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#Chapter 43βœ“



Zeemah writes








“Katy?” Darrel broke into a huge smile.


“Let her in” he said and Nath nodded before walking out.


“You know Katy right? My friend in California,the one i told you about” Darrel said excitedly.


I nodded slowly..


He stood up Immediately the door opened.


The lady walked in smiling and i must admit she looks pretty.


She looks exactly like the pictures i saw on Darrel’s phone, just that she’s more real now.


I watched as they both ran into each other’s arms screaming happily.


My eyes went to the luggage on the floor and my heart skipped a beat.


She’ll be staying here?


“I missed you” she said after they disengaged from the from the long hug.


“Me too. What an unexpected visit” Darrel said.


“Well..i couldn’t wait any longer, i wanted to see your face” She said, hugging Darrel again.



Our eyes met and a furious glint appeared in her eyes, it quickly disappeared that i almost thought i imagined it.


She tuck her hair behind her ears before turning her gaze back to Darrel.


“What’s with your luggage,do you wanna stay in New York for years” Darrel teased.


“Nah! I just wanna be with you for some weeks, I’ll be right here in this house” she said glancing at me.


What’s up with her?


“Katy,you know this is an official building” Darrel said.


“Yeah but it’s not restricted to another CIA agent ” She said.


“Fine then, you’re welcome here. I really miss you” Darrel smiled, helping her with her luggage.


“I missed you more, if i don’t. I won’t be here” She said.


“Come meet my housekeeper who already turn my friend” Darrel said leading her towards me.


I sighed and stood up.


“Hi” I said.


“Hello, your name?” She asked and i could sense the strictness in her voice.




“Mia” I said.


“Your last name?” She asked.




“How come most of your information are hidden? where do you stay before working here? What was your former occupation? Do you have a family? I wanna know who you are” She said.


“Com’on Katy. I explained everything to you” Darrel said.


“Darrel,just let me do this” She said.


“You want me to answer all that?” I asked.


“Of course,you must” She said.


“Hey! Last time i checked,you’re a CIA agent in California and not in New York City so i don’t owe you any answer nor explanation okay?” I retorted and she stared at me menacingly.


She thought I’m a cool girl?


Hell no!


“How was your journey?” Darrel asked Katy, breaking the weird silence.


“Fine” She said,not removing her gaze from my face.


I stared back at her equally.


“Mia, please help Katy clean up a room” Darrel said.


“Darrel, i clean the rooms in this house everyday,she should just pick anyone” I said.


“She calls you Darrel?” Katy asked in obvious surprise.


“Yeah” Darrel answered.


“Just Darrel? You’re her boss!” She said.


“I told her to call me Darrel,she never wanted to” Darrel said.


“I should take you to your room, you need to freshen up and eat” Darrel said, leading Katy away.


I sighed and sat back on the couch.


She’s so mean.


I bet she has been trying to get informations about me before coming here. Why must she know anything about me?


I hissed and picked the remote control.


I resumed the movie and continued from where we stopped.






“Mia,help me microwave the left over for Katy,she should have that before lunch is ready” Darrel said.


They were both coming back into the living room.



She’s changed into a comfortable looking t-shirt and shorts, her loosed hair is now packed into a ponytail.


“Okay” I said and stood up.


“Nah! Im gonna make a meal myself” She said.


“No Katy,you need to rest , you just arrived” Darrel said.


“Oh .. com’on, I’m not tired at all” She said.


“Okay . I missed your meals though” Darrel said.


“I bet you’ve never tasted any meal as delicious as mine” She said..


“Huh… Mia makes delicious meals too” He said and i smiled inwardly as her expression turned sour.


“Where’s the kitchen?” She asked.


“Over there” Darrel pointed to the direction of the kitchen.


“Won’t you join me?” She asked Darrel.


“You want me to?”


“Of course” She said.


“Okay” Darrel said, holding my gaze.


I switched my gaze from him and sat down.


They both walked into the kitchen while i nursed the little jealousy building up in me.


She’s definitely gonna divert Darrel’s attention to herself alone.


I picked the remote control to resume the movie but i flung it away,stood up and walked to the stairs.


I heard their chatters and laughter and i returned back to living room.


I’m not gonna leave the living room for her.


She met me here and i shouldn’t be the one to feel threatened by her presence.


I sat down on the couch and resumed the movie.







The aroma of the meal she was making stirred me from my slumber.



Ohh…i was sleeping already,i didn’t enjoy the movie as i did when Darrel was with me.


I sniffed in more aroma and admitted she’s indeed a good cook.


I wonder what she’s making.


Ohh…the movie is still playing.


I sat upright and stared at the wall clock.


It’s almost time for lunch.


I heard a knock on the door and knew it was Nath.


“Come in Nath” I said and the door opened.


He walked in, smiling.


He should have resumed one of Mr Walker’s company yesterday as the CEO but he insisted on being here till Darrel is also ready to go back to California.


“Why are you seated here when you’re making such a delicious meal with a nice aroma” He said.


“I’m not the one making it” I said.


“Huh?” His eyes widened.


“Agent D.?” He asked.


“No, Katy” I said.




“Yeah Nath” I said.


“Wow, I’m impressed but I’d love it more if you were the one making ” He said and i smiled.


“Nath,you there? Come grab your lunch” Darrel called from the dining room.


“Mia too” He added.


“Let’s go” Nath took my hand and we both walked to the dining.


Katy was dishing out the delicious looking meal.




Nath swallowed hard beside me.


“This is yours” She stretched a covered plate to Nath who collected it eagerly.


“I didn’t call you” She said to me.


“Huh?” I asked.


“Your portion isn’t here” She said leaving me stunned.


“Katy!” Darrel said.


“Darrel,you know i made just little” She said.


“But it’ll be enough for everyone” Darrel said.


