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By authoress Anna


Episode 2…


Amaya’s pov


“I’m finished, I’m so.. dead, Amaya you are gone too soon” I said for the tenth time.


“I still can’t believe you kissed Kyle” Celine said thoughtfully


“Hey… I didn’t okay, his stupid guards were trying to pull me off and my head bumped into his, so stop saying I KISSED him cause I didn’t!” I snapped “Thank goodness you brushed your teeth” she blurted out “Shut up! It wasn’t even a wet kiss” I said.


“French kiss, dry kiss, harmattan kiss.. what’s the difference?” She asked raising her hands in the air


“Your are crazy” I said throwing a pillow at her


“Well.. on the bright side, you’re really popular now” pearl said for the first time, still glued to her laptop


“Tell me about it” I groaned and sat up on her bed


“Your pictures are all over the net, there are so many post and articles, I’m tired of reading” she said scrolling down


“Hey.. this one says “I can’t believe Kyle kissed a Lady in PUBLIC! Now it’s certain that his relationship with Crystal is just rumours! I knew it!” Celine read and I rolled my eyes


“Ohh.. check this one out “I never knew a lady could be so brave, how did she even get through the guards?” Pearl read with a smile plastered on her face


“Oh well, I knew the stunt Crystal pulled on that video was fake! And now mystery lady has confirmed it, and as long as I saw him hug her, that means she’s the real



deal, shout out to Kyle and his secret beauty! Shout out to mystery lady!” Celine squealed


“Enough already…” I groaned falling back on the bed.


“Well.. Crystal has posted on Instagram.. here’s what she said” pearl said and cleared her throat


“How can people be so stupid? Just because Kyle hugged a girl doesn’t mean my


relationship with his is fake! I’m sure she’s just one of those local common sluts


who want nothing but attention, besides who knows? Kyle might have just hugged


her because he felt pity for her and nothing more, ps; that wasn’t a real kiss, it was


an obvious mistake!” She said


“What?!” I yelled sitting up on the bed


“It wasn’t a mistake?” Celine asked confused


“Of course it was, I mean why would she call me a slut and an attention seeker? Me?!” I asked pointing at myself


“Oh Amaya you have suffered a lot, give me that laptop” I said “What do you want to do?” Celine asked


“You’ll see just hand it over to me” I said and took the laptop from pearl,


I logged into my Instagram account and was about to type when my phone started ringing..


“It’s your mom” pearl said handing it over to me..


I groaned and answered it




“Amaya! Where are you? You need to get home now!” She yelled through the speakers cutting me off


“Huh?, What’s wrong? Is Lia okay?” I asked shifting the laptop


“Lia is fine, there are some people going crazy in front of the house, the whole


place is filled with cars and different men and women flashing cameras around the


place, I can’t even leave the house and Lia had to struggle before she could come


in, and they are asking so many questions about you, did you kill someone” she










Kyle’s POV


“No…. I don’t even know who she is! This is getting so frustrating.. find someway


to stop this scandal!” I yelled into the phone


“But how am I going to stop it?” He asked


“Diego are you seriously asking me that question? You are my manager for a reason, you should know how to take care of situations like this” I stated “Okay sorry, what about the post you made online, didn’t that stop the whole thing?” He asked


“No it didn’t, it even got worse, especially after that stupid post from Crystal and the lady had to reply her back.. now everything is more difficult!” I groaned palming my face


“Hmm.. we have to solve this before it gets out of hand, I’ll think of something and call you back” he said


“Please do” I mumbled and hanged up..


“Women, they are so annoying, that’s why I can never be with one” I said and picked my glass of wine


Christian chuckled and shook his head


“But still they are amazing, we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them” he said with a grin and Lewis nodded “Yeah right” I said with an eyeroll


“That’s because you’re still a virgin man, you won’t understand until you meet the perfect one, the one that completes your soul” Lewis said and I couldn’t help but laugh


“You go home with a different woman everyday and you’re talking about the perfect ‘ONE’?” I asked and Christian started laughing “You know what I mean” he said rolling his eyes


“So.. what are you going to do about this?” Christian asked changing the topic “Honestly.. I don’t know, first it was Crystal and that stupid kiss she forced on that video now it’s a crazy fan girl kissing me in public, what did I ever do to women?” I asked and my phone started ringing..


“Speaking of the devil..” I said eyeing the caller ID which said Mom. “Is that your mom?” Lewis asked


“Is it that obvious?” I asked and they both laughed.


I switched off my phone and faced my two crazy friends


“Okay, how about you call her over and speak with her, she’s obviously the only one who can stop this whole thing, well before the industry reacts” Christian said “There’s no way I’m inviting that.. that, girl to my personal house” I stated and shuddered at the thought


“Well, you have no choice, that’s the only place the press isn’t lurking around… Yet.” Lewis said and I opened my mouth to speak but stopped



“I still can’t believe she kissed you, she must be really into you, how did she even get past your guards?” Christian asked


“I don’t know, i was so angry when I got to the place where mom requested to see me, only to discover that she set me up on a stupid blind date with a daughter of one of her numerous friends, I left angrily only to be crowded by fans shoving cameras and albums at my face, I felt a tap on my back and when I turned.. this creepy lady wrapped her legs and arms around me, I told her to get off but did she listen? No.. instead she asked me to stop being a jerk and hug her, or she would kiss me.. I refused at first but then she tried to carry on with her stupid threat and I had no option than to oblige, I don’t know what got into her, she just raised her head and bumped into me, causing our lips to touch.. I was so surprised, and didn’t know when she jumped down and ran away” I said remembering the stupid incident that caused all this drama.


