Mia, what’s wrong?”


Ohh…i didn’t even notice Nath had open the gate.


“Nothing, I’m fine” I said, stepping in.


“You sure?”


“Yeah” I said and wonder why he’s staring at my hands.


“I thought you went to the grocery store?” He asks.


“Yeah i di…” I was saying when i realize there’s nothing in my hands.


No proof that i actually went to the grocery store.




I plan to go while coming back from Pine estate but my mind was preoccupied.


No wonder Nath kept staring at my hands.


“Did you left the things you bought behind in the cab? Let’s quickly go after it”


“No…well, i didn’t buy anything”




“They don’t have what i want” i lie.


“You mean, they don’t have any of the things you wanna buy? That grocery store is always full to the brim”


“Well…the thing is I’ll go back tomorrow, i did not feel like buying anything again”


“Ohh… really?”




“Are you sure you’re okay?” He ask.



“I am, Nath.” I fake a smile and started heading to the door to prevent other questions cause right now, i just wanna cry.


I pull the door open and step in..


I close it behind me before walking into the living room.


Darrel is still in his office.


“I’m back Darrel” I said, walking past his office.


“Welcome back baby” He say.


“Thank you” I smile.


Even if we are not seeing each other, his voice has a way of soothing my nerves.


“What’s wrong?” He ask.


“Nothing, just feeling sleepy”


“Ohh…then go to bed”


“I’ll do just that.” I said and hurry to the stairs.


I got to my room, open the door and walk in.


I lay flat on my bed and resume my thinking.


I should have known it won’t turn out good.


But didn’t boss said after this mission, he will let go of me finally.


Even at that, another life is gonna be lost.


Another soul is gonna die by my hands.


I can’t bear to do this.


The urge to do it is not even there anymore.


Im confused right now, i don’t know what to do.


Should i just kill myself, no! I can’t.


I should pay for my sins.


I can’t afford not to see Darrel anymore.


The thought of him working in that office to apprehend me made me shiver.


It won’t be good if Darrel finds out himself.


Now I’m lost between a new mission and telling Darrel the truth.




My head started aching after much thinking.


I’m still not able to come up with anything.


My phone dings in my pocket and i sigh before pulling it out.


It’s a message.


I unlock it and click on the new message.


Boss said he’ll send the info to me.


I guess he has.


NAME••: Greg Thayer.


HOME ADRESS••: FSC Estate, block 7.


OCCUPATION••: Psychologist.


DATE••: 07-02-20.


TimE••: 8pm.




It’s a day after tomorrow.


What am i gonna do?


I widen my eyes as an idea struck my mind.


Well…i should prepare for whatever consequence comes aftermath.


My tears pour out, knowing my end is near.




“Wake up sleepy head” i heard faintly but the voice became clear after i felt a few tap on my shoulder.


“Lunch is ready!” I heard more clearly this time.


It’s Darrel.


“Aaaaa” I yawned, opening my eyes slowly but it clearly opened when i felt a kiss on my lips.


My heart raced as i kiss him back.


We’ve actually kissed a couple of times but my heart won’t stop racing any time we kiss.


My love for him has not deduced a bit, it keeps increasing.


I wish i had no secret, i wish i was never an assassin, i wish i had lived a normal life.


Everything would have been so perfect right now.


We kissed on and on. No one was willing to stop.


I cried myself to sleep, i can’t start crying again.


We stop kissing to catch our breath.


We both laugh as we stare at each other.


“I love you” He said, tenderly stroking my hair.


“I love you more” I smile, my worries dashing from my mind..


I just feel good whenever he’s close to me.


“Your eyes looks red, have you been crying? What’s wrong?” He ask worriedly, sitting beside me on the bed.


“No, it’s nothing. My eyes has been itching” I lie.


“Really? Should we go see an ophthalmologist?”


“No,it fine. I just needed some sleep and now i’ve had it, it’s not itching anymore”


“Are you sure?”


“Of course”


“Darrel” i call.


“Huh?” He ask.


“Ca..will you make love to me tonight please?” I ask and noted the surprise look on


his face.




“I want it, please”


“Why? This is so sudden. Is everything okay?” He ask. “Everything is fine, i just feel like it. Or won’t you do it for me?” “I will, if it’s what you want” He smile. “Thank you” i said.


“For what we’re both gonna enjoy? Com’on” He wink and i laugh.


I freaking love this guy but the thought of not being with him again, the thought of him not loving me anymore saddens me.


I need to at least feel him before being locked up.


“And i think i heard you say lunch is ready” I said.


“Yeah, it is”


“Prepared by who?” I tease and he faked a frown, knowing I’m teasing him.


I laugh.


“By me, chef Darrel” He said,with so much pride that i laughed harder.


“Anyone who hear you say that now will think the world best chef just prepared a meal”


“Okay, come with me to the dining and know if the world best chef just prepared a


meal or not” He said.






“You’re sounding so sure”


“Cause i know what i prepared is heavenly”


“Really? I can’t wait. Hold on, i need to rinse my face” I said, getting up from the








Well…i guess there’s no need to talk about how Darrel meal tasted cause right now we are all staring at one another after a spoonful. Damn!




I manage to swallow it before speaking up.


“Darrel, don’t ever make a meal in this house again” I said before laughing hard, Nath joined in the laughter too.


“But it looks nice, it just doesn’t taste nice” Darrel pout.


“Meal is not about how it looks but how it tastes. This thing can cause a running stoma..” I’ve not finish speaking when i feel my stomach rumble.





