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#Chapter 51βœ“



Zeemah writes






Nath and i glanced at each other when Mia stormed out of the hospital.


“What’s wrong with her?” I asked.


“I don’t know” He said and ran off after her.


Sometimes, i envy how much Nath likes Mia.


I can remember the first day i arrived at the house and made a meal, Nath refused to eat cause i didn’t gave Mia.


They both ate microwaved breakfast instead.


Well…they suit each other, the housekeeper and the gatekeeper. They should better make their intentions known to Darrel so he’ll stop staring at Mia at every chance he gets.


I’m sure once Nath proclaims his love for Mia. Then Darrel will focus on me.




My baby is still in coma.


Nath walked in but i couldn’t see Mia with him.


“Where’s she?” I asked.


“She already left in a cab before i could get to the gate” He said.






“I guess she has some personal issues to solve” I said but deep down, i wish i can trace her and know exactly what is going on.


That girl is too mysterious not be suspected.


How can one not have even one picture of any member of her family.


“Doc Mart” Nath said, jolting me out of my thoughts.


“Oh… Mr Nath” I said when we saw him coming in.



He’s yet to be dressed in his professional wears. “Good morning, Mr Mart” we chorused. “Good morning”


“How is he? Can we see him now?” I asked.


“Noo, I’m sorry you can’t” He said adjusting his eye glasses.


“But you said today!” I half yelled.


“Yeah, i said today but i don’t remember mentioning ‘morning’ ”




“This is just 8:25am and I’ve not even settled into my office. You know what, come join me in my office in five minutes” He said. “Okay doc”







“Hmm…the thing is, we were ordered by the CIA leader not allow anyone see him until they are here” Doc said.


We were seated opposite him in his office.


“Really?” Nath asked.


“Yeah but chill, they’ll be here soon” He said.


“Okay doc but how is he?” I asked.


“Same.” He said and i sighed sadly.


“You should be glad he’s not dead” He added.




“Where’s the housekeeper? I’m glad she’s not here though” He said and Nath suddenly banged the table, startling us.


“I wonder where your hatred for Mia is coming from. How can you have so much hate for someone who’s so nice and down to earth, i guess the embarrassment she caused you haven’t toned you down. You deserve more! ” Nath fumed before walking out of the office.


He slammed the door pretty hard




“Doc Mart, why do you hate Mia?” I asked.



“Actually, i don’t hate her but there’s this strange aura around her,she’s someone that should not be trusted. She obviously has so much secret under beneath those innocent looking eyes”


“You also think so!” I exclaimed.


“Of course, any sane person should know” He said.


“Then why isn’t Darrel noticing what any sane person should. Darrel senses things easily. I wonder what’s going on”


“He’s blinded, by love” doc. Mart said.




“When she was admitted here, Darrel asked me to inspect a scar on her arm, that scar is definitely a bullet scar and it was a fresh one then, but she cooked up another story for Darrel which he believed instantly.” “A..B..ullet scar?”




“On her arm?”


“Of course”




I alighted from the cab after paying the cab driver.


I started walking deep into the estate,our house is deep down,not easy for anyone to locate.


Well… I’m not here for that.


I’ve decided to quit!


I’ve paid boss back by obeying him all this years and now it has to come to an end.


I shivered when i remembered how boss blasted Genevieve’s brain when she offered to quit then.


Well…i also deserve to die after taking so many lives.


But I’m gonna warn him not to dare touch Darrel.


I should atleast see Darrel before dieing.


Doc Mart should have resumed now…i guess.


I collected my phone from my pocket and ran a call across Nath.



Hey Mia!



Nath, is doc Mart back?”



Yes he is but we are not allowed to see him yet till the CIA leader arrives.



Damn! And that’s when?



Well…i don’t know. Why did you ran off earlier? Is everything okay?



Yeah, i had to quickly sort out some things.



Okay, you’re on your way back to the hospital right?



No, but soon and in case you don’t see me after Darrel wakes up. Tell him i love him okay?


I’m sure he grinned before speaking up. Okay Mia,and don’t stay long.





I sighed and switched off my phone before tucking it back into my pocket.


I continued my walk and soon i was at the gate.


I stood there, knowing Robbie is inside scanning me by the gate, the gate opened automatically and i stepped in and slowly walked to the door.


Placing my hand on the knob, i realised I’ve lost so much of my courage.


I breathed deeply before turning the knob and with that, i walked in and closed the door behind me.


It’s either im carried out of here dead or i walk out of here alive…


I can’t believe I’m so afraid of death when ive murdered so many people like they are nothing.



I walked into the living room and met everyone of them seated in silence, they were all staring at me.


The triumphant look on Carla’s face made me wanna hit her at that moment.


“Hi boss” I said and watched how he drew out a long smoke from his cigarettes.


He picked his drink and gulped it down.


“Have you killed him?” He asked and i must admit boss has a voice that could make one’s knees grow weak.


Why haven’t i noticed that?


I guess I’ve become so soft now.


“No, and I’m not gonna kill him” I said and they gasped except boss who smiled bitterly.


“You won’t? ” He asked.


“Yes i won’t!” I said making my voice more stern.


Anne gave me a ‘what-the-f**k! Is-wrong-with-you.’ look.


I ignored her and turned back to boss.


Robbie sighed worriedly while Joel and Katy acted unconcerned.


I do not need their concerns though,I’m here for another thing entirely.


“Why” Boss asked.


“I love him,so much” I said.


“Even more than i love myself” I added and watched the shock that crossed everyone’s face.


