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#Chapter 47βœ“



Zeemah writes








I have a mission tonight.


Name; Jude Thompson.


Home address; Lakeview street,block 5.


Profession; lawyer.


Time; 9pm.


Poor man.


He’ll probably be in his room not knowing he’s gonna be dead soon.


This is just so sad.


But what choice do i have, i just have to kill him.


I should better be extra careful now that that sneaky bitch is around.


I swear down, if she shows up,I’m gonna waste her life immediately.




My ice cream is melting already.


I dropped my phone and started licking it.




But i still can’t believe our faces are out in the street.


What if someone….


Boss will definitely not take it if he knows.


But there’s nothing i can do to the poor man, our picture is obviously what’s fetching him great sales.


I won’t be cruel to cut off his happiness.


I walked into the bathroom after i was done with my ice cream.


I rinsed my hands and mouth, dried it and returned back to my room.


The thought of going to kill tonight is not fine with me.


I don’t feel happy killing people anymore.


I feel bad instead.


Why should i be the only one to be sent on missions..


I don’t want to kill anymore.




What did you just say Mia?


I don’t wanna kill anymore?


Hell no!


That isn’t possible.


I love killing and i should continue right?


But the passion isn’t there anymore.


Gone are the days that i jubilate when I’m about to kill.


What really went wrong?


Darrel is obviously responsible for my change.


His solemn words and actions started making me have a rethink. I don’t think twice before releasing my bullets but now i hesitate!!


Darrel why!


Why do you have to change me.


So fast!


I walked to the door, bolted it and return to my bed.


I sat down before laying on my back.


Everything is just so complicated right now.


Boss is pissed at me over Darrel.


I promise to kill Darrel once it’s three months when i know i can’t!



Even if boss is to send another person to do the job,am definitely not gonna let it happen.


Darrel trusts me so much,i don’t know what’s gonna happen if he finds out I’m the assassin he’s toiling to apprehend.


I dread the day he’ll find out.


He’ll be so hurt.


Im never gonna allow him find out.




I pulled the blanket over my body.


‘its 4pm already’ I muttered glancing at the wall clock.


I can’t continue thinking about my complicated life.


I should sleep and forget everything for a while.


I closed my eyes,inhaled and exhaled deeply.


And just like i was in a mutual agreement with ‘sleep’ I started dozing off Immediately.





“You should sue that man” I said to Darrel after he explained everything that transpired.


“His explanation made me pity him. He’s a poor man struggling to make ends meet” Darrel said, opening the file in front of him.


He keeps getting more attractive.


He keeps occupying my heart.


“So you let him go with what he did?” I said.




“Darrel,that man has your picture widely displayed in front of his cheap ice cream shop and you allowed that?”



“Ahhhh” He sighed. “It’s not my picture alone. Mia’s too and I’m glad we’re the reason he’s making more sales. Thats the only way we’re helping him. You know how much i love helping people” He said.


“You mean, Mia’s picture too is in it?” I asked, boiling deep within me. “Yeah” He smiled. “The picture is beautiful”


I don’t like Mia for getting more of Darrel’s attention.


He seems to like her.


Plus,she’s so beautiful.


I accept the fact that I’m jealous and that’s the main reason i don’t like her but there’s another thing about her..


It’s something i can’t place my finger on.


She seems suspicious.


Darrel just said he has never heard her phone ring. The excuse he could give was her family doesn’t like disturbing her at work.


I don’t believe that.


Darrel is just so blinded by whatever it is.


I’m gonna investigate this lady myself.


“So what did you do while i was away?” Darrel asked.


“To the ice cream shop?” I asked and he nodded.


“Well… Eric called” I said.


“Ohh…my buddy” He smiled.


“He asked of you and promised to call later”


“Alright, let’s proceed then. Where did we stopped?” He asked.


“Hold on” I said when i saw a message notification popped up on the screen of his laptop.


“A message just entered?” He asked.


“Yeah” I said and clicked on it.



I have another mission tonight on Lakeview street. 9pm. Figure out the block yourself. I dare you to meet me there.



“What!” I screamed.






“Mia,why did you do this?” Darrel asked with tears in his eyes.


