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That afternoon we headed to the gala Gabriella had invited us to, I wore the only formal dress in my suitcase. It was breathtaking to say the least, it hugged my figure flawlessly, silver and white sequins gemstones and small pearls everywhere making it a little heavy but still bearable to wear, the cut in the back showed


my legs in and elegant way. I let my hair loose but this time straightened it, and as of for my makeup I tried a smokey aye thatdidn’t look so bad considering I wasn’t very good at it.

“You look stunning.”

Was Adam reaction as I opened my door. He looked like a model out of a magazine with his three piece suit and his signature sleek brushed hair.

“You don’t look to bad yourself.”

I wanted to abase his arrogance despite I was dumfounded by how handsome he can be, however my attempt failed, he lounged out loud fully aware of my real intentions. “Perhaps you want me undressed, that’s why you’re not too content with how I look right now.”

My cheeks blushed at the thought of this handsome man undressed, immediately I wiped off the thought.

“You’re de full of yourself.” I gave him an eye roll trying to hide my excessively pink face. “We better get going.” I said closing the door to my room.

A limo and its driver waited for us at the door of the hotel, we hopped in and headed to the gala. We greeted so many people upon arrival that I was already tired, everyone seems to know Adam here, even in a foreign countrythis man is powerful andrespected.

Finally at our table my feet were able to rest, I was very relieved after reaching my chair. The table was a big round one, with a huge floral center piece in the middle, it was elegance at its purest. Adan leant to me and spoke in my ear for anyone to hear.


“Did I tell you already you look stunning tonight? I’m lucky you’remine.”

A small smile formed in my lips as my cheeks became an evident shade ofred.

“Adam is that you?!!!” A feminine voice made me look to my right side, where a beautiful woman walked towards Adam with arms wide open. She could easily pass as a model, her hair was the darkest shade of black I’ve seen, long and straight, almost reaching her waist.

Her body was nothing but perfection, very voluptuous and it was obvious her dress’ job was to show just that. It showed her back as only rhinestones crossed her back, the silk fabric looked expensive with light blue and white abstract flowers pattern.

Adam stood up form his chair and they embraced in a tight hug. I felt a small tickling sensation in my gut, Adam broke the unnecessary tight hug looked my way and said grabbing my hand making me stand up to them.

“Vivienne, meet my wife Emma. Emma this is Vivienne, a long time friend of mine.”

I extended to offer a polite hand shake while saying.

“Nice meeting you, I’m Emma McRoberts.” Adam’s eyebrows frowned, no doubt becauseI used his last name, ever since we got married I tried my best to not be called byit.

Vivienne’s rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t think you’ll bring her here.”

Adam opened his mouth to say something but a voice coming from the stage interrupted him before he could say a word.

The host explained that an auction will be taking place, fine art and jewelry will be


auctioned in order to collect founds. After said items were exposed for the audience to see

the host started explaining where this money will be going.

My heart was touched when they explained how many orphan children are currently living in the streets without shelter, proper nutrition, education and medical treatment. My heart went to those children that can’t get a warm meal in their stomach before going to bed.

Gabriella, Adam’s customer wife came to the stage she explained how she with a group of other ladies decided to develop a nonprofit organization to help these children in need, with these founds they will secure the education and proper health care of a lot of them and will be able to get new clothing and personal hygiene items for them.

It was in fact a great cause and I wished they could collect as much money is possible, sometimes I think the money is wrongfully distributed in the world. Some have lots of it and some had none.

The introduction came to and end and the servers started bringing around plates with food. It was a five course meal and Vivienne now seating at our table wouldn’t take her eyes off Adam. I doubt she heard a word about the auction, she came here for something else, to hell with the orphan children. I rolled my eyes with a huff at the simple thought of it.

Dinner was over and voices came from the stage once again, the auction was about to start. People started to bid to different items, I was outraged by the amounts coming out of their mouths. Adam spoke in my ear.

“Is there anything you like form the auction?”


“Forget about that, everything is too expensive, I wish I couldhelpbut ”

“What is it that you like and I’ll get it for you.” “Adam are you out of your mind? They are talking about millions.”

“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t have the resources Emma, that’s why we are here.”

“Fine, that necklace will do it.” I pointed to a shiny emerald and diamonds necklace in the display.

Adam started bidding, the price went up and up, I was so nervous.

“Stop Adam, we can get something else, that necklace became too expensive.”

He ignored my plead and raised his hand in signal to bid one more time. Then gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and said.

“No, I never loose.”

I was relieved when the bidding stopped resulting of Adam wining like he said, he never looses.

Music started to take over and couples started to gather in the dance floor. I stood from my chair and informed Adam that I’ll be going to the bathroom.

Alone in the bathroom I started washing my hands when the door opened and Vivienne walked to me, I decided to ignore her and reached for the paper towel to dry off my hands.