“Damn you Darrel!” I yell before running to the toilet.






“How you feeling now?” Darrel ask.


Im laying on couch after purging for the sixth time.


“I’m okay now” I said.


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, i am”


“Is the meal that horrible?” He ask and i laugh.




I only took a spoonful,what if i had eaten more?


“But i added everything right” He said and i felt somehow sorry for him.


He tried to make lunch cause i was sleeping and yet I’m laughing at his failed attempt.


“I’m sorry” I said.


“For what?” He ask.


“Its my job yet you helped me with it and instead of being appreciate, I’m laughing at your failed attempt”


“No, it’s fine. The situation is actually funny. We don’t even know if Nath is out of his toilet yet” Darrel said and we laugh.


“How come you’re the only one not purging, didn’t you taste the meal while you were cooking it?”


“Well…i didn’t, maybe i knew it’d be horrible” He laugh.


“The seasoning you added is way too much plus you didn’t allow it to get properly cooked. You’ll need to start cooking lessons” I twitch my nose. “I’m ready” He said.


“Should we start now?” I ask.


I should at least teach him something before leaving him.


I want him to remember me for at least something.


“No” He said.




“I ordered pizza already”


“Ohh…really? Why?”


“You were purging and i thought you won’t have the strength to cook anymore” He said.


“But now I’m fine, i think you should cancel the order”


“It’s late already. Let’s have pizza for lunch and then we’ll start the cooking lesson with dinner” He said.


“Fine then” I smile.


“I should go check on Nath” He said, standing up.


But the door open and Nath walk in looking pale and why is he widening his eyes that way.


I couldn’t hold myself anymore, i burst out laughing hard,so as Darrel.




Hours later, we are seated round the table, having pizza and drink.


“What a boring show” i roll my eyes at the fashion channel we are all watching.


“Are you sure you’re a female?” Nath ask and i laugh.


“Why do you think I’m not, are my titties not big enough?” I ask and we laugh again.


“Stop talking naughty” Darrel said after laughing.


“Most female get intrigued by this fashion show but you’re showing little or no interest in it”


“Well…im not most females and i don’t really care about fashion or whatever” I said.


“Woah! You’re so different” Nath said.


“Yes she is and I’m glad she is. That makes her special” Darrel said, sending colour to my cheeks.



Pink colour


We all stare at ourselves and the last piece of pizza, wondering who should take it.


No one is willing to let it go. It’s way too delicious.


Shouldn’t this guys give it to me.


“What’s that thing by the door?” Darrel said pointing to the door.


Nath and i turn to the door and i don’t think i see anything different.


“I can’t see any…” I was saying as i turn back to Darrel only to catch him eating the last piece of pizza.




“Nath We’ve been fooled” I said.


“Geez!” Nath frowned.


“Sorry guys” Darrel laughed hard, standing up.


I drag him back and jump on him, giving him soft punches.


He kept laughing and i couldn’t help but laugh too.






“Goodnight” Nath said.


We just finish having our dinner and we are watching a movie.


“Aren’t you gonna wait till the movie is over?” Darrel ask.


“I’m feeling sleepy already”




“Good night”


“Good night Nath” we chorus and the moment he walk out of the door, i started feeling nervous.


I glanced at Darrel and caught him staring at me.


I felt more nervous.


“Let’s go” He said.


“Huh? Where?” I ask.


“To my bedroom” He say, making heat rush to my cheeks.


I place my hand on his outstretched arm and he helped me up.


I slide my feet into my footwear and led the way to Darrel’s room, breathing heavily..


We’ve not done anything and I’m breathing this heavily.






“Are you sure you want to do this Mia?” Darrel ask and i nod.


He’s naked down to his waist while I’m still fully clad, laying on his bed.


I sit up and start pulling my t-shirt.


I throw it on the couch.


“Come help me with my shorts” i said to Darrel who quickly came over.


He help me pull it off and I’m left in my undies.


I don’t know why I’m not feeling shy or even trying to cover up with Darrel’s gaze traveling down my body.


It made me feel hot.


He kneel over me on the bed and crushed his lips on mine,we kissed for what seemed like hours,before his lips move to my shoulders,boobs, stomach… my whole body vibrated and i don’t know when i started moaning.


He devoured my flesh with his mouth and i urged him not to stop with my moans.


He slipped inside me after touching every part of my body..


I felt overwhelmed by the passion.


Tears filled my eyes, i never thought love making could be this beautiful.



Someone once made it horrible, painful and disastrous for me that i vowed not to do it again in my lifetime.


But here is Darrel, giving me more than a second thought on love making.


I tried to enjoy the moment and not to have a flashback of my past.


“Am i hurting you?” Darrel ask..


“No, you’re not. Please continue” i said.


I moaned in ecstacy as he continued.


This is the most beautiful thing ever.


I’m just too overwhelmed by the deep passion.


I wish it will go on forever.




Hours later, i lay silent and naked in the circle of Darrel’s arm, still savouring our love making session.


Tears rushed to my eyes as i realise this will be the last time I’ll be in Darrel’s arm.


“Darrel” i called.


“Huh?” He kissed my forehead.


“Will you still love me even if i do the most horrible thing on earth?” I ask. “Mia, I’d still love you. I’ll love you forever. I can’t stop loving you” He said and my heart fluttered.


“Thank you” I kissed his chest.


Moments later we were engulfed in each other’s bodies and i forgot all my worries, pain and agony.


All i did was savour the beautiful moment.


The Pure Bliss moment.








The beautiful killer







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