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“J…Jason p..please don’t do anything to me, I’m pregnant with your nice or nephew.” I begged in a shaky voice.

“That will only depend on how much your rich friend is willing to pay.” he made a evil

chuckle. “Who would have thought that you will have some value one day, you and that bastard are going to make me rich. Let’s go!

He gabbed me by my hair and dragged me into a car.

“Jason please.”

He slapped me in the face, I felt the burning sensation taking over. Tears filled eyes, I looked at him as fear was the only emotion in me.

“If you behave I won’t hit you this time, I need that bastard of yours safe, he makes you more valuable, but if you do anything stupid I wouldn’t think twice before killing you both with my own bare hands.”

I knew he wasn’t lying, I had to do as he says in order to remain alive.

I felt how Jason wrapped a cloth around my nose and mouth with his hands, the cloth smelled very strong and I started to feel a drowsy. I fought as hard as is could but my body was gradually loosing strength. “Easy, easy if you don’t want to get hurt.” I heard Jason whisper in myear.

I felt my eyes heavy and darkness took over.


Consciousness started getting to me, my eyelids felt still heavy but I managed to open them up. Only took me a few seconds to


adjust my sight to the vague lighting as only one bulb was illuminating, the place looked like a garage, I saw a lot of mechanical tools and different car parts. I questioned myself where I was but the I remembered what happened, Jason took me.

I touched by bump and a unknown feeling of strength came to me, the need to protect is baby took away all my fears. I found myself not afraid of Jason anymore and capable of everything and anything in order to keep him safe. It was not about me anymore, I could endure anything, but this baby will not be touched by Jason’s filthy hands.

Suddenly the door to the room slammed open and Jason walked towards me, the evil smirk that I once feared so much and now it only made me sick to my stomach.

“So the princess has woken up, did you sleep well, was thebedcomfortable. Oh that’s

right, you slept on the floor.” He laughed out loud, I just looked him and wondered how is it possible that someone of my own blood and flesh will do this to me.

“Jason let me go before things get more complicated, you know this will not end well for you. Let me go and I promise I won’t go to the police, I’m giving you my word.”

Jason kneeled in front of me and without notice slapped me in the face, I had to put my hands on the floor, other wise my face would have landed on the floor.

“Do you think I’m stupid, your word had no value to me.”

“You can trust me.”

“Your word won’t give me anything, on the other hand your rich boyfriend is willing to pay


whatever I ask, I’m impressed sister, looks like the guy really cares for you and the bastard.” “You don’t know that.”

“I do.”


“Because I’ve spoken to him, the last time right before I walked in here now.”

“You talked to Adam, how?”


“I got his number from your cellphone.”

My heart begun to race faster, Adam knows what’s going on, I wondered if he cared enough about me to pay for my freedom.

“Jason this is kidnaping, please don’t get yourself in more serious problems.”

“All I want is the 10 million I asked yourfriend, like I promised to him, once I get that money I’ll be gone for good from your lives, I’ll send you back and it’ll be like nothing happened, I don’t see it as kidnapping, I just see it as you being my guarantee ofpayment.”

Hearing him say that only confirms how sick to his mind he is, my brother really lost connection with reality. I always knew alcohol and drugs will take a toll and I pitied him, so much.

I started crying, more than for my situation for my brother, he really wasn’t in his right mind, there’s nothing left of the little boy who used to do everything with me, who will come running in the middle of the night to my bed because he was afraid of the dark, that little boy I comforted so much when mom left us and I told him it will be me and him against the world form that moment on.

For the first time in years I realized my brother was gone, that man in front of me wasn’t him.


I was crying in mourning for my little bother who was now gone forever.

“Your crying is annoying me I’m gonna go, don’t even try to leave, that door is locked and I’ll be sitting right behind it in the other side, you try something stupid and you and the bastard die today.”

And with that he walked away. I closed my eyes trying to catch some sleep that will walk me away from my reality for as much as possible.

Some time later the door opened again and Jason walked in with a paper bag in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. He tossed the bag in front ofme.

“Here eat this, your boyfriend wants you and that bastard well feed.”

