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Mum’s word at her sick bed had done more than enough harm to Stephannie’s present life…. Is turning her into something humans can’t write about.


The hatred she has for the beings called men is growing into something else…I wonder if she can ever fine someone that could at least change her mentality to see men in opposite directions.


Mum is this what you program you daughter to be I voiced out…. This her act is


getting me pissed off and I can’t cope with it again.


After taken Elvin and Victor to their room I went down stairs through the elevator to avoid them from knowing that I still went down stairs.


I sometimes wonder, to what age will it take her to recover form this fetish believe of her…


I really wonder how long is gonna take to recover??? I just pray she does one-day.


You know, I was even thinking that with Elvin around her will change something in her but it seem that Elvin present is getting the situation worse than it use to be.


She hates Elvin even at first sight


Getting down, My sister was still arguing with dad on the case weather Elvin and Victor stay or not.


” Dad I can’t give in to this


There is no way am gonna allow those foolish son’s of pigs live in the same house with me…”


She said with anger expression all over her face.


Off course they are gonna not only live here with us if possible they will also be regarded as the sons of dad and if care is not taken they will even sleep in the same room with you….”


I said with the anger that has built inside of me.


Kester mind the way you talk to me…”


She warned


Oh !! I think you should do the learning yourself because you are one that needs it here


so you go learn some manners….” I said.


Even though I hated her character


I have be patient all this while but I think Elvin around have changed things.


All this while dad and mum has kept quiet listening to what the both of us were vomiting out.


Kester you know sometimes I wonder how you ended up been my brother….” She said and I just laughed.


Well keep wondering… ”


Can you both just keep calm….”


Dad said more like a shout because his voice was high a little.


Am sorry dad….” I apologize


Kester your friends can’t live here with us.


you will get them an apartment outside the castle… Do you get that …” Dad said not looking at me and I just node while Stephannie smile.


I know dad made that statement to calm Stephannie down because if he had go contrary this house will be on fire.


Dad I would like to stay close with my friend so that means I will be living with them…..”


I said.


Is even better…”


Stephannie said.



Fine then get yourself a bigger and suitable place to live…” Dad said.


Dad it gonna take time for me to get an apartment what my own taste. is gonna take like one or two months as the case will be….. ”


I said.


You have all the time you need to do that…”


He said.


But dad Kester can get the apartment ready in less than three why take months…” She asked.


Is none if you business how long it takes me to get an apartment…”


I said back making a pop eye for her.


You guys will leave immediately you gets the apartment ready so for now they stays with us


While you gets an apartment ready….”


He said and Stephannie’s mood changed while I do the laughing this time.


She stood up and walk to her room.


Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!!


I finally won.


Dad knows that I can get a apartment ready even just in one day but I wonder why he concurred to what I said.


When Stephannie has already gone up dad turned to me…


” You don’t have to dad…


You are trying your best to be a good dad..


I can’t trade you for anything in the whole world you are just the best Dad….”


I said and hug him while he just nodded.



I know he wanted to apologize but I had to stop him on time. ..He is doing all this just to please Stephannie forgetting am also his blood from the same mother that gave birth to Stephannie but I don’t care…


I value the happiness of my sister more than mine so ever of daddy’s decision is always on the things that will please her though I don’t know why am even against leaving with Elvin and Victor outside the castle.


I said good night to dad and mom and then walk up to my room to have some night rest..


I already had a long day.








I don’t why I have this feeling that this guy staying here with us will make things somehow.


Though I haven’t meet him anywhere but I still can’t find myself comfortable around him.


The first time I meet him was at the garden


You know even if he is a she I will still be mad at him for staying in that garden.


The truth is that I so much treasure that garden and I hate it when people move in and out of the garden without my consent.


Don’t get me wrong… am happy and surprise that my brother came back but it unfortunately that he interfere when I was speaking with that Elvin of a boy.


