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#Chapter 55βœ“



Zeemah writes







It corresponds.


The date, the exact time and…


Could Mia… be the assassin?




But this is evidence that she is.


She has the exact eyes as the assassin.


She was seen walking out of the hospital that same night.


She acts strange and now the same date and time her CCTV footage was blank was the date someone was murdered.


Could it be coincidence?


Even if it is, what exactly made her CCTV footage blank that night and it was only her ward affected.


The whole hallway footage was blank too and i know there’s definitely something behind that blankness.


What exactly is it?


Cause i don’t want to believe yet that she’s the assassin.


Nah! She can’t be .


As much as i dislike her, i don’t want her to be what I’m suspecting her to be.


If only i can get hold of her phone to clear my doubt.


There’ll be so much clue on her phone, i know she might not be assassin but she’s also someone dangerous.




I’ve never seen a complicated case like this.


We should extract the bullet from the man recently killed and examine it in the lab.


I clicked on the power button on the laptop before closing it.



I stood up, picked my drink and walked back to the living room..


The song has stopped playing already.


I sat down and stared into space.


It’s so obvious I’ve lost Darrel to Mia.


Darrel doesn’t love me upon the years I’ve loved him.


Just in the space of two months,he fell in love with someone else.


Isn’t that lust?


It isn’t.


Even the most dumb person will see the love between them.


Then what am i still here for?


I’ve lost completely.


All my hope has been wiped off.


I feel empty right now.


I wiped my tears and sipped a little out of my drink.


Is he even aware of my feelings for him?.


I actually blame myself for all this, i should have told him when Eric asked me to, now it’s late.


An incoming call interrupted my thoughts.


I picked my phone and glanced at the screen.




I cleared my throat before answering the call.



Good day Boss.



Katy, what’s going on? Even with you there, you are not able to solve the case.


It’s past two months already.






What the hell is going on? ” He interrupted me harshly. “Just a mere lady,you couldn’t capture,to the extent she shot Darrel right in your presence.


Boss I’m deeply sorry but it’s not as easy as you think.



It’s not as easy as i think? That assassin stood in front of you both for minutes and you couldn’t devise a means to capture her. Were you both drunk? And is that how incapable those cops over there are?”



Boss, if those cops had helped,we would have captured that lady but they just stood back shivering, leaving only Darrel and i to face her and Boss to be sincere, that lady is skillful.


Are you guys not also skillful? What are you saying Katy.



Boss, you know I’m not officially signed as Darrel’s assistant so I’m restricted to some things.


Even without you there, i believe Darrel should have solved the case. What the hell is distracting him!


Well…his housekeeper” I blurted out before i could stop myself.



His housekeeper? How?



Darrel is in love with his housekeeper and that’s a huge distraction.






Yes Boss.



Okay, I’ll call the CIA leader to terminate the appointment of the housekeeper.



Okay Boss.





The call disconnected and i sighed.


Is this supposed to make me feel happy?


Even if her appointment is terminated,that doesn’t stop their love for each other but I’m a bit glad she’ll be out of Darrel’s sight for a while.


My phone started ringing again..


Who the hell is calling this time.




I ignored the call and laid on the couch.


I don’t love someone that loves me, i keep going after someone that does not


have any feelings for me.


That’s crazy.


The call came in again and this time, i decided to answer it.



Hey Mark” I said.



OMG! Katy, you answered my call!


I smiled at the excitement in his voice.





“Get well soon Darrel though i can see you’re okay already” Carol said, picking up her bag.


She has spent enough time with us already.


“I may look okay but I’m not, i don’t feel as strong as i used to”


“It’s just a matter of time, you’ll still feel as strong as ever” Carol said holding his hands.


He nodded.


“I’m sorry i wasn’t able to get you anything, i headed here Immediately i got to New York”


“It’s fine” Darrel smiled.


“It’s not fine with me. I’m still gonna get you something and come back here to give it to you” Carol said.


“Nah! It’s fine” Darrel said.


“It’s not”


“You should take a lot of rest for today, you look stressed out” I said.


“I look stressed out but I’m not. Has Nath ever told you I’m the strongest lady he has ever been with?” She said and we all turned to Nath who scratched his hair, obviously trying to hold a chuckle.


“Com’on Nath, tell them” Carol said.


“Of course, Carol is the strongest woman” He said and she smiled happily.


“On earth” Nath added sarcastically and we laughed.


“Well, i should be leaving now. I’ll be back to check on you” She said.


“Okay, thanks for visiting. I really appreciate” Darrel said.


“Goodbye” She bowed.


“I should see you off” I said getting down from the bed.


“Nah, stay with agent D. He obviously doesn’t want you out of his sight” She said. Darrel smiled “She should see you off”


“Nah, I’ll be fine with Nath. Bye” she pecked Darrel on his cheeks and me too


before heading to the door with Nath.




“She’s so lovely” I said after she walked out with Nath.


“Yeah” Darrel said.


“Do you want anything?” I asked sitting down beside him..


“No, but i wanna show you something” He smiled mischievously.


“What?” I asked.


He picked his phone while i waited.


He bursted into laughter while staring at whatever was on his phone screen.


“Com’on Darrel. I’m waiting” I said and he handed his phone to me.


On the screen is a picture of me, sleeping with my mouth opened and my eyebrows fused together.




There are even more of it.


I stifled my laughter and wore a fake frown.


He was still laughing when i hit his shoulder hardly.


“Ouch” He said.


I hit him again knowing well that the first one had no effect on him.


“Ouch” He said,still laughing.


I hit him more and more and ended up laughing too.


“I’m gonna take shots of you too whenever you’re sleeping” I said.


“I sleep cutely, you also know that” He smiled.


“I’m gonna move the pictures to thrash” I said and picked his phone but he pulled it from my grip.


“Com’on” I pouted.


“No one else is gonna see it, just me” He smiled.


“Dar..” I was saying but the door opened.


I thought it was Nath but Katy walked in instead.


I noticed Darrel’s frown instantly.


“Mia, can you please excuse us” Darrel said and i nodded before standing up from the bed.


“No need to excuse us. I’m not here for chitchat, all i wanna say is Mia,get ready cause your appointment will be terminated soon” She said and it was just like a bomb.


“What!” Darrel exclaimed.


“Katy what the hell did you do?” Darrel yelled.



“What the hell did i do? Well…the hell i did was loving you and you knew it but you never cared about my feelings” She said.


“I’m sorry about that Katy, i tried severally to feel the same way for you but it didn’t work. I don’t love you and i can’t force myself to do so” Darrel said.


The news of my appointment being terminated soon occupied my sense of thinking.


“Really?” Katy asked.


“Yes, you need to understand that in life, you don’t always get everything. Just go for the guy that loves you” Darrel said.


“Oh..i wish it was as easy as you said it” Katy said.


“You can make it easy” Darrel said.


“Well…I’m not here for that. Like i said earlier, your appointment will be


terminated soon Mia” Katy said.


“Why?” Darrel asked.


“Boss called me, he was so pissed about the delay in this case. He asked what was distracting you and i said it’s because you’ve fallen in love with your housekeeper”




“Katherine!!” Darrel yelled.








The beautiful killer

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