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#Chapter 37βœ“



Zeemah writes




I picked my phone to place a call across boss but stopped.


I don’t have the heart to get this man killed.


He should better stop prying or i will change my mind.


When did you become this merciful Mia!


I sighed and rested my back.


**A month later**



“Da-rrel st-op, yo-u can h-ave it” I said in between laughter as Darrel tickled me on the couch.


We were both trying to have the last slice of cake in the plate but i beat him to it and he asked me to drop it. I didn’t and he did what made me drop it.


He tickled me, making the cake drop off my hand.


My laughter didn’t stop even after he stopped.


He threw the cake in his mouth and i hit his back playfully.


“You’re a cheat! I took it first” I frowned.


“I’m sorry,you shouldn’t have made it this yummy” He said.


“Most gentlemen leave the last slice for the lady” I whined.


“I’m no gentleman babe, I’m hard as rock” He laughed.


“Don’t talk to me” I pouted, turning away.


“I’m sorry” He twisted my hair.


“Ouch! Darrel!” I yelled and he laughed.


It has been a month. I’ve gone on three different missions, Darrel do get the information and come, trying to capture me but i always escape after assassinating whomever im there to.



Killing no longer gives me that excitement, Darrel’s word pierces into my heart anytime i head out to kill.


I’ve started feeling guilty and sorry for the lives i take.


But, there’s nothing i can do,i just need to continue.


Interestingly, Darrel and i now act more than friends.


We’ve become so close than i want us to be.


We shouldn’t be this close but i can’t stop it.


Our closeness is really exciting.


I have feelings for him and i can’t deny it anymore.


Im here to kill him and i shouldn’t develop anything for him. I know right? But I’m not in charge of my heart, if my feelings for Darrel can be stopped, I’ll gladly do anything to stop it.


Does he even feel anything for me?


Most time,i feel he does but he can’t right?


What if he does.


Darrel is here for a mission,not to start developing feelings.


“What’s wrong Mia?” Darrel asked bringing me back to the moment.


“I’ll go bake another cake for you” He said.


“, it’s not the cake” I said.


“What it is then? We were playing just now and you went silent all of a sudden” He said.


“I was lost in thought” I said.


“About what?” He asked.


“Don’t let me bore you with it” I said.


“Bore me with it. I’m ready” He said.


I sighed.


We both turned when we heard knocks on the door.


“Come in Nath” Darrel said.


The door opened and Nath walked in.


“Agent D. Some Californians are here to see you” He said and my heart pounded against my chest.


That lady?


Darrel’s friend?


“Who?” Darrel asked, standing up.


“Your dad” Nath smiled and i felt a bit relieved.


“My dad?” Darrel asked in surprise.


“Yeah, Mr Holden. Should i allow him in?” Nath asked.


“Are you sure?” Darrel asked.


“Of course agent D. Come out with me ” Nath said.


Darrel sighed and walked out of the door.


“Are you serious Nath?” I asked.


“Yeah” He said.


“Wow!” I exclaimed and stood up.


I walked out of the door with Nath.


Truly, there is a man outside, standing beside a black Lamborghini with two hefty guys beside him.


Darrel’s father.


Now i know where Darrel got his looks from.


I watched Darrel talked to his dad.


“Don’t you think you should go say hi” Nath said.




“Yeah,go say hi Mia” He said.


“I think they are having an important conversation” I said.


“I don’t think so” Nath said.


“Mia” I heard Darrel call.


“Huh?” I said nervously.


“Come” He said and i walked to him.


His father is obviously a wealthy man.


Wealth smells deeply all over him.


“Hi sir” I bowed.


“Hello dear” He said,his voice deep and rich.


I was a bit reluctant to look him in the face.


“You never told me you now have a lover, she’s the reason you refused to come pay a visit to California right?”


“Dad,she’s not my girlfriend. She’s my housekeeper and has become my friend” Darrel said.


“Really? She’s your housekeeper? She doesn’t look like one. She’s far beautiful than that” Mr Holden said.


“Thanks sir” I said.


“Your name?” He asked.


“Mia Cunnane” I responded.


“You’re a citizen of new York right?” He asked.


“No,I’m a Californian” I said.


“Really?” He asked.


“Yes sir” I said.


“Where exactly in California?” He asked.


“Enough of the questions Dad. Come in” Darrel said.


“I thought you weren’t gonna invite me in” He said.


“You appeared surprisingly and i had to deal with the shock first. ” Darrel said. “You’re not happy to see me. I should go back” his father turned but Darrel quickly stopped him.


“Com’on Dad. I’m happy to see you but you just started talking about me going back to California when I’ve not even accomplished what I’m here for” Darrel said. “It’s a month and three weeks Darrel and you haven’t achieved a thing! Drop this goddamn mission and come back to take over my companies”


I wish Darrel will do just that!


But no!


He’s a d**khead!


