Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 21


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


As Tracy and I headed to her house minutes later, she held my hand and looked up at me with a worried look.


‘’please bear in mind that my dad is a medical doctor who also lectures in UNN. Do answer all his questions honestly, don’t lie about anything. He knows much about school stuffs and he is a very understanding man’’ she begged softly while I nodded like a child.


When we got to her house, she quickly led me to the sitting room where her dad and mother were seated, probably waiting for me even though it looked as if they were just busy watching a TV show. They politely smiled as Tracy led me in.


‘’oh my dear you never told us you were bringing in a half caste’’ Tracy’s mother muttered jokingly. I greeted politely.


‘’you are welcome my son, Tracy told us a lot about you and one thing I do admire in my children is that they always bring their friends home for us to see and access. So do relax and feel at home’’ the old lady said to me sweetly, stood up and playfully dragged Tracy to one of the rooms, leaving me all alone with her husband.


Tears melted in my eyes as I remembered my mother. Tracy’s family really was the type of family I wanted for myself. I never played with my mother. I never saw my mum and dad together as a happy couple. It was just so painful seeing the kind of family I wanted, playing before my eyes. The old man soon cleared his throat after feeding his eyes on me for some seconds.


‘’I’m not good with words but you should know that my daughter took a lot of risk by bringing you before us. Your presence in this house means that my daughter



trusts and believes in you and I hope it will remain that way. You are the first man she is bringing home and I hope you won’t hurt her in the end?. I know what students are capable of and left for me, my daughter is still too young to have a male friend but I have no choice than to accept you. So feel free in my house’’ he said with a smile while I nervously nodded like a kid who just got luckily adopted by a rich family.


‘’thank you sir’’ I muttered softly.


The rest of the evening really was a bit uneventful. I had my shower, rested for a while at the guest room before joining the family for dinner. Yes I was overly nervous being with them and I had a hard time finishing my own share of the meal. However after dinner, as I stood up to leave the dining room, Tracy’s mother asked me to wait for her in the sitting room.


‘’we have much to talk this evening. I hope you are not too tired?’’ she asked as I sat up.


‘’mum come on, he just got here’’ Tracy protested.


‘’I’m ready to talk anytime’’ I replied with a smile.


‘’good’’ the old woman smiled with satisfaction.


Minutes later in the sitting room, I sat alone with Tracy’s mother who took her time in asking me prying questions about my life, my fears and plans for the future. Yes she already knew a lot about me from her daughter and that really made our talk flow easily.


‘’you know during my days, most of my friends that ended up being successful in life were the ones with a very difficult background. I can vividly remember a friend back then in UNN. She lost her parents, five days before our first year first semester examination. And she was the first daughter of the family. All her siblings were very little back then and all her uncle’s could come up with was that she should return home, plan her parents burial, get married and care for her siblings.



The whole department virtually had to force her to stay back and try her best in the coming exam which probably was going to be her last exam in the school since it was very clear to everyone that was going to drop out from school. She stayed behind, did her best, bade us farewell and left the school for an uncertain future. Could you believe that when the results came out, she turned out to be the best first year student in the whole faculty, which earned her a scholarship.


She had to come back to school but it still wasn’t an easy ride for her. She turned herself to a student trader, and the proceeds were enough to cater for her siblings at home. Today she is a senior lecturer in U.N.N. So my dear what am I trying to say is that you should make good use of every situation you find yourself and never give up on life. God has a way of helping everyone. Sometimes it might look as if God isn’t on your side but the truth is that you fail to look beyond what your eyes are seeing that moment. At least you are lucky your dad left you a little thing to fall back on before he died. So what you should be thinking now is how to better your life and expand the family name.


You look like a level headed boy to me and my daughter speaks very highly of you which left me and her father very curious to see you. Anyway we still have a lot to talk about’’ she summarized with a smile while I breathed deeply. It really was the first time a woman sat me down and spoke to me like a mother and it just looked as if a new spirit fell upon me.


‘’you should go to your room and rest. We have church service to attend tomorrow. I hope you do go to church?’’ she asked with a smile. I nodded, smiled back at her and headed to the guest room, feeling very much at home.




The old woman’s words really touched me a great deal and even when I got to my room, I sat up on my bed and played back all she preached on my head. Tracy soon sneaked in, smiling like a little kid. She threw herself on me, resting her head on my laps.


‘’I told you my parents are good and accommodative. It’s just a pity you didn’t meet my siblings. Dad locked up the younger ones at the dormitory’’ she said with a smile, caressing my hands.



‘’Thank you for bringing me here. You really don’t know how much I feel right now’’ I confessed. She sat up, brought her face forward and stared into my eyes.


‘’I did it because I love you. I will do much more for you. I just pray you won’t disappoint or embarrass me before my family in future’’ she breathed solemnly.


‘’I love you too Tracy and I promise to be with you forever’’ I promised, kissing her softly. She held me tightly, moaning under my soft kisses and wriggling as if an evil genie flew into her night wear. In no time we were passionately kissing on the bed, throwing caution to the wind. The urge in me was so strong and I knew she felt the same way.


‘’I’m willing to give you my virginity but it will be when we get back to our hostel’’ she suddenly promised, breaking away from my kisses.


‘’no I won’t need it till our wedding night. Just keep it safe for me’’ I replied with all sincerity because she just was my precious and the last thing I wanted was breaking into her vineyard so prematurely.


‘’I know you are not a virgin and I don’t want to be cheated on. So how do you satisfy your s£xual urge since you don’t want it with me for the moment?’’ she suddenly asked, throwing me off balance with such prying but valid question.


To be continued






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