Looking at him I opened the paper bag and grabbed the burger there was inside and started eating.

“Why are you doing this.” I had to ask him, no that I didn’t know, I was just making one last attempt to make him reason.

“Are you really that stupid? You know why, I need money.”

“Why wouldn’t you ask for help, I’m yoursister, you know I will always help you. Remember the day I told you it will always be you and me against the world, I’ll never turn my back on you.”

My plan worked, I saw a change in his eyes, small but it was there so I continued. “Remember when we used to play hide and seek, I was older so I was better at it but will always fake I didn’t see you, I loved the pride you showed with your face every time you won.”


“Stop.” He yelled, I was getting to him. “Why you want me to stop? Isn’t good to

remember the many good memories we shared as kids? Even though mom left we still managed to be happy, dad worked so hard to be a mother and a father.”

“Dad…” Jason said looking at the floor, as a single tear ran down his face, I had broken him down, there was still hope.

“Dad is fine.” I figured he thought dad was dead and wanted to tell him what really happened.

Jason looked back up to my eyes. “What?”

“Yes, after That night he got in acoma,

doctors weren’t giving me much hope but two weeks ago he woke up, little by little his recovering.” I noticed the first genuine simile on his face in years, tears begin rolling down my eyes. “Do you want to see him? I can take you to the hospital to see him.”

“No…n…no you’re lyingy. you are tryingto

scheme me.”

“Jason, look at me.” I placed a hand on his face. “Did’t I promised I’ll take care of you?” He nodded with his head. He looked so vulnerable, just like a lost child. He grabbed my hand from his face and held it in his. “I’m sorry.” My brother was back, I knew it because his eyes where different, even his voice had changed. I felt the urge to hug him and I did, to my surprise he hugged me back. Suddenly the noise is sirens made us startle, they were police sirens, they found us. Jason broke the hug pushing meaway.

“You lied to me, you had this planed the hole time did’t you?!!” He yelled, I saw


disappointment in his eyes, but immediately changed to the old Jason, the one I couldn’t recognize as my brother, the one who brought me here.

“No… Jason no , I had no idea.”

“You abandoned me just like her.” I knew he meant our mother .

“No you know thatI’lln ” a slap in myface

cut me off mid-sentence.

“You bitch, I hate you as much as a hate her, you and that bastard are going to die.” “Jasonplease.”

He came towards me. All I could think in that moment was my baby and how to keep him safe until the cops arrived. I saw the bottle of beer now empty and a smashed it on his

head. It wasn’t enough to leave hiunconscious but is was enough to leave him disorientated for a few minutes, so while he tried to put himself together I ran to the door and before I could put a hand on it Jason was behind me grabbing me by my hair pulling me back. I tried to fight him but the cold sensation of a gun in my head made mestop.

“You’re dying tonight sister, too bad that bastard will never see the light of the sun, after all I think I’m doing him a favor, this world is too cruel, what do you think?”

Tears ran down my face and I prayed for a miracle to happen.


“You know what? I’m sure your boyfriend is out there with the cops, so it’ll be wonderful if I take you out there and kill you right in front of him. What do you think, brilliant, isn’tit?”

He walked us out one arm wrapped around my neck and the other holding the gun against my



At least ten police car stud outside. I saw Adam the minute we walked out, our eyes connected immediately, he tried to run to me but two cops stopped him using all their force to stand in his way.

“I’m killing her in front of all of you, stop me if you can.”

He let go am evil laugh that sent a shiver down my spine. I closed my eyes, that was it, I was going to die, I was ready to embrace my fate. A loud noise was all I heard, I was sureit was Jason’s gun shot right in my head. I expected to feel pain but no pain came to me, I looked back and I saw Jason lifeless body on the floor, a gunshot right on the middle of his forehead, I was shocked and sacred so I ran to the safest place I’ve ever been in, Adam’s arms. We embraced each other in the tightest hug, I cried out loud just like a child. “It’s all gone now, you’re fine, you’re safe,I’m

here.” His words where like a soothing melody but I was too emotional to stop crying, I didn’t know how much I held down I the time I was kidnaped.