“Don’t bother Darrel, I’ll microwave the left over in the fridge” I said.


“You mean Mia is not gonna eat from this lunch?” Nath asked and Katy nodded. “Then I’m not eating too” Nath said and dropped the plate on the dining table, surprising everyone.


“Nath, com’on” I said.


“I’ll eat the leftover with you, serve me mine when you’re done microwaving it” He


said and walked out of the dining room.


“Nath” I called after him.


“I have to be at my post” He said, opened the door and stepped out.


I glanced at Darrel and sighed before walking into the kitchen.


His face is expressionless.


I can’t believe that lady could behave this way!


She came here some hours ago and she already mixed up everything.


I shouldn’t even have expected to eat out of her meal, considering the way she treated me earlier.


Darrel said she’s a nice person,then why is she behaving this way.


I opened the fridge and brought out the leftover.


Nath should have just eaten that sumptuous-looking lunch. I know he really wanted it but he declined because of me.


I’m seriously moved by his actions.





I sat on the breakfast bar in the kitchen and started eating my lunch after i served Nath his.


I had passed the dining room and saw them eating.


“Mia, why are you eating here?” I heard Darrel asked.


I turned to see him standing by the kitchen door.


“It’s a little meal, i don’t need to go to the dining room” I said.


“Little meal or not, you’ve always eaten at the dining room” He said.


“Yeah but i wanna eat here today” I said.


“I’m sorry if you’re offended by the way Katy reacted to you. Trust me,she’s not like that. I guess it’s because she just arrived ” He said and i shrugged.


“Come with me to the dining room” He said and i was about declining but he quickly added ‘please’


“I’ll help you with your meal” he said and carried my meal.


“Should we walk down the street later in the day?” He asked and i nodded.


I’m glad he still wants to spend time with me even when she’s here.


We got to the dining and i sat down.


Darrel placed my meal in front of me, i continued eating refusing to look in Katy’s direction.


We all ate in silence.




I packed the stained dishes to the kitchen after everyone is done with lunch.


I started washing them in the sink.


I heard Katy telling Darrel about going to have a nap.


She really needs it.


I hope she’ll turn nice after she’s awake.


Darrel walked into the kitchen and started helping me with the dishes .


“Thank you” I smiled.


We wiped our hands on the napkin after we were done with the dishes.


“Should we go out for the walk now or when we’re done watching that movie?” Darrel asked as we both walked out of the kitchen.


“Let’s finish watching that movie, although,i already continued it without you” I said.


“Ow! You should have waited” He said.


“I’m sorry, i did not know when you’ll be done with Katy and i don’t want to be bored. ” I said.


“It’s fine” he smiled.






We laughed hard at the end of the funny kdrama.


“Geez! I knew that guy won’t stop being funny” Darrel said.


“He’s a crook,he even farted at the end” I laughed more.


“We should go out for a walk now” Darrel said.


“Okay” I said and repacked my hair.


I stood up and slide my feet into my footwear.


He took my hand and we both headed to the door.


“Where are you going to Darrel?” We heard Katy asked.


We both turned to see her walking down the stairs with a laptop in hand.


“I wanna take a walk down the street with Mia” Darrel said.


“Your housekeeper?” Katy asked.


“She’s not just my housekeeper,she’s my friend” Darrel said tightening his hold on my hand.


“Ohh..fine then” Katy said.


“We’ll be back soon” Darrel said and we both walked out of the door.



“Do you want ice cream?” Darrel asked when we were approaching an ice cream shop.


“Of course” I smiled.


Our walk has been interesting so far, we kept talking and laughing about the movie we just finished watching.


I enjoy walking with Darrel,he’s so lively and fun.


We got to the ice cream shop and placed our order.


I requested for a chocolate flavor while Darrel chose a strawberry flavour.


We walked out of the shop after paying.


“Do you know chocolate flavor tastes better than strawberry” I said savouring the taste of my chocolate ice cream.


“Nah! Strawberry tastes better than chocolate. You need to taste it” Darrel said.


“Tch!” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.


“Strawberry is kinda childish but chocolate is for matured peoply like me” I teased.


“In your matured dream” Darrel said and i laughed.


“You know what? Just taste a bit out of this,i bet you’d throw that thing in your hand away” I said.


“I bet you’d thrash that chocolate ice cream once you taste this also” He said.


“Okay then” I said and raised my chocolate ice cream to his lips,he also placed his on my mouth and i thought i heard a click of camera shot but i shrugged it off.


Its just an imagination,i guess..


“Uggh! Tastes bitter!” Darrel spat after tasting my Ice cream


“Taste sour” I spat twice and we both laughed as we walked back home.


I was still chewing on my ice cream cone when we walked into the house.


We met Katy sitting in the living room obviously waiting for Darrel.


“Hey Katy” Darrel said.


“Darrel,how far have you gone with this case?” she asked and Darrel sighed.



“I can’t believe you go out to have ice cream while you still have a case unsolved” She said.


“I work hard on the case Katy, a little bit of fun is not bad” Darrel said. “Really?”


“Yeah, i even have a office here” Darrel said.


“Good then, my main purpose is to come help you out on this mystery case, let’s go into your office” She said and stood up, closing her laptop.


“I’m glad you’re here,i really need to be done with this case as fast as possible. I have plans after this case” Darrel said and glanced at me.


Why do i feel the plan he has is about me?


“Good then, but I’m afraid we’ll take long in the office” Katy said.


“Why?” Darrel asked.


“We need to work hard on this case if you want to get done with it quickly” She said.


“Okay then”


“But first we’ll need to interrogate everyone in this house” She said.




“We don’t need to do that Katy” Darrel said.


“We need to,cause everyone is a suspect” She said, deliberately focusing her gaze on me.










The beautiful killer


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