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Episode 26



As I headed out of the hostel to get some snacks at a shop close by, I spotted my Tracy alighting from a Toyota SUV.


At first my heart froze on sighting her before a smile gradually appeared on my face as my heart began beating rapidly. I just wasn’t expecting her to return to the hostel so soon and somehow I felt she was badly missing me, hence her sudden return.


Unfortunately my joy was cut short the moment my eyes fell on the driver of the SUV as he equally alighted and headed to the car boot to bring down Tracy’s things.


I instantly smelt danger the moment my eyes fell on the young man. He was well dressed in a striped shirt and well ironed plain trouser. The air and charisma in which he carried himself sold him off as a very rich career guy. I swallowed hard as I stood like a frozen image, watching him hug my Tracy before jumping into his car and driving away.


Nervously I approached Tracy not exactly knowing what to say to her. Yes of course I was very jealous. I was very mad; I was very pained over what I just witnessed.



‘’hey dear welcome back’’ I muttered, forcing out a smile as I approached her.


‘’hey Jude whatsup?’’ she greeted causally as if we were just nothing but old pals. It really got to me but since we were still far from being cool with each other, I simply let it go.


‘’hmmm you really brought in lots of things’’ I joked, dutifully carrying two of the heavy sacks I saw on the floor. She rolled her eyes and shook her head.


‘’Jude I never asked you to help me. I can take them to my room myself. Weren’t you going somewhere?’’ she asked coldly. I bit my lips as I flinched, fighting hard to control my pride. Yes of course I cheated on her, I lied to her, I played with her feelings but I never deceived her into loving me because I was very much in love with her but she was just carrying on as if she was gold, diamond or something so highly special.


‘’Tracy come on, why are you acting so uptight?’’ I breathed.


‘’because I know you are just looking for a way to blow more lies into my ears. I moved on. You just saw my new guy right?. So just let me be and face your life with your Pamela or whatever she’s called’’ she hissed arrogantly, freezing me with her annoying words. Of course it was my entire fault but she wasn’t just giving me the chance to explain things to her.


‘’let’s go to your room first. We will talk when we get there’’ I muttered with a controlled voice. She rolled her eyes once again.


‘’Jude my room is no longer open to you. I’m sorry but I know you never loved me, you needed someone who would be your companion, your helper and cook over here and I fell for it. Just look for another girl to fool or simply manage for these few remaining months and return to the lady of your class who would probably be waiting with a white baby for you by then’’ she hissed, grabbed two of her bags and headed to the hostel, leaving me standing like a fool.


Should I still help her carry the things or not?




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode]


Instead of opening up to me, the inspector simply changed the topic after a little hesitation.


‘’your girlfriend or should I call her your fiancée is waiting to talk with you. We will finish our discussion later’’ he muttered with a smile while I shrugged. I couldn’t help but wonder what he meant exactly by me playing ball since he wasn’t yet ready to make his demands open.


He soon left the room while Jessica walked in with a food flash. She wasn’t exactly looking bright and I stared at her curiously.


‘’they denied you bail. You will be spending the night here my love. But I believe by tomorrow you will be freed. I never knew you had a gun. You could have given it to me to hide for you’’ she said softly as I quickly devoured the food she brought for me.


‘’I hid the gun very well Jessica. I still can’t believe how they found it’’ I replied slowly.


‘’they said you are being held for kidnapping and possession of fire arm and that granting you bail is still impossible until they are done with the investigations but i believe it’s all about money and you shouldn’t be worried. I will get you out before the end of tomorrow’’ she promised softly. My eyes brightened, she just had a way of appearing like an angel before me.


‘’but one more thing my love’’ she added, staring deep into my eyes.


‘’don’t you want me anymore?’’ she asked, leaving me amused with her question.


Of course there wasn’t any way I was going to be honest in that situation.


To be continued

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