“I’m sorry Darrel, i never meant to hurt you. I love you so much” I said, holding my blood stained cloth.


How come there’s no one around except Darrel and i, this place is damn silent and creepy,only the sound of wind was heard.


There’s a deep cut on Darrel’s left cheek.


I’m not feeling pains but my whole clothe is stained with blood.


“I love you” He said.


“Me too. Are you fine?” I asked and he nodded.


“I’m sorry i hurt you, i never intended to” I said.


“It’s fine but i have to leave now” He said.


“To where?” I asked.


“I don’t know” He said slowly getting on his feet.


“Darrel, please don’t leave me here” I cried, trying to get up but can’t.


“I’m not safe with you Mia” He said.


“You are. I promise i won’t hurt you again” I said.


“I’m sorry. Bye” He said.


My heart grieved as i watched him walk away.








“OMG!” I exclaimed opening my eyes.


I sat up on the bed and rubbed my face with my palm.



What sort of dream is that?




It can’t be what’s gonna happen right?


Darrel,i promise i won’t hurt you. Please stay with me forever.


I love you.


I glanced at the wall clock and gasped.






I’ve not made dinner.


I pushed the blanket away and quickly got down from the bed.


I slipped my feet into my footwear before rushing out of my room.


The aroma I’m perceiving made me stop for a while.




I descended the stairs and headed straight to the kitchen but i stopped at the dining table seeing the lush meal.




Katy is undeniably a good cook.


“I was about coming to get you” Darrel said sitting.


“Ohh…I’m sorry,i never meant to sleep that long” I said.


“It’s completely fine. I’m glad you took a break tonight” He said.


Katy also sat, acting less concerned about my presence.


“Sit and dish out your meal” Darrel said and i glanced at Katy.


She made it,she might not want me to eat out of it.


“Have you served Nath his?” I asked.


“Yeah” Darrel answered.


I sat down and also dished out mine .


We all started eating in silence..








I walked into my room after washing the dishes.


I need to start getting ready.


I entered the bathroom where i now keep my costumes.


I dropped them on the bed and walked to the window.


My car is parked there already.


“Hmm” I sighed and started getting out of my clothes.





“Katy,you can’t come with me. You’re not officially signed as my assistant” “I know Darrel but but please just take me along” I pleaded.


I’ve been restless since we received that message.


I’m sure if i go with Darrel tonight, we’ll capture that f**king assassin.


This is what I’ve been waiting for.


“No Katy, you can’t go with me. I’m sorry” He said.


“Darrel, please take me along” I said.


“Katy, i can’t”


“Okay then” I said, i knew he wasn’t gonna allow me go with him, i have other plans.


“So, remember our plan on how you’ll find out the exact house she wants to carry out her mission”


“Yes and I’ve asked for backup.” He said.




“I should be on my way now, you know we have to be there before she arrives” “Yeah, i wish you good luck” I said hugging him.


He hugged me back and i wish we never have to disengage from the hug.


My smile brightened as i sniffed in the fresh scent of his hair .


“Bye” He said disengaging from the hug .




I sighed softly as i watched him walk out of the door.


I’m gonna go after him.


I can’t stay home knowing my help will be needed out there.


I hurried to the window and peered out.


He’s driving out already, I’ll go pick up my pistol once he drives out completely.


Drive fast D!


“Good!” I exclaimed when he finally drove outta the compound.


I hurried up the stairs and was about entering my room when i thought of something.


Shouldn’t i atleast inform Mia.


We both can’t leave the house without informing her.


Even if i don’t like her, she deserves to know that we’re not in the house .


I’ll just tell her we’re going to get something.


I turned back and walked to her door.


“Mia” I called while Knocking.


I knocked again and again. No response.


Could she be in the bathroom?


I continued knocking till i was forced to open the door.


She’s not in her room, i think she’ll be in the bathroom.


“Hey, Darrel and i are going to get something” I said.


No response.


Well…she won’t wanna answer me.


But why will she leave her window widely opened and what’s that black thing on her bed?


I walked in fully and headed to her bed to examine whatever it is.








The beautiful killer

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