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Chapter 7


Xander’s POV


I was inside the plane, waiting. What took them so long?


While waiting, I searched about amnesia


on my phone.


Amnesia, from , meaning “forgetfulness”; from ἀ- meaning “without”, and mnesis , meaning “memory”), also known as amnesic syndrome. It is a deficit in caused by , disease, or . Amnesia can also be caused temporarily by the use of various and . Essentially, amnesia is loss of memory. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the extent of damage that was caused.


I felt miserable. Knowing that Mia


suffered from amnesia was like a steel


weight inside of me. I felt like I lost her.


The thought that she couldn’t remember


me was so disturbing, bothering… and




How did this happen? What really


happened to her? And why did she


suddenly left me?


I shoved my hands through my hair, desperately. How will I know the answers when she lost her memory? Oh Mia… I’m going to find a very good doctor who

can help her regain her memory. I won’t


give until she remembers everything. She


has to. I don’t want to lose her.


I stood up and looked at the window. I


saw Mia instantly. She was talking to


Carmen Vega.


I felt the sudden rush of blood flowing inside my body. My heart was hammering foolishly. Confirming that Lily was Mia made me so nervous. I didn’t know how to handle her. I didn’t want to scare her away.


I touched the envelope inside my jacket. Inside it was Mia’s passport. Carmen Vega was upset that I wouldn’t give it to her. She was a stubborn woman but in the end, I was able to convince her that I would do everything to help bring Mia’s memory back.


Mia entered the plane, looking so beautiful. Despite her blond hair, modern outfit and well-done makeup, I didn’t see her as Lily now. For me, she was Mia. My fiancée.


“Hi.” I greeted her.


She just looked at me then walked inside. I took her bag and guided her to a seat. “Do you want a drink? Apple juice, coffee, tea… there’s also red wine. You love red wine…”


“No.” She said briefly.


“No? Are you hungry? You want a


sandwich? Perhaps a cake? What about


lamb steak, your favorite. I’m going to ask


the chef if he has some lamb, if not then


we can have someone get it before we’ll






I sat in front of her. My hands were


trembling and my body was so tense. She


made me so nervous and restless. I


wanted to please her. I wanted to give her


anything she wanted… and so badly, I


wanted to hug her… to kiss her senseless.


I missed her.


“Okay. What do you want?”


“I want to be alone.” She answered then


shifted her body towards the window and


looked outside.


I felt rejected. And that really hurt.


I went to the front to talk to the pilots. I


stayed their for a while, trying to divert


my attention away from Mia. I have to be


very patient and more undertanding with


her and avoid being too sensitive. I have


to bear in mind that she couldn’t


remember me.


I went back to see Mia sleeping. I knelt


infront of her and fastened her seatbelt.


She stirred a little but immediately went


back to sleep.


I sat down opposite Mia and waited until the plane settled up. I just watched her sleeping. My eyes focused at the ring on her finger. Damn. She was still wearing the telenovela actor’s ring. At that moment, I wanted to remove it from her finger and throw it out of the plane so she couldn’t find it. My mood veered sharply to anger. She should be wearing my ring!


I read the article that I saved on my


phone about Amnesia again. The causes,


types and treatment.


A few minutes, I fell asleep. When I woke up, Mia was already wide awake and eating a sandwich. I checked the time – we had been flying for two hours already. “Sorry. You should have wake me up.” I


stretched my arms.


“I’m fine. Stop treating me like a child.”


I wished she was, so my nerves would




“I’m not treating you like a child, Mia.”


“Lily. My name is Lily.” She said curtly.


I inhaled deeply. She wouldn’t recover if


she kept on denying her true identity. She


had to learn to accept that she was Mia. I stood up and sat beside her. Gently, I spoke to her. “I’m going to help you bring back your memory. You have to get better. Carmen trusted me to help you that’s why I’m bringing you home.” “In New Zealand?”


“In California. Your brother has a home


there. You used to live there with your




She nodded.


I wanted to tell her that we also have a


home in California. For almost a year, we


lived together. But she might get




“Do you want me to help you remember?”


I asked her.


“Of course. That’s why I’m here.”


I took her hand and clasped it between


mine. It felt so good holding her again-


even just palm to palm. Like it was just


yesterday that we were happy together as


a couple.


“I will help you remember the past. I’ll do my very best. I’ll take you to the best doctor, anywhere in the world, Mia. So you will remember everything.”


“No. I’m Lily…” She pulled her hand away from mine.


“You’re not Lily. You are Mia. You won’t


get well if you keep on denying your true






“Please Mia. This is for your own good.”


She was silent, then eventually nodded.




I gave her my warmest smile. Actually, I was overwhelmed with happiness that she trusted me to help her. I saw hopes and chances for us to start all over again.


For almost an hour, I told Mia about her life. Everything I knew about her. Her family, her life in New Zealand, where she studied, her best friend, Stella, and others.


“Do you recall anything I’ve said?” She looked so sad and confused. “No.” “Don’t worry. You will remember. It takes time.”


“What if my memory won’t come back?” “It will come back, Mia. I’m going to help you.”


“What if it really won’t?”


“It will.”


She looked so upset. “You don’t


understand. You can’t insist that it will.


You’re not the one who is sick!”


“You’re not sick.”


“I am sick! I can’t remember everything. My brain froze. It’s hard… I don’t know who I am, I lost my friends, my family, my life… everything. It’s like being a child again, learning how to walk… to talk…” Tears suddenly fell on her cheeks. She covered her face with her hands.


“Shh.” I took her shoulders and gathered


her in my arms. She allowed herself to be


held. It gave me great hope that


everything between us would be fine. It a


few days or weeks, we would be together


again, back to where we were before. I looked at the ring on her finger. Tomorrow… she wouldn’t be wearing that anymore.








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