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Season 2 Episode 27&28



‘’My dear let’s save that topic till I get out of here. You should be working on getting me out of here please’’ I begged. Jessica smiled, slowly reaching for my hand.


‘’I promise you will be out of here tomorrow’’ she said with strong words. Deep down I prayed for God to help me as well because I really was in a mess and I couldn’t figure out the direction to move my life anymore.




[Jude’s side of the story continues, same evening]


By 8pm, I slowly made my way to Tracy’s room with a fast beating heart. I was so keen on making peace with her. I so badly wanted to end the bad blood between us even though it appeared as if my Tracy was really a bit different from the girl I used to know. I couldn’t believe she actually changed that much over the few weeks we had been away from each other.


Yes it was my entire fault but at least she should have given me the chance to explain myself.


I knocked on her door for about ten minutes before she opened it, frowning as she faced me. She couldn’t even allow me to walk in. I speechlessly stared at her for some seconds, not exactly knowing what to say.


‘’why are you disturbing my peace this night?, what do you want?’’ she asked furiously.


‘’I came for us to talk’’ I answered softly. She scoffed.


‘’you are wasting your time. I have moved on. I have a new guy and I’m happy with him. There isn’t a chance of us getting back together. Just go back to your room, sleep and forget about me’’ she said very seriously, punishing me with those hurtful words.



I just couldn’t control my feelings or eyes as tears quickly formed up against my wish. I wanted to say something but couldn’t because of my deep emotional state, instead I kept quiet for few seconds as I tried to make the tears go away from my eyes. I was a man; I had to be in control of my feelings no matter what.


‘’Trey’’ I finally managed to breathe. She rolled her eyes and looked away. It was just as if she wasn’t touched in any way unless of course she was outwardly trying to look strong when deep down she really wasn’t herself.


‘’we have come a long way for this’’ I stammered, looking down.


‘’you knew we have come a long way, yet you cheated on me to the extent of getting a woman pregnant. It wasn’t once or twice that you slept with her and to even think that I innocently offered you my body to satisfy your male thing and you refused. Just leave my presence please’’ she shouted.


‘’Trey I love you and nothing will ever stop me from loving you. I lied about many things but not what I felt for you’’ I confessed. She shook her head, closed her eyes for some seconds, drew back and shut the door on my face.


(I knocked and knocked and knocked on the door all over again but this time around she never answered.)


After hopefully standing at her door for about thirty minutes, I returned to my room to have a very sleepless night. My Tracy just was so close but far. I really didn’t know what else to do to win her back. Yes I perfectly understood her position but I had felt she would have given me the chance to fix things.




Early the next morning, I got a call from my lawyer to meet him at the hotel he was lodging. I carried myself there with a very weak and tired body.


‘’so what’s up with the kidnapped lawyer?’’ I lazily asked as I sat down before him, expecting a positive answer. Seriously the issue had made me to forget about asking of my house documents and every other thing he was supposed to do for me.



‘’nothing much. The police are still doing their investigations while we try to play delay tactics with the kidnappers. I told the police everything I knew about my friend and the new cases he was handling. I was told by the police that they arrested your cousin after a routine search at his place because they found a gun in his bedroom’’ he explained softly while I froze on hearing that my cousin was being detained.


‘’but do you think he’s involved in this?, why send the police to his house?’’ I asked with concern.


‘’I never sent the police to his house. I only told them all I knew about my friend and the cases he was handling. They arrested your cousin on their own but come to think of it, it looks your cousin is very wealthy, what exactly does he do for a living and why is he marrying the lady that dealt with your father probably for his money?. Don’t you think he has been working with her all these while and only pretends to be at your side?. He could even be the one that introduced her to your father in the first place and equally had to befriend you after his demise in order to know your next moves.


Moreover they easily gave up the house in order to probably get the money worth of the house by kidnapping my friend.’’ He summarized flawlessly like a detective, putting me in a confused state as I slowly remembered how I got close to Kelvin and how helpful he had been.


‘’no I don’t think my cousin is working with her’’ I slowly muttered, knowing fully well that my words sounded very stupid to him at that moment.




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To be continued below



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