He is cute am not disputing the fact but he better stays on his own and avoid everything that concerns me to avoid trouble in this castle.


Yeah I was rude to him though we never met but that doesn’t mean am a rude girl but things that hurt me so much from the past is still hunting them and I don’t think that there is anything that I can change that fact.



After what happened in the night I mean the argument I had with my elder brother I went back to my room but I find it difficult to sleep.


I took out my Mom’s picture


I have really missed you mom.


I could have one wish to make and one thing to curse then I will make a wish for you to be resurrected from dead and I will curse the entire man race.


I wipe silently till I slept of and found myself in a beautiful new day… You don’t have to feel sorry this has been the way I lived since the past few years… I hardly sleep without crying.


I was putting on a transparent nightwear so I had to change it to something simple.


I walk to my Mom’s decorated grave and I kept a new flower like I always did.


I cause the Day men gathered to think of taking your life mom.


I voiced out.


I was still sitting down looking at the grave when I felt someone’s touch.


I turned and it was that boy called Elvin smiling at what I couldn’t even say.


I think he never frown because I never see him without a smile.


He wasn’t covering his face with his sweeter cap on like the whole of yesterday… Yeah I noticed it.. It seem he love hidden his cute face maybe because there are

allot of girls around here and I must say he is really so cute and handsome….


We were lost looking at each other…








Throughout the whole night I was awake thinking… I don’t even place what am thinking about… Well I guess is days event.. starting from what happened in the airport and the rude but beautiful Stephannie.


I took out my phone and checked the history of THOMSON. and it reads.



THOMSON happen to be the present richest man in the whole of Europe and he is known as the EUROPEAN GOD EMPEROR. his word is law in Europe.


He had only one surviving son by name ALVIN THOMSON. who has remain hidden for the past eight (8)years


I tried clicking on the picture but it was shown hidden… I wonder why a man with such popularity hid the details of his son.


I shut down my laptop and I went to bed though I have to force myself to sleep


because it has become part of me to play my wonderful guitar before going to bed.


I woke up around 17.30 am.


Well that’s my normal time of woken up.


I look around my room thought here is more beautiful and big it still remains me of my room in Mr. Bernard’s house.


I thought of Anabella


Though she loved me but it was unfortunate for her that nature has to be that way towards her.. Well am happy she found out the truth before I left.


I came down from bed did a little prayer


I went to my bathroom and did my brushing and the thought of saying good morning to beautiful Stephannie flew into my mind.


I just put on my T-shirt and walk out…


I did it more like I was jogging while I use my eyes to look out for her.


I found her sitting at the very Garden we met for the first time so I stopped and walk towards her.


Their was two girls at the entrance and one of them happens to be Tessia.


Well she warned me not to go in but I still went in… I think saying good morning to a friend isn’t a bad thing…



She was staring at one particular spot that is neatly decorated with flowers like grave.. I wonder who’s grave that could be.


I walk more closer to her and touch her by her shoulder and she turn with a face I can’t even describe weather smiling or angry.


We stare at each other for a while before her mood changed completely to that of an angry tiger chasing after a meat.


” What the hell are you doing here….”


She asked but I didn’t say anything to her.. I still maintain my cute smiling face.


” Are you that stupid


What are you doing here????


Who even let you in??? …..”


She asked again with an angry expression like as if she is gonna eat me up in a minute…


Even at that she is still so cute and beautiful.


she look so innocent like an ignorant baby playing with fire.. I just smiled at her.


I wonder what this girl has that makes me act crazy around her.


I was still smiling




” Are you normal???


Why Did Tessia allow a mad pig in here??? …”


She asked.


” Tessia come and get this idiot out of here….”


She called put to the girl I meet at the entrance of the garden..


There won’t be any need for that Well I came to say a Good Morning You know as a friend.


Hope you had a great night. Bye take care of yourself….”


I said to her and walk away before the girl to get to were we were…….


To be continued………


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