Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 11


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


I returned to my room with the suitcase which I handed over to Kelvin without a word. He took the suitcase, opened it and went through some documents before shutting the bag and facing me. ‘’why the sad look?. Is there anything else I need to know?’’ he asked, standing up.


‘’no I’m fine’’ I answered.



‘’we have a new deal to start tomorrow. Try coming over to my place for the weekend’’ he added as he headed to the door.


‘’I won’t be free this weekend. I have school stuffs to tidy’’ I lied, leaving him with no choice than to shrug with resignation.


‘’alright I can wait till you settle your school things’’ he smiled and left.




I spent the rest of the day thinking over what Tracy meant to tell me and her reason for acting so uptight. Yes I valued her friendship a lot and being away from her really left a mark on my body. I equally had a hard time thinking over the news Kelvin brought earlier in the day. I couldn’t help but wonder what the hoodlums were looking for in my father’s house. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were mere petty thieves or criminals working for my dad’s murderer. It really was something that left a great fear in my heart because if my dad’s murderer could still have the mind to ransack his house, it could be that his mission was not yet accomplished and might still kill again. This time I could be his victim.




The night leading to Saturday was a very terrible one for me. I slept late and still found myself in a very terrible dream where my father was flogging me for no reason. He never flogged me for once when he was alive and so the dream really was so confusing to me.


Very early on Saturday morning, I drove straight to the village to see things for myself and just like Kelvin informed me, the whole house was ransacked but nothing was taken.


I was left with no choice than to arrange the stuffs back to the best of my ability before going over to my late father’s grave to cry.


‘’dad you got to help me. Please help me’’ I cried as my mind slowly went back to the dream I had the previous night. Perhaps he was angry at me over my recent



behaviors’. Yes I was failing him and I knew. I still was kneeling beside my old man’s grave when my phone rang and it was Pamela calling.


‘’how far?. I hope you are still coming over to Asaba?’’ she asked.


‘’yes’’ I softly answered, taking a quick fearful look at my father’s grave as if he was alive and listening.


‘’fine, we will see then’’ she breathed and hung up.


‘’I’m so sorry dad’’ I stammered, stood up and headed back to my car. In one hour, I was back in my hostel, where I packed up and headed to the bus station for a trip to Asaba.




My bus trip to Asaba was a very uneventful one. I however used the moment to think over my life, my future and the path I was following. Yes following Kelvin’s way of life already made me a criminal but taking a bigger risk by involving myself with a married lady was something I couldn’t predict the outcome.


I knew what I was about doing with her was very wrong but then the youthful spirit and energy in me urged me on. It was nothing but an adventure and perhaps after one night, my feelings for her would disappear. So I thought.




By 5:20pm, I checked in at the hotel, Pamela requested I wait for her in. yes I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. It was my first time of travelling out of my state for a woman. It equally was my first time of having a date with a married lady. I was about breaking many records in one evening.


By 8pm, Pamela was yet to call me and she wasn’t picking her calls either, which left me a bit afraid that perhaps she only pulled my legs by asking me to wait for her at the hotel. I started having doubts. I started growing restless. I prayed for my fears not to be true.



Finally by 9:25pm, she called on phone and invited me to her room, muttering her room number with a very soft s£xy voice that stuck into my head. I quickly freshened up once again before hurrying out to meet my wondrous Pamela, whose outfit that evening was so tempting and explosive.


The hungry look on my face as my eyes fell on her semi transparent shinny gown which showcased a big portion of her bosoms as she let me into her room was so revealing and I knew she noticed how hungry I was to touch her. I was so eager to feel her, to have a bit of her juicy body.


‘’hmmm Jude you really look more handsome than the previous time we met. You will definitely have cute children’’ she muttered as she offered me a chair, leaving me wondering why she used such choice of words to flatter me .


To be continued







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