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Chapter 10


Mia’s POV


I woke up wondering where I was. I


looked around the room, in color white


and gray. It was a man’s bedroom.


Oh! I remember, I’m in L.A.


I went down and explored the mansion.


Hmm… Xander said this is our mansion.


It’s so big and beautiful. He’s a very rich




I went to the pool. It was huge in kidney-shaped. The water was so clear and blue. I was tempted to take a dip. I went back to the room and changed to a black bikini. I saw a robe in the bathroom and wore it over my bikini.


I jumped into the pool and enjoyed the


coolness of the water. I was swimming,


doing a lap when someone said. “Wow,


you’re good.”


I was surprised. I turned around and saw


an attractive man standing near the


lounger, where my robe was.



“Hi, I’m Manuel. Xander’s brother. Where is he?”


“Oh! I don’t know where he is.”


“You’re a Colombian?”


“Yeah. How did you know?”


“You’re accent. What’s your name?”


“Lily… Lily Rojas.”


“You have a beautiful name, just like you. Gorgeous.” He looked at me over seductively. “Are you Xander’s girlfriend?” “No. Of course not.”


He frowned, not believing me. “Why are


you here in his house.”


“I’m his visitor.”


“A visitor…hmm…” He shrugged his


shoulders, not so convinced.


“I’m staying temporarily. I’m on a




“Really?” His smile became wider. “That’s nice. Are you sure there’s nothing going on between you and Xander?”


“No. We’re just friends… acquaintance…


nothing more.”


“That’s great!” He said, nodding. “I have a bigger house. You can stay in mine.”


Oh my God. He’s a flirt. A playboy. I encountered too many men like him when I started modelling.


“Okay. I’ll remember that.” I went out of


the pool and Manuel put the robe on my




“My… my… my… you’re smokin’ hot!” His eyes sparkled and roamed over my body like an excited boy seeing a new toy, unembarrassed.


Ugh! He’s a s£x maniac.


“I can put sun lotion on your back.”


“Silly. There’s no sun anymore.” My eyes




He laughed. “It’s really silly. It’s just an


excuse. I just want to touch you.”


“Oh! That’s so fast, mister.”


“Yeah. I can do faster and harder.” His


finger touched my chin in a soft caress.


What a jerk!


“You need to cool off. Want to take a




He looked at the pool then back at me. “Sure. I love to. I’ll just get my swimming trunks in the car.”


“You mean… you bring your trunks all the time?”


“Yeah. I’m always ready.”


I wondered what a playboy like him brought all the time? Aside from trunks, probably some extra shirts and jeans, suits for romantic dinner, condoms, s£x toys, etc.


He came back wearing trunks already. He also had a bottle of champagne, two flute glasses and a plate of sandwiches with him.


Manuel was a gorgeous handsome man, just like Xander. Tall, lean and muscular. Dark jet hair and ocean blue eyes. Just like a supermodel. But a certified player. We talked about Colombia. He said he


never had a Colombian girlfriend before.


He asked if I was interested to apply.


“No. I’m not interested.” I laughed. He


was funny and his pick up lines were old




“Tell me Lily.” He whispered. “Do you spit or swallow?”



“What!” I was shocked. I knew what he mean by that. This man is a real f**k boy. A douche!


“Never mind. I didn’t mean to ask you


that. You look like a good girl.” He


laughed. “How would you like to go out


on a date with me?”




“I’m engaged. See this ring?” I showed him my engagement ring and his eyes popped out.


“What? You’re engaged! I didn’t notice it.” I laughed hard and he laughed too. We were both laughing when we heard Xander barked at us.


“What’s going on in here!”


Xander’s POV


I saw Mia’s body jolted. Her eyes widened. Manuel was just eyeing at me like I was a pest. He was not disturbed by my presence at all.


“What are you doing here?” I asked


Manuel. He stood up and filled his glass


with champagne.


“I was looking for you and you were out.


So Lily and I are having fun. You see,


she’s bored. Nobody’s entertaining her.


You should be grateful that I came here


making her comfortable in your own




“Bullshit, Manuel! Get out of here before


I’ll forget that you’re my brother.” I


clenched my fist, preventing myself from


losing my temper.


“Hey… hey… what’s wrong with you man.” He was provoking me by putting his arm around Mia’s shoulders.


“Don’t touch her!” I snapped at him. The


jealousy I felt was replaced with massive


volcanic anger. “I swear to God…” I


moved closer to them, my fist was ready


to hit Manuel’s face.


Manuel instantly removed his arm around Mia and held his hands up in front of him. “Chill bro! Why are you so upset? Lily is not your girlfriend.”


“She is NOT Lily. She’s Mia, for God’s




Manuel laughed. “You’re joking right?” He eyed Mia, then looked back at me. “I’m not. She is Mia.”


Manuel looked at Mia again. His eyes


roaming her body, then glued at her face.


“Shit! Is that you Mia?”


Mia shrugged her shoulders. Manuel rubbed his eyes and stared at Mia again. “Holy shit! You look different. You even have a Colombian accent…. wait… are you sure..?”


“Sorry.” Mia answered.


“You fooled me! I never thought you have a gorgeous body Mia. You look so hot!” His eyes travelled down her body again. “If only I knew…”


“Shut up, Manuel. She doesn’t remember you.” I put the robe on Mia’s shoulder, helping her put it on, then I tied the sash around her slim waist – covering her from Manuel’s flirtatious gazes. This moment was the few times I hated Manuel. He was my brother but I was not proud of him for being a super player. Women were his weakness.


“Why? What’s wrong? Why can’t you


remember me?”