“Wow.. so what did she post on Instagram?” Lewis asked I scoffed and shook my head,


“She pratically added diesel to a burning fire..” I said shaking my head


“I’m sure you both saw Crystal’s post on Instagram, it turns out that the lady felt really insulted, so she decided to reply crystal.. saying Crystal was only feeling jealous since I kissed her voluntarily, whilst Crystal forced herself on me.. she said she just wants the whole world to know that I and her are lovers and that’s why I hugged her willingly, something I have never done before” I stated and Christian whistled..


“My goodness! You never said it was this complicated..” he said “Tell me about it” I said resting back on my chair


“Just call her over, speak with her and have her talk to the press” Christian repeated “Fine.. I’ll call Diego, I just hope this works” I said “It will” he said assuringly






Amaya’s pov


I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, I can’t believe I’m sitting in Kyle’s living room.. on this soft couch.. oh my gosh!


Celine and Pearl went crazy when his manager called to tell me that Kyle would like to speak with me, of course I had refused to at first, but after much persuasion from my friends and my mom, I finally agreed, Celine had gone to the mall to get me this annoying white gown, which was a lot shorter than I would have liked and too revealing for my taste, although it only stopped some inches before my knee



and my bust was covered decently, the only problem was the crossed back and tiny hand.


They all teamed up to bathe me, making sure to scrub my body severally, before finally fixing my face and hair..


The manager was the one who dropped me at the house, which is awesome by the way..


I clasped my hands on my legs so I wouldn’t be able to touch anything, I don’t want to spoil anything.. if they sell me and my entire family, we won’t even be able to pay for a pillow.


I looked around and tightened my hands.. everything is so tempting, I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes and I haven’t seen anyone, well except the manager, but he has already left.


“Amaya, don’t touch.. if you spoil something you are dead, don’t touch… Don’t..” I stopped when I saw a golden statue of Kyle at the far end of the living room.. “Oh my gosh.. ugh! I need to see that!” I squealed and rushed over, it looked exactly like him.. I took out my phone to take a picture..


I took a selfie and tried wrapping my hands around the waist of the statue, but paused and looked at his face.


“Uhm.. oppa, sorry but I’ll just quickly touch you for a few seconds, don’t worry I brought gloves” I said and dropped my phone on the fall, so I could bring out the best gloves from my bag, I slipped on the white gloves and smiled


“See, now .. you won’t contact germs, don’t worry, I took my bath today.. so don’t


get angry when my body touches you” I said and picked my phone up . Then


carefully wrapped my hand on his waist, I smiled and took a picture then another .


I smiled as I went through the pictures…






Kyle’s POV


“Sir she’s here” the maid announced..


“Okay, prepare something for her to eat first, make sure she’s comfortable.. I don’t want her to start acting up when I’m with her” I said and she muttered an okay before bowing and walking out.


I turned to my TV and snapped my fingers, and the blank screen came to life “Show me section G, view full size” I said and moved to my bar


The screen opened and a lady in white gown was sitted on the couch, I poured myself a small amount of white wine and watched her closely, she looks so



different.. although I didn’t see her clearly the other day, I eyed her dressing and shook my head, she’s one of them..


I watched as she muttered something and rushed over to the other side of the living room, my eyes widened as she stood in front of my golden statue, she took a picture and I rolled my eyes.. I was about to ask her to get the hell out of there through the intercom, but I stopped when she pulled out white gloves from her bag and talked to my statue, I chuckled when she gave a funny pose and took her selfie..


This girl is crazy.. I gulped down the wine and walked into my bedroom..




Amaya’s pov


I heard footsteps and I quickly rushed to the nearest couch, and slipped the gloves out of my hands..


A maid Walked in and bowed


“Right this way miss, young master wants you at the dinning hall” she said gesturing towards a huge oak door, with double doors.


“Uhm .. okay” I said and stood up without my bag, I followed the maid and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw the long dinning table and chairs..


Different dishes were placed on the table, I’m not sure I’ve even eaten more than five types and they are all more than fifteen..


I took my seat and watched as she left the hall..


“Wow” I mumbled at the silver wears.. gosh even the spoons are expensive.. different sizes of spoon were set in front of me.. after contemplating on the one to use.. I picked the biggest one, and packed the rest.. there’s no way, I’m going to leave these here, besides he has so much.. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.. but where would I hide them, I knew I should have brought my bag here..


I smiled as an idea struck me, I quickly arranged them in my dress, thank goodness I agreed to wear a strapless bra, I hid them in my bra and adjusted the dress so it wouldn’t be noticeable.. the metal was cold Against my skin but I didn’t care..


I looked around and started serving different dishes on my plate, including beef, fish and chicken… When my plate was piled up, I settled down and started eating.. …


I moaned as I ate the last chicken on my plate, using my hands to hold the bone, so I would be able to get enough flesh.. I scratched my hair and shook my legs as the air com blew from different sides, this is heaven..



I took a sip of the juice, and continued with my chicken, the door opened and I turned to see KYLE!.. walking in with his hands tucked in his white shorts, he looked heavenly, his black shirt flattered his spotless skin and his hair looked dampened like, he just took a bath, his eyes rolled to the chicken in my hand then back to my face, then his pink lips, THOSE pink lips moved into his mouth.. I choked as I remembered the kiss and started coughing..


I stood up and tried picking the cup, but it knocked over and I continued choking.. I suddenly felt his arms wrapped around me just below my bosom, he started pressing me and I felt the metals shifting upwards,.. oh no!!


I coughed out the chicken and the silver wears fell out of my br**st and to the ground with a Loud clank..






To be continued






Just A Kiss




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