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Chapter 14


Mia’s POV


“You’re torturing him. I don’t think he


deserved what you’re doing to him.”


Carmen said. I called her to check how


she and Eduardo were doing. They were


together now and so much in love.


“I don’t think so. I believe I’m doing the right thing. He hurt me so bad before.” “So you’re hurting him back. Does it make you happy seeing him suffer? He was in the hospital for a week suffering indigestion and heatstroke.” I heard Carmen heaved a sigh.


I became silent. I didn’t know what to say. I admit, I found it funny at first seeing Xander tried to eat sashimi with wasabi. But in the long run, I didn’t like it. I pitied him.


“Tell him the truth before it’s too late. I


was so wrong for me to play along with


you. Eduardo made me realise that.”


“I’m sorry Carmen for involving you into


this. I thought it was for the best.”


“Oh dear, you’re lying to him. Tell him


when he comes back.”


Xander was in New York to attend the wedding of Eros Petrakis and Jade Collins. He wanted me to go with him but I decided not to. Tristan and Stella would be there. I was not ready to face them. “I’ll think about it.” I said.


“Just do it, Mia. If you really love him, tell him the truth while you can still save your relationship with him.”


“I’m afraid he’ll get mad at me.” A pain


squeezed my heart thinking of his




“It’s the consequence you have to face.”


What Carmen said made me feel so bad.


What if Xander won’t forgive me?




“Mia? Is that you?”


I was in the pool reading a book when Xander arrived the following day. He had been gone for four days. I was so bored at home waiting for him to come home. I regretted not going with him in New York. I could just stayed in the hotel while he attended the wedding and doing business meetings.


My dying spirit came alive when I heard


his voice.


“Of course.” I turned to him, smiling.


“You’re back to black.” His eyes glowed.


“Do you like it?” I ran my hand through


my hair. I dyed my hair black the other




“I love it. You look so beautiful. Exactly the Mia that I love.” His eyes searched my face, reaching into my thoughts. “Did you miss me?”


I looked up, pretended thinking. The tips


of my fingers on my temple. “Um…




He chuckled. “Come here, baby. I miss


you so much. Give me a hug.”


I jumped out of the chair and ran to him.


I didn’t care anymore. I just followed my




He dropped his bags on the floor to lift me up in his arms. My arms went around his neck, hugging him. The delicious feeling when my body sliding down against his when he put me down.


“If I have known I would be greeted like



this, I should have catch the earliest flight.” His lips immediately came down and captured mine, kissing me intimately. “I miss you too.” I said between kisses. “Oh God. I’ve been missing you for a long time, baby. You don’t know how much.” He murmured.


I gasped at the driving force of his kiss.


Fierce flare of yearning immediately ran


through me. I wanted him so badly, right


here, right now.


Everything was so sudden. He put me


down and dragged me upstairs to our






For 18 years old and above or Mature


Readers Only.


Enter at your own risk.


Once the door closed, we landed on the bed. His greedy mouth took possession of my lips again searing a path to my jaw, behind my ears and down to my neck. The feel of his erection bumping against my thigh set me aflame.


He flicked the front buttons of my blouse one by one, revealing my black lacy bra cupped. I moaned with intense pleasure when he pushed my bra down and lovingly attacked my br**sts. The feel of his male lips and tongue flicking my nipples made me lost my senses.


“Xander…” I moaned, running my hands


through his hair down to his back.


His hand touched my belly and slowly


seared a path inside my shorts. I stopped


his hand, holding it tight.


He stopped and kissed me deeply. I



draped my arms around his neck, responding to him with equal fervour. I gasped when I felt his fingers touched the core of my arousal. Rubbing and entering inside me slowly. My eyes slid shut in ecstasy as his fingers drove between my thighs. I was breathless. “I’m sorry baby, I can’t hold on anymore. I promise, I’ll go slower the second time.” I nodded. I was dazed and I didn’t know what he mean. I just wanted him to continue what he was doing to me.


He stood up and removed his clothes in a hurry, showing his handsome, hypnotic and powerful body. Oh God… he made me on fire…


He removed my clothes and immediately positioned between my thighs, kissing me again with carnal craving.


“I love you so much, Mia. Living without


you was purely hell.” He murmured. His


eyes so magnetic and compelling.


“I love you too, Xander. I never stopped


loving you.”


He opened my thighs wider and slowly entered himself into my sweet heat. My body closed tightly around him, straddling my legs to his hips as he drove inside me harder and faster. I matched his rhythm and together we rode to ecstasy.


We made love twice after that. In the shower and on bed before we slept. At dawn, Xander woke me up with a lingering kiss and immediately it led us to making love again.


“I missed this. Kissing and making love at dawn.” I said.


He smiled and rained kisses on my neck.


“Did you miss me?”


“Of course. I loomed over him and kissed


his cheek. I miss everything about you.”


“Really? That is hard to believe.


Specifically what?”


“Your facial expressions.”




“Yeah. I could tell your mood if you’re


happy, bothered or disappointed.


Sometimes you just sit there brooding. I


kept on wondering what you were




“About the business and mostly things


involving you.” He gave me a teasing




“Really? Like what?”


“Like taking you to a long holiday. How


about skiing in France?” He kissed me




“No way! Remember when I sprained my


ankle and I stayed on bed for two days.


That was a terrible vacation.”


“Yeah. I blamed myself for forcing you


into it.” He leaned back on the bed, his


arm on his head.


“No, don’t blame yourself. I had a great


time though.”




I woke up early the following morning. I cooked Xander’s favorite breakfast. Waffle with flax and almond butter, scrambled egg with no salt, crisp bacon and fresh fruit salad.


Xander was silent when he came down that morning. He looked at the food then sat down behind the table and ate his



breakfast. I was surprised of his change of attitude. He became so cold and aloof. “You okay?” I asked him


He nodded and we ate together silently.


“What’s going on?” I asked him when he


was done eating. “Is there something


bothering you?”


He leaned back on his chair and glared at


me, giving me a murderous look. “You’re


a lying bitch. You have me fooled all















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