“I have a question for you.” Of course she had to say something. “Do you think your marriage will last long?”

I had to blink twice in order to digest what she just said.

“I don’t understand the nature of your question.”


“I’ll be short and simple, leave him before he does. Adam loves me, he always have, unfortunately our life’s and our careers took us into different paths, he married Amy, when she died I had just gotten married but now I got divorced and the only thing standing between us…” She said ‘us’ while rubbing her flat stomach ” is you.”

“Youare. ”

“Pregnant, yes with his baby.”

“That’s a lie, we’ve only been here for a few days how did he-” she cut me off

“Don’t be naΓ―ve. All this time sincemy

divorce came out I’ve been back and forth form one city to the other just to spend some time with him all this while he was married to you. Either you leave him with some dignity or he will do it himself sooner or later humiliating you. Do whatever you want but consider yourself warned.”

And with that she stormed out, for some reason tears stated to from in my eyes crystalizing my vision. My heart broke, Adam was about to have a baby, what was I thinking was going to happen? That Adam will fall in love with me a become a different man? How could I be so stupid to come up with something so absurd.

I composed myself and walked out of the bathroom. A feeling of noxiousness came to me when I saw Adam dancing with Vivienne, they laughed and danced all night and my heart breaking a little more with each second.I didn’t want this, I didn’t want to be in the middle of them. Different scenarios played in my head, I don’t want to be the person who keeps a child away from his dad or maybehe


will leave me to finally be with her, I could never recover if I hear it coming from his mouth. The best to do is end this myself I’m not doing anything here .

I needed some fresh air so decided to walk in the empty garden.

“Now we’re two that hate the loud music and the smell of alcohol.” A voice came from my left side and a all handsome man stood next to me. His eyes dark blue and his hair dirty blonde, he seemed like a nice person.

“It is asphyxiating inside isn’t it?”

“Very nice meeting you, I’m Paul Lewis.” He extended his hand for me to shake it. “Emma.”

“Just Emma?” He asked sarcastically, he was trying to know who I really was. Then I remembered my full name and Adam popped up in my head, ugh I hate him.

“Just Emma.”

“You have something in your hair.” He moved his hand toward me but it never reached my head, a strong hand made him stop grabbing his from behind right the second he was about to touch me.

I look to the other person and there he was, Adam anger coming form every single pore of his.




“Stay away from my wife!”

I could almost see fire coming out of Adm’s eyes.

“What the hell is your problem?!!” I yelled at him, not understanding why he was acting this way, this man has to be bipolar. How dare he


be this rude to a stranger that have been nothing but polite to me.

He just grabbed me by my right arm and pulled me away, I struggled to keep up with his pace as his steps were long and fast. I begged him to let me go but I hardly believe he could hear my plead, his focus was on getting out of this place as soon as possible. Somewhere in our way to the exit Vivienne appeared in front of us, Adam never releasing his hold on my arm or his determination to get out immediately.

“Here you are, I was looking for you sweetheart.”

Adam wiped her off the way and continued strolling towards the door. She yelled his name multiple times having no success, I looked her way and realized she was shooting daggers my way with her eyes. I wanted to tell her, ‘you want this monster of a man, take him, I don’t wanthim’.

The way back to the hotel was in total silence, I noticed how Adam’s fists were closed making his knuckles look white. How unpredictable this man can be, I rolled my eyes and looked out the window to make time pass faster, the tension in the car could be cut off with a knife.

At the elevator his gaze was in me, like if trying to read a book in a foreign language, I decided to ignore it by looking at one of the

walls of the elevator. After what felt like forever the ‘ding’ sound of the elevator door appeared,

I attempted to leave before him and lock myself in my room, Adam’s face was the last thing I wanted to see at the moment. Before I could even step a foot in the hallway his


strong hold was in my arm again, and started dragging me throughout the long hallway.

We walked passed my room door and I knew he was taking me to his room, I’ll get my head cut off my neck before spending another minute in his presence.

“Let go of me!!!” I yelled but got no reaction from him. “You’re an ass and I hate you.” He was deaf to my yelling and insults. In a fraction of a second he managed to openthe

door to his room, walked me in not letting his hold loose, he then tossed me in his bed and finally he spoke.

“You’re mine.” He said. “You’re an asshole.” I said.

My blood was boiling. What does he think I am, a peace of furniture?

“What were you doing with that guy, alone?” “What did you expect me to do? Watch you dance the night awaywithyour Lover?”

“My lover? What lover?”

“I know everything Adam, you don’t have to keep pretending. Let me go, divorce me so you can finally be with her, I’m so tired of this, I’m tired of pretending to be someone I’m not.” “I have no idea what this is allabout.”

