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Episode 34


‘’what the hell are you doing here by this hour?’’ I managed to ask as my eyes fell on her abdomen. She shrugged and smiled.



‘’I guess you aren’t happy to see me after such a long while?’’ she breathed, drawing closer to me. I took a step backwards as if I was scared of her touching me.


‘’I can’t believe you had the mind to avoid me for almost a month. You never bothered to call or even to leave a text message’’ she complained softly.


‘’I have been very busy lately. As you can see I just came back from a very tight schedule and please you can come over tomorrow. I’m tired’’ I breathed a bit coldly. She shook her head bitterly.


‘’I’m pregnant. Three months pregnant’’ she suddenly muttered, leaving me speechless for a while. I couldn’t believe my ears. I felt like killing her that moment but as a cool guy, I held my temper and smiled.


‘’congrats. When the baby is out, kindly inform me’’ I replied and took a step towards my room. She quickly grabbed my left hand, stopping me.


‘’so that’s all you have to say huh?. You are so despicable. You have no atom of human feeling in you’’ she breathed fiercely, getting me angrier.


‘’we never planned a baby together. You made the decision yourself. So if you feel like you can tie me down or make me marry you with this scam of yours then you need to have a brain check. This is the era of baby mamas and it really will fit you’’ I said coldly.


‘’how dare you?’’ she shouted, slapping me with great force. I staggered back with surprise while she pounced on me like a wild cat she was, hitting my chest with great fury.


‘’I’m not going anywhere. We did this together and we have to stick with each other. If you think you can dump me for a corporate w—e then you must be high on weed. I have been with you all through these while, helping you build your life and keeping your secrets. I can’t allow another woman to enjoy my sweat. I rather die’’ she poured out angrily as she hit me.



I just didn’t know what to do that moment. Cynthia wasn’t like every other girl in the street. She was a wild cat capable of doing anything to survive. And I knew I was in for a tough ride with her.


The silly girl waited for some months before breaking the pregnancy news to me because she knew having an abortion in that stage was practically impossible. I was lost, confused and totally hopeless. The last thing I wanted was her being the mother of my child. She had none of the qualities every decent man would want in a wife. I could help but wonder the kind of gene our child was going to have.


‘’you should please go home, tomorrow we will talk things through’’ I finally begged calmly but she simply refused. She was just so adamant on spending the night in my house.


‘’I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere’’ she breathed furiously.


‘’then I will have to drag you out’’ I threatened, grasped her hand tried dragging her out to the gate but she fought back. She struggled and bit my hands, almost tearing out my skin.


I lost it that moment. I lost control of my temper and lashed out a slap on her face. The impact of my slap left her stunned for a while. She simply froze for some seconds before attacking me once again with great energy. I slapped her again and again.


This time she fell and laid still on the floor, losing consciousness.


**Jude’s side of the story continues**


Tracy was discharged from the hospital later in the evening after all the necessary treatment and scans had been done. My girl was simply close to tears as she managed to walk to the car with my assistance. I couldn’t help but notice that the accident affected her leg more than I was made to believe.


‘’ Just look at me. I’m now a limping girl’’ she breathed sorrowfully. I smiled reassuringly.


‘’it’s just a matter of days before you start walking properly again. That’s what your doctor said. You just have to calm down and be strong’’ I said softly.



‘’I’m so scared. I really don’t believe what the doctor said. Maybe he said those words just to make me happy. I’m now an adult and I fear it won’t completely heal’’ she replied with tears in her eyes.


‘’you worry over nothing my dear. Just be strong. Moreover you wouldn’t have been discharged so soon supposing it was a serious injury’’ I said intelligently.


‘’I really hope so. Thanks for being by my side’’ she added softly, dropping her wondrous eyes. I swallowed hard with great pain. I kind of felt responsible for her injury without knowing the reason I felt that way..


To be continued…




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