“Not only you, Manuel. Don’t flatter yourself. She has an amnesia. She can’t remember everything that happened in the past.”


“Ah… so you can’t remember our little


secret.” Manuel winked at Mia.


“What secret?” I asked Manuel, then


looked at Mia. “What little secret?”


“Big bro, I can’t tell you. That’s why it’s


called a secret.” He grinned.


“Don’t mess up with me, Manuel or you’ll


be sorry.” I was numbed with increasing




“Hey! Cool down. I’m just teasing you.


You’re too serious bro.” Manuel laughed.


“I should go now before I’ll get a black


eye. I’ll see you in the office tomorrow,


bro.” He patted my shoulder. “Bye Lily…


um Mia.”


“Bye Manuel.” Mia waved at him.


“Too bad, I thought I’m going to have a


Colombian girlfriend.” Manuel murmured


on his way out.


Mia laughed.


Dammit! I didn’t find it funny at all.




“You’re not eating.”


I was observing Mia, toying the carbonara with her fork.


“What is this? I don’t like it much. Did I


eat this before?”


The question caught me off guard. I was


not sure what Mia likes and dislikes in


food. We never discussed about it. She


cooked our food at home, and mostly my


favourite dishes. She ate anything on the



table but I didn’t know any particular dish she loved most. Now, I was surprised that she didn’t like Carbonara.


“It’s Carbonara. Yeah, we ate a lot of it


before.” I enjoyed pasta and Carbonara


was one of my favourite. We ordered it


several times in Italian restaurants. “Try


the pork adobo. It’s very delicious.”


“No thanks. I don’t eat fatty food.”


“What do you want to eat?” I asked her.


“Nothing. I lost my appetite.”


That made me stop eating. She had to eat


something or else she would get sick. “I’ll


get you something else.”


“No, it’s okay. I’m good.”


“No, you’re not Mia. You’re not leaving the table unless you eat, okay?” I stood up to go to the kitchen. “What do you want?” “Plain sandwich and vegetable salad.” I was glad that Mia ate the food I


prepared for her. I could see that she was


enjoying the food.




“Yes?” She took a big bite of her


sandwich, then looked at me.


“You’re using our bedroom. You see.. it’s


my bedroom too. If you don’t mind, us…


I mean.. you and me sharing the same


room…. but if you’re not comfortable,


well… I can move to the guest room.” “No. It’s okay. We can share the room.” She said casually, like she was just talking about the weather. I was really surprised. I thought she’s going to kick me out of the bed… and the room later. “Are you sure?”


“Yeah. I need someone to sleep with me in



a room. Carmen used to do that. I have nightmares and seizures before. But still, I have to be cautious.”


“Don’t worry Mia. I’ll take good care of


you. Tomorrow, we’ll see your doctor,




She nodded and continued eating her




Later, we were in our bedroom. I was drooling like a teenage boy staring at Mia. She was wearing a very provocative lace satin black nighties. Her long blond hair cascading down her shoulders and lovely br**sts in soft waves. Her flawless tanned legs inviting to be touched. Her newly washed face looked so soft and her pinkish lips ready to be kissed. Dammit! I was so aroused. My body


hardened and I was ready to explode. I


took a long cold shower to relieve of the


ache I felt. When I went out of the


bathroom, Mia was already asleep.


I settled on the couch.


I was disappointed when she said that I


would sleep on the couch. I thought I was


lucky to share the bed with her.


I woke up in the middle of the night. Mia


was restless. She was murmuring. Words


that I couldn’t understand. Maybe she had




I sat down on the bed and woke her up.


“Mia. Are you alright?”


Her eyes opened immediately, staring at


me blankly. “Xander?”


“Are you okay? You’re having a




She hugged me.


I was surprised and my body reacted


immediately. Ignited like fire.


“Xander please, don’t leave me.” Her arms tightened around my waist. I felt her br**sts crushed against my chest.


“I won’t. Promise Mia, I won’t ever leave you.” All my defences were weakening. Waves of ecstasy throbbed through me and involuntary tremors of arousal began. I didn’t know who initiated first, but we were kissing hungrily and deeply with burning desire.


“I miss you so much, Mia.” I said in between kisses. I was starving for her and it was so hard to stop kissing, touching and loving her. I kissed her throat and licked the sensitive area behind her ear. “I miss you too, Xander.”


Her hands were running deliciously on my hair then down on my back, exploring. My skin prickled with the heat of her touch. Everything about her was divine ecstasy.


“I miss doing this.” Mia moaned.


I stopped. “Do you remember us making




“Yeah. We used to make love at dawn.” “Yeah.. yeah.. Oh Mia…” I was so delighted that finally Mia could remember something that happened in the past. Our past.


I cupped her br**st, massaging and


squeezing. My thumb rolling her nipple.


“Oh… I love that.”


“Yes, and this.” Like a hungry animal, I


licked and suckled her br**st then doing


the same to the other.


“I’m sorry Mia. I can’t take it slow… ” The


pleasure was pure and explosive and I


needed the release so badly. I was about


to stand up but her arms clung around my




“Where are you going?”


“I’ll just get some rubber in the


bathroom. I’ll be very quick. Promise.” I


kissed her lips again then stood up.


“Okay…” She murmured.


I was in the bathroom, pulling all the


drawers open in a hurry. Dammit! I don’t


have any rubber here!


I scanned the medicine cabinet. Finally, I


saw one.


I went back in the bedroom and saw Mia already sleeping. I lay down beside here and started kissing her cheek, down to her neck.


She stirred, then looked at me.


Her eyes widened and immediately pushed me away.


Aaahhhh!!! Don’t touch me, you maniac! Stay away from me!” She shouted









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