“How dare you love someone you were sent to assassinate! So foolish of you!” Carla yelled.


“Shut that bloody-gutted mouth of yours! You this stinking fool!” I yelled back and


saw her withdraw immediately.


I’m glad my words got to her.


“That’s breaching of agreement Mia” Boss said.


“I’m not the first to breach an agreement and I’ll not be the last. You can’t keep getting everything in your way. I love him and I’m not killing him!”



“You love him? But i don’t so I’m gonna kill him myself! Today!” Boss said. “You dare not boss!” I said angrily,the words already got out of my mouth before i realised it.


Everyone rose to their feet in shock.


“Mia!” Anne whispered.


“Mia, did you just say; I dare not?” Boss asked.


“I’m sorry boss but yes! That was what i said. Anyone that gets close to Darrel to hurt him, i swear i won’t spare the person, no matter who it is!” “Wow! Really?” Boss laughed wickedly.


“Yes and that’s not only what I’m here for. I’m also here to tell you that i wanna quit” I said, sending another shock to them..


“OMG!” Robbie exclaimed.


“Yeah, i wanna quit. I don’t wanna take people’s lives anymore,I’m tired of doing that. So from this moment, I QUIT” I said leaving everyone speechless. “You dare not!” Boss said through gritted teeth.


“Well … I have already, i served you for years, so you should let me go now.


Killing no longer excite me. I’m sorry but I’m damn serious. I quit” I said.


“Just Because of Darrel?” Joel managed to ask.


“Yeah and because of me too” I said.


“Mia, you’ve been in that house for just two months and two weeks and you are already in love? While you don’t even have feelings for someone you’ve lived with for years?” Robbie asked.


“Well…that shows you the power of love” I said.


“That’s lust!” Carla said.


“Nah! You’re wrong. That was what i thought it was before but now,it has outgrown it” I replied calmly.


“You’re quitting?” Boss asked and i nodded.


“I’m sorry boss” I said and bowed.


I knew if he wanted to kill me, he would have done that at that moment.


Boss likes me so much and me doing this to him is bringing tears to my eyes.


I raised up my head to prevent my tears from dropping.


I couldn’t define the look on everyone’s face at that moment.


“Bye, and please no one should try to hurt Darrel” I said and turned to leave. “Boss, should i bring you your pistol. Remember what you did to Genevieve after she said she wanted to quit”


“Let her go” Boss said surprising everyone including me and before he could change his mind, i had ran out of the living room and the gate until i was walking down to the entrance of the estate where i will board a cab.


Like seriously?


Boss didn’t kill me?


I kept turning back, breathing heavily..


I left there alive?


I quickly waved a cab to a stop ..


I told him the name of the hospital and hopped in as fast as i could.


The cab driver started driving away and it was when we got halfway that i sighed in relief.


I’m alive!!!


I left pine estate Alive!




“Nath” I called walking into the reception.


He was resting on a pole busy with his phone while Katy sat with a laptop on her laps.


Did she went home to get that??


She glanced at me as i made my way to Nath.


“Oh, Mia I’ve been calling you” Nath said.


“I’m sorry, i was so busy sorting out some things. How’s Darrel?” I asked.


“We already went to see him” He said.


“Really?” I asked.




“I should go see him too then, is doc Mart in his office?” I asked.


“Mia, you can’t see him again for today. The CIA leader gave that order,he left


minutes ago and it was even by chance we got to see him,we weren’t even allowed


to touch him” He said.


“Damn!” I swore.


“I called you several but your phone is off, i wanted you to come see him before they leave but you’re way too late” He said and i pouted angrily.


“Well, how is he?” I asked.


“Still in coma… you’ll get to see him tomorrow. Let’s go sit” Nath said leading me to a chair beside Katy’s and i noticed how she quickly closed the laptop.


Well that’s Katy for you.


Everyone is a suspect, even ghosts !


“Is he looking pale? Skinny? Stiff? Moving? Breathing?” I asked Nath as we sat down.


“Arrrrgh!” He sighed softly.


“You’ll see all that tomorrow” He added.


“Com’on tell me now” I said. “Please” i quickly added.


“Well…I’ll be going home to make lunch” Katy said.


“Lunch?” I asked glancing at the wall clock.




It’s 12pm already.


“It’s not time for lunch yet” Nath said.


“And I’m not hungry” I said.


“Well… you’ll be,when i come” She said, stood up,held her laptop tightly to her chest before walking out.


“Did she went home to get her laptop?” I asked.


“Nah, doctor Mart gave it to her” Nath said.





Next day


We sat in the reception watching the workers carry out their activities.


Doc Mart just walked in and he said we can’t see Darrel if the CIA leader isn’t here yet.


I won’t step a feet out of this hospital until they come.


I must see Darrel today, I’ve missed him so much.


I dare any bastard to stop me from touching him.


If i don’t feel his touch today,then i might go crazy.


Today makes it the third day that I’ve not set my eyes on Darrel.


I can’t stop blaming myself for all this.


Doc Mart came rushing into the reception and i assumed the CIA leader is here.


“Darrel is awake!” He said and it was just like shock riveted through my body.


My whole system changed and i was left speechless for a while.


I screamed happily, jumping on my feet.


“Yass!” Nath smiled happily while Katy hugged doc Mart.




“Let’s go see him” I said,not able to hide my excitement.


My sweetheart is awake.


“No, you all can’t go see him. He only requested to see one person and that person is…” Doc Mart hesitated,kinda leaving us in suspense. He looked from me to Katy.


“Who?” Nath asked.


“Katy.” He said and my heart sank.





The beautiful killer



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