I felt how Adam wrapped his jacket around me and that’s all I can remember of that night.

The next morning I woke up at the hospital. Adam’s smile welcomed me back to life, to freedom.

“You are one strong woman and I’m so proud of you.”

“Adam, what happened, I thought it was all a dream, a really bad dream.”

“It was not a dream my sweet Emma, unfortunately it wasn’t, but you’re here, you’re safe, let’s not think about that okay.”


I nodded, he was right, if we learned something form this story is to keep the past in the past no matter how hard it is and embrace the future and all the good and amazing things I’ll bring.

“How’s the baby.”

“As strong as his mother, the doctor said we can go home as soon as you woke up, they only kept you here in the hospital overnight to monitor the baby and since everything is fine we can go home now.”

“I’m not going to your house.” I said to him crossing my arms against my chest.

“Are you serious? I’m going to hire security for you then, other wise I won’t be able to sleep.

You have completely taken away my sleeping habits woman.

I laughed out loud.

“You’re being so cute right now Adam, I can’t say not to you.”

He smiled and gave me a sweet kiss in the lips, how much I missed those soft warm lips.


It was early in the morning I had just woken up, I brushed Adam’s hair with my fingers as he peacefully slept on his front while his left arm was wrapped around my belly. I looked at him and I’ll never get tired of it, he was so perfect in every way. That cold and cruel manI once met was just a cover. I now knowthe

real one, the sweetest and kindest man and he was mine, all mine. I can’t believe my life ended like this, I can finally say I’m happy in every way there is possible to be happy. “Emma stop staring at me, that’s creepy.”

He said in a raspy voice, his eyes still closed.


I laughed out loud.

“I’m not staring at you, why you always have to be so full of yourself?”

“Oh come on, who do you think you’retalking to ?”

“I’m talking to the hottest arrogant man there is.”

He now opened his eyes and laughed.

“I wanted to take you somewhere later today but since you have already woken up, I think we should go now. Let’s get in the shower.” ONE HOUR LATER

“Where are we? Can I see now?” “Relax, were almost there.”

I was walking blind sided, my eyes covered with a scarf, Adam holding my hands to help me walk. We stopped and he whispered in my ear.


I nodded a ‘yes’. He undid the tie in the back of my head and I opened my eyes.

“What is this?” I asked, more confused than before.

We were standing on the top of a cliff, the most gorgeous view of the ocean before my eyes.

“This is our new home.”

“But, I don’t see a house here.” I was very confused

“No, not yet, we are building one.” “What?”

“I bought this peace of land some time after we returned from Brazil, I was planing on showing it to you sooner, but with…..

everything that happened I forgot about it. I want to build a house for you Emma, a house that is yours and only yours, I want you to pick


every single detail of this house, I want your touch everywhere. My design team is waiting for you, we can go and meet with them tomorrow if you want, what do you say?” “I’m speechless Why here?”

“I remembered that day in Brazil when I found you looking a the ocean, you said it brings you good memories and helps clear off your mind so I thought what better than have your own view of the ocean every single day.”

“I…. I don’t know what tosay Whatabout

the other house?”

“That was Amy’s house and I was incredibly happy while she was there, but now I want a new life with you, I want to start from scratch. Our past had haunted us ever since we met, and I don’t want that burden in our relationship any more, I was very close to loose you, more than once because of it. Emma I want to make you happy, I want that smile to never fade from that gorgeous face of yours, I want you to feel like what you are, the only woman in my heart.”

My heart was racing and I feared it will burst out of my chest. Never in my wildest dreams I thought someone will love and worship me the way this man has. Tears started to from in my eyes and one after the other begun to fall out. “Did I say something wrong?”

I chuckled at his concern.

“No you haven’t, is justthat, you. You are

amazing and I love you with every single fiver of my body.”

Adam smiled softly and came closer to me, his hands framing my face.

“You have no idea how happy you make me my sweet Emma, I love you beyond human



With that we embraced in the most passionate kiss, I felt whole and loved beyond measure. If I had to go through everything again just toget to this moment, I would have done it ten more times. I was lucky to love and be loved the way Iwas.







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