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#Chapter 40✓



Zeemah writes






“Mia” Darrel called.




“I love you” He said and my heart struck.


I stopped dancing and found myself rooted to a spot, staring at Darrel. Did.. he just said that?


He switched his gaze from my face and i managed to look at the direction he was gazing at.


I saw Mr Walker walking towards us .


I hid my disappointment when i realised he said that because of Mr Walker.


I pulled my hands slowly from his and stood back.


“Mr Walker,you leaving?” Darrel asked but he didn’t get a response.


Mr Walker walked past us to the door.



I sighed and made to return to go sit.


I should drink my stupid feelings away.


He doesn’t even love me,he only said that because of Mr Walker.


I don’t love him too, i only thought i love him.


I don’t!


I just have feelings for him cause of his looks right?


Yeah, that’s it!


“Mia” Darrel called,pulling me back.


“What?” I asked.


“I love you” He said and even though my heart pumped twice faster,i still looked around to confirm if Mr Walker or anyone is approaching but no! I didn’t see anyone.


Mia, don’t get too excited.


He definitely said that because of someone.


I faced him and his eyes nearly melted me.


“I love you so much. I’m not saying this because of anyone and i didn’t said it earlier because of Mr Walker or anyone,i didn’t even knew he was approaching. I thought it was the best time to confess my feelings to you. It has been bottled inside me for long. Trust me,i don’t love you just because of your looks,i love you so much that I can’t place my finger on exactly what made me love you this much. I was sent here for a mission and i shouldn’t fall in love but i can’t help it. You made me fall helplessly in love with you. You don’t have to love me back, i just thought it’ll be nice to let you know” Darrel said, leaving me speechless with my heart pounding hard against my chest.


I gripped my dress tightly and tried not to scream in excitement.


I released the breath i didn’t even realized i was holding.


“I love you too Darrel..I’ve always loved you” I said when i finally got the strength to talk.


“Huh?” He asked.


“Yeah” I said.


He smiled before crushing his lips on mine.


I responded without hesitation..


We finally got to kiss each other in full awareness.


“Ohh..” We heard Mr Holden said.


We stopped kissing and I’m surprised i didn’t even feel shy to face him. “Are you guys trying to make people believe my lie or…” He said winking at Darrel.


Darrel smiled and took my hand.


“Let’s go home” He said.


“Bye Dad” we chorused, walking to the door.




***Back at home***


Darrel pushed me gently on the couch and placed his lips on mine.


I responded back hotly and i could swear the kiss awaken every cell in my body and for the first time in years i felt like having s£x.


I placed my hands on his back and pressed his body on mine.


He placed his hands on my br**st and i moaned urging him to continue.


He started fondling my br**st and my moan deepened.


The kiss got more intense and hot.


Deep down i know what I’m doing is wrong but i can’t just help it.


Even if I’m gonna regret later, i should enjoy this moment.


He stopped kissing my lips and started trailing kisses from my neck down to my cleavage.


The feeling was amazing and I’ve never felt this way.


My hands was buried in his hair as i urged him to do whatever he likes to my body.


He slid his hand beneath my gown and pulled down my panties.


I closed my eyes while he caressed my thighs,his hand started going up.


‘shut up! You shouldn’t have blossomed this early’ my dad’s voice suddenly echoed in my ears.


I tried to wave it off but it wouldn’t bulge.


The memories came flooding back in my head.


I opened my eyes and pushed Darrel away, breathing heavily..


“Wh.. what’s wrong?” He asked..


My cheeks flushed as i stood up.


“Mia” Darrel called.


Tears rushed to my eyes as i flee to my room.


I heard Darrel’s footsteps behind me.


“Don’t follow me, please” I said before opening the door to my room.


I walked in and bursted into tears.






I opened my eyes to see a bright morning.


I blinked severally and noticed my eyes ache a little.


I yawned and pulled back the strands of hair blocking my gaze.


I sat up on the bed.




I’m still in my dinner gown and i don’t remember sleeping on the bed.


I slept on the floor after crying.


Did Darrel placed me on the bed?


I sighed, feeling bad about what happened last night?


I shouldn’t have pushed him that way but i was so angry at that moment .


I sniffed in a pleasant smell of coffee.




Did it appeared here?’ I wondered when i saw a cup of creamy coffee on my bedside table.


