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Episode 46


**Jude’s side of the story continues from the evening of the previous episode**


‘’so how do you feel about me?’’ I asked Tracy as we took a stroll down the street.


She looked up at me with a smile, holding my hand tightly.



(That very day was her birthday and her parents really spared no cost in throwing a house party earlier in the day for her. The party equally doubled as a thanksgiving celebration for the accident she survived months ago and equally for her successful industrial training which was ending in two weeks time.


Of course I was at the house to celebrate with her as her one and only boyfriend. The day equally was a special moment to me because the last time I was with her was months ago when her injured legs were yet to heal and I couldn’t even stay two days with her because of Pamela who finally left the country with my child.


The past few months had really been a bit uneventful to me because I spent all my time either doing dirty jobs with Kelvin or busy with my industrial training.


Yes I was now far richer than I ever dreamt to be but unfortunately I wasn’t yet at peace with my spirit because I was yet to unravel the mystery behind my father’s death nor able to confront Jessica the way I wanted. Secondly I was unable to spend the money I made through Kelvin the way I wanted, most especially by spoiling Tracy with it because I wasn’t ready to answer any prying question from her.





‘’you are my life, my breath, my happiness. You have never given me a reason to regret falling in love with you. And to wrap it up, you still allowed me to keep my virginity’’ she breathed solemnly, stopping to look into my eyes as the evening breeze fell upon us.


‘’you know I should start getting your papers ready. Perhaps by next Easter we could take a vacation in US’’ I suddenly offered. Her eyes glittered with joy but died as quickly as it lit up.


‘’you always say the nicest things but come on you know that is impossible. You don’t have the means for such trip’’ she muttered with a smile while I breathed deeply, saying nothing. Of course telling her how much I was now worth could give her a heart attack. I simply kept my peace.


‘’I always come to this place whenever I feel like being alone. The surrounding hills, the breeze and stars makes this place a wonderful place to be in the evening’’ she added, looking up to the stars. I couldn’t help but fall in love more with her. She was just so romantic and natural.


Tracy wasn’t like most female Nigerian students. Perhaps it was all because of her background. She wasn’t from a poor home and had never lacked anything in life. I felt like proposing to her that moment but we still had a long full year to graduate before thinking of marriage.


‘’I love you Trey’’ I breathed. She smiled and threw her hands around my neck.


‘’I love you too dearest’’ she replied. Just that moment, my phone rang.


I pulled out my phone from my trouser pocket to see an unknown number calling. I took a quick breathe before answering.


‘’hello, it’s Tony. Your neighbor in US’’ I heard a male voice introduce himself.


My face instantly lit up with a smile as I recognized the voice.


‘’Uncle Tony’’ I screamed.


‘’yes I’m in Nigeria. I just got your number from one of your uncles. Try and meet me at the village tomorrow. I hope you still know my house?’’ he asked seriously. I couldn’t believe my ears.


Uncle Tony was a man from my community who happened to be our neighbor in the states after he bought a three bedroom apartment, close to our small house a year before I returned to Nigeria. He wasn’t really close to my late father but they kind of enjoyed a cordial relationship, since they hailed from the same community.


‘’it’s my dad’s neighbor in US. He is in Nigeria. He wants me to meet him tomorrow’’ I informed Tracy with excitement after the phone call. Her eyes lit up once again.


‘’anytime we are together, something happens to spoil the fun. But I’m happy for you, I feel his presence will help out a lot’’ she muttered with a smile, hugging me tightly.


‘’let’s go to my village tomorrow. Let’s do this together’’ I suddenly asked of her.


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the previous episode**


I nervously dialed the number written on the paper my gateman gave to me, my heart pounding with great fear. I just didn’t know what to think.


‘’hello’’ I soon heard a male voice greet over the phone.


‘’ehh good evening, my name is Kelvin. I heard you came looking for me’’ I asked faintly.


‘’oh yes, it’s good you called. You just saved yourself the embarrassment of having to deal with my team tomorrow morning. So I advice you kindly report to the state police headquarters tomorrow morning before 8am. Call me once you get there’’ he replied and hung up, giving me no chance to ask questions.


Chai, my heart almost exploded with panic.


‘’it’s over’’ I breathed.


To be continued…



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