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Chapter Two


By Nwanne Ifeoma


I have always fantasized on how my love life will be like. How we will meet on a rainy day, will be running to find shade and boom! He will save me from falling and disgracing myself. He will grab me so fast that our eye will lock and will get lost in each other’s eye, searching for something that i don’t know. His smile will be breath taken and his fragrances will make me want to stay forever in his arms. It will be magical, for a moment everything will freeze and it will just be two of us in the world. It going to be love at first sight. Damn! This Korean Novels and movie have turn me into a freak. The picture of my perfect guy is unrealistic but girl got the right to dream and leave in my imaginary world.


To be reasonable I actually want to experience what it means to fall in love and be loved in the same way.


Emily, my bestie always talk about her relationship with Dav, the way he makes her feel special. Sometimes I envy her, her parents are understanding and easy going.her mom is really a 21st century mom. They never impose anything on her. She is allowed to go out with friends and hang out with friends. Talk about who she is crushing on with her mom. I dare not raise that type of conversation with my mom. She believes that it a distraction and they know what is best for me.


Kennedy is the only boy that is approved by them, to them we will make a power couple. I still don’t know what they see in him or the charm that he used on them that makes him ” Mr perfect”.



We both spent a lot of time together while growing up. Both families made sure of it. While I was a teenager had always crushed on him secretly, he so charming and cute, he had this smile that brighten my world. Light in complexion, with that pink lips that compliment those his sΒ£xy adorable eye. To add to it, he was very intelligent. I always pounder on how God will create someone so perfect.


Even as a Child Kennedy was admired by everyone, there is this lasting effect he leaves on people. His picture stuck to my head like a plague that I can’t fight or control.


I could still remember the very first time we sneak out for a party, it was so magical I was lost dancing close to him. We drank and had so much fun. That was my first Time of getting high, but to him, it was normal like he was used to it. Gosh! The next day my head hurt like crazy and I slept all day.


After a while I got used to it and maybe a pro in lying to my parents anytime I had a party to attend. Gradually I became the live of the party. I looked a little bigger than my age so it easier getting pass to some clubs that was above my age. And Kenny that the name I called him, was my wing man. But as we grew older I realized that Kennedy had no regards for girls. He was just a brat that constantly brag about himself. Made everything about himself I found that annoying.


Do I have any right to judge him when I’m no better. Kennedy was every girls dream back then in secondary School even up still date, maybe all those attention he got turn him Into a flirt, he has no regards for someone feeling hence, he plays with girls emotions.


In his little mind his irresistible and nobody could turn him down. He changes girls like clothes, different girl for each week. Thank God I never made my feelings for him known. I had my pride to protect as well. I’m waiting for my picture perfect man since Kennedy no longer fit there.


Ella Darling, my father’s voice brought me to reality, Oh No I forgot today is the father and Daughter discussion, on how I should behave in university. The thing that makes this boring is that we are going to talk about the same old stuff and I will just seat there like a log of wood Because my own view is not considered . It



going to be the same old story of how he met my mom. I have heard this story over a hundred times now I can memorise it line by line without making any mistake.




The secret Love


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