Of course Darrel placed it here and why exactly is it looking hard to resist?


I shouldn’t drink his coffee cause im still angry at myself for pushing him away.


I blushed as i remembered when he confessed his feelings to me.


His voice was cool and romantic that even if one didn’t love him before,the person’s heart will switch to him immediately.


I picked the cup of steaming coffee and placed it gently on my lips before sipping it slowly..


“Hey,good morning” I heard and nearly spilled the coffee on my body.


I held my breath before finally gathering the courage to look at him.


Colours rushed to my cheeks as images of our kiss and romance came flooding in.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Yeah,and I’m sorry ab..” I was saying.


“No,it’s fine” He said and i nodded.


“Drink your coffee, i already made breakfast” He said before walking to the door.


Is he pissed at me?


He was not even smiling while talking to me.


“Darrel,are you angry?” I asked and he turned back to me.




“I’m sorry” I said.


“No, I’m not angry at you. I’m angry at myself!” He said.


“Why?” I asked.


“I..i shouldn’t have tried to get down with you” He said.


“I wanted it too Darrel and i regret pushing you away. Don’t put the blame on yourself alone, if i hadn’t wanted it,i would have pushed you away from the very beginning” I said.



“Really? Why did you suddenly pushed me away then?” He asked walking back to me.


“I won’t like to talk about that now. I’ll open up to you soon” I said.


“Fine” He smiled and crouched in front of me.


He took my hands in his and i felt warm immediately.


“About what i said last night at the party,I’m serious about it” He said and my heart fluttered.


“I’m serious about what i said too” I said trying to keep his gaze but i couldn’t.


I’ve never felt this shy.


“I love you” He chuckled and kissed the tip of my nose.






“You need to have your coffee,freshen up and come join me downstairs okay?” He said and i nodded.


He stood and smiled at me before walking out.


I grinned hard and hugged myself tightly.


I’ve never felt this happy?


Is this how love make one feel?




I sat in the living room with Darrel after having breakfast.


“You’ve learnt so much from me, i can’t believe you made that breakfast” I said.


“Yeah,I’m now a better chef ” He smiled.


“I won’t let you in the kitchen again whenever I’m preparing meals ” I teased.


“’re afraid I’ll become better than you,i bet you already feel threatened by


the taste of my delicious breakfast”


“Hell no!” I laughed.


“Come here” he patted the space beside him.


I got up and sat beside him,he drew me close and made me rest my head on his shoulder.



“So,will you like to watch some movies?” He asked.


“Of course” I said.


“I know i should be working on my investigation but i prefer being here with you, i know that’s incompetent of me but i don’t mind,as long as I’m close to you” He said.


“Awwwn” I smiled and he kissed my hair.


If only you know that i also prefer to be yelled at by boss just to be here with you.


Mia,what the hell are you thinking?


Are we dating already?


He only confessed his feelings to me.


The door bursted open, startling me.


Nath rushed into the living room breathing heavily.


I thought something had gone wrong not until i saw the smile on his face.


“What?” Darrel asked.


“Caroline’s Dad just accepted me! He just talked to me over the phone and told me to go ahead with the plans i have for his daughter, he told me to resume as a CEO in one of his companies. I’m happyyyyy” Nath said breathlessly.


“OMG!” I exclaimed happily, pulling Nath into a hug.


“Congratulations buddy” Darrel smiled, winking at me.


“We did it!” We chorused and we both laughed at Nath’s confused face.






I packed my hair into a neat ponytail and slid my feet into my footwear, ready to walk down the street with Darrel.


I heard a knock on the door.



“Darrel I’m coming” I said, stealing one last glance at myself in the mirror. Good!


I opened the door and met Darrel’s frown-filled face.


“Your friend and your ‘boyfriend’ is here” He said angrily.


“My friend and boyfriend?” I asked, confused.


“You lied to me! You said he’s only a pesterer! You even told me you don’t have a friend! Well…your so called pesterer is asking for you downstairs” Darrel yelled before walking down the stairs.




Oh no!


“Darrel, hold on” I said rushing after him.


We got to the living room and truly i met Joel and Anne sitting down comfortably on the couch.


My stomach filled with fury..


Darrel stared at me before walking to the door.


“Darrel” I called after him but he walked out without turning back.


“What the hell are you guys doing here!” I yelled at them.








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