“Dad! You know once i bite,i don’t let go. Come in and take a rest” he said.


This time,you’ve bite more than what you can chew. It’s better to let go Darrel!


“Okay then,i already know the son i gave birth, you never concede to anything i say”


“That aside papa, i missed you so much” Darrel smiled, hugging his dad.


His dad smiled too and patted his back.


It was a loving moment and i almost wished for a father like Darrel’s.


I blinked back tears and shifted back a bit.


“Let’s go in” Darrel said.


“Are you really not dating her?” I heard his father whispered to him.


“I’m not Dad. I swear” Darrel said.


“We’ll have more discussion on that” He said.


They both started walking to the front porch,the two bodyguards following them.


Darrel turned and gave the bodyguards a puzzled look.


“What? You wanna follow him in?” He asked and they both nodded.


“Must you follow him everywhere he goes! Even on your guard,I’m damn sure my dad is not safe, two kicks on your faces,i bet you’ll go down instantly so why follow him around like a puppy” Darrel said.


“Hey Darrel! I employed them and they should do what they’re employed for” He said.


“Including following you into my own house, like I’m gonna kidnap you?” “Regardless of whomever,they must do what they’re paid for so shut up! And gently tell them to stay back”


I thought they just hugged now?




“Dad!” Darrel whined.


“Do what i said”


“Okay, you both should stay back and stop fo..” Darrel was saying but stopped when he earned a glare from his dad.


“I’m sorry Dad” He said and opened the door.


The bodyguards stayed back and i walked in after Darrel and his dad.


“What would you like to take sir?” I asked after he settled down on the couch.


He smiled “Anything will do” He said and i nodded.


“Juice or water?” I asked.


“Water” He said.


“Do you mind having some doughnuts alongside with it,that would sustain you till food is ready” I said.


“Of course, bring it on” He said.


I nodded and cleared the plate on the table .


I started walking towards the kitchen thinking of the sumptuous meal to prepare for our special visitor.


I smiled as a thought popped into my head.


‘my mum’s delicacy!’




“Wow! Can i have more?” Mr Holden asked.


“Of course sir” I smiled and gladly dished out more for him.


We were seated at the dining eating the special delicacy i made.


I served the bodyguards and Nath his too.


“How come you never prepared this. It’s unfair” Darrel said and i laughed.


“It’s a special delicacy,if i cook it regularly, it’ll be worthless. My mum taught me


this when i was sixteen.” I said.


“Really?” Mr Holden asked.


“Yes, It has more advanced method this days but i applied the traditional method i was taught” i said proudly.



“I must say, you’re a very good cook. I’m not someone to eat outside my home and even ask for more. Coupled with the fact that you’re a beauty, you’re a good cook too . You impress me deeply” Mr Holden said, bringing a smile to my face. “Thank you sir” I said.


“It’s not delicious” Darrel rolled his eyes and i laughed.


“Take a look at your plate D. ” I said and he did.


“Really? There’s nothing in there anymore. Did i ate it?” He asked.


“Nah! I did” I chuckled.


“I’m still pissed at you for not making me taste this meal before my dad’s arrival” He said.


“I’m sorry D. Do you want more?” I asked.


“I don’t but my stomach do” He twitched his nose and i laughed.


“What’s really the relationship between you too?” Mr Holden asked.


“Friends, Dad! Friends!” Darrel said.


“Ohh…fine. but you two stay in this house alone?” He asked.


“With the gatekeeper too” Darrel said.


“No,i mean you both stay in here alone? The gatekeeper has his own abode” “Yeah” Darrel said reluctantly.


“Wow!” He smiled, glancing from Darrel to me.


My cheeks grew hot and i picked my glass cup of water.


I gulped it down my throat.


“Mia and i have not done anything Dad,if that’s what you’re thinking” Darrel said.


“Not even a kiss?” Mr Holden asked and my cheeks flushed immediately.


Darrel cleared his throat…”Dad,what exactly are you here for?”


“It’s fine if you’re trying to change the topic dear son. I actually came down to New York for a business” He said.


“How did you know my home address?” D. asked. “Your CIA leader at California gave told me” He said. “Ohh”


“How far have you gone with this case?” Mr Holden asked.


“Far enough dad” Darrel said.


“I hope you’ve not gotten hurt?” He asked.


“No Dad”


“What’s that little scar on your forehead?”


“It has been there before i came down to New York” Darrel lied.


“You know you’re the only one i have left,i will send you back to New York if i get to know you’re hurt. Nothing is gonna stop me from doing that” “I will not get hurt Dad” Darrel said.


Seeing how much his father cherish him nearly brought tears to my eyes.


Knowing I’m gonna kill him soon broke my heart.


Can i bare to do this to Darrel and his father?


I can’t!!


Emotions aside, i will!


Mr Holden,your son is not gonna get hurt but get killed.








The beautiful killer

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