“You’re disgusting, I know about the baby, you’re going to deny that too?” I badly wanted him to say the truth and end this circus of a marriage, but he denied it to the point of ridiculousness.

“What baby? Emma you’re not making any sense.”

“What kind of man denies his own child? Stop Adam, you don’t have to lie to me I’m nobody, I don’t mean anything. You have no idea how tired I am, is like burning alive.” I couldn’thold


my tears, they ran down my face uncontrollably. At that Adam’s eyes softened, I was surprised.

He sat on the bed next to me, his hand moved to my cheek wiping a tear off and gently caressing my face while his eyes dug into mine.

“Tell me what’s bothering you and I’ll make it go away.”

“You won’t make this go away, you can’t.” I got up from the bed I had to leave this room, I

was drowning in my own misery. I was allover the place, I didn’t know why it hurt me so much the idea of Adam with someoneelse.

I ran to the door, but Adam stopped me in time and pushed my body against it and made me face him, his hands trapped me by leaning against the door one on each side next to my face. More pain came to me when our eyes meet, so I decided to avoid his gaze, I thought things will be different between us and the realization that they never will was tearingmy insidesapart.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Adam said in a soft tone, but I wouldn’t let it get to me, not this time.

How long could he keep this lie, I know everything, pretending he doesn’t know what I’m talking about won’t change the reality. I decided to stay quiet and not look at him, I kept my eyes in the floor. I was done going around his lies.

“Emma, will you look at me?” He demanded grabbing both my arms, he was frustratedand so I was. I don’t know what got me but I slapped him, not once but a coupletimes.

Adam grabbed my hands and pinedthem


against the door in order to make me stop. I was gone mad, God knows I wouldn’t stop on my own. He moved his body closer to me and whispered in my ear.

“Tell me.” Two words was all I needed to get my knees weak, his proximity sent shivers up and down my body.

“You want me to tell you? Fine, I’ll tell youfor the sake on ending this. I know you and Vivienne have a relationship, and she’s pregnant you have been waiting to be together for the longest time. Adam I don’t want to be in the middle of this, you don’t want me, divorce me and and be happy with her. I don’t care what you do just let mego.”

“If Vivienne is pregnant certainly is not by me.” “How can you say that? Be a gentleman and take responsibility.”

“Emma, I can’t get a woman a woman pregnant if I haven’t even touched her. It’s been a year since I last sawher.”

“That’s not what she said, she’s been visiting you since she got divorced.”

“She told you that?” His eyebrows frowned, he looked puzzled.


“And you believe her.” “Yes.”

“Emma don’t be naive, why would I bring you here if my lover was here too? If what she said is true it would only make sense that I’ll take the opportunity to be with her. You know I’ve been with you all the time since we came to this city, wouldn’t I want to be with her the minute I stepped a foot in Brazil if we loved each other so much? She’s clearly lying.”

He had a point, and it made total sense.


Another man would struggle to prove his point even if it was true, but not Adam, he knew what to say and when, he’s extremely smart,it doesn’t surprise me he’s a billionaire. He had won and he knew it, and I knew he knew it by the smirk on his face. I couldn’t let his victory be complete, I haven’t forgotten the scene he caused at the garden, I was so embarrassed,

so I said in a careless tone.

“Not that I care what you do with your life, now go of me.”

“Obviously you do, you’ve slapped me three times. You’re the only one lying here.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Just say it.” He whispered in my ear, he was teasing me, the nerve of this man.

“Twice.” I said pushing him away andwalking further in the room. His eyebrows frowned not knowing what Imeant.


“I slapped you twice.”

He walked to me and I saw a predator in his eyes, not a human but a lion about to devour his trapped innocent deer, I took a step back and could not take another one as his right arm wrapped around my waist violently pushing me against him, my hands landed on his hard chest, I could hear his heart pounding inside.

“You slapped me three times, and you’ll be punished for that.”

“What are you going to do?” I managed to say in a whisper, a shiver ran down my spine I didn’t know if I was afraid or excited for what he just said.

“You’ll see when the time comes my sweet Emma.”


“Why are you keeping me here? I’m not pretty, I’m not bold I don’t even make a good wife.” He grabbed my hand and walked, stoping in front of a long mirror, he made me stand right in front while he stood behind me. His arm rounded my waist as he gently pressed my back against his chest. Adam parted my hair

to one side to have access the other side where my ear and neck begged for mercy. He ran the other hand up and down my arm, only two fingers touching me. I was melting. “Look at yourself Emma, you’re not pretty, you’re beautiful and you don’t need layers of makeup, jewelry or fancy clothes to be. You have a natural beauty and is so sΒ£xy on you. Your body can make any man go crazy, too bad it can only be mine.

My breathing was agitated, I was about to explode.

“Please stop.” I used my last bit of strength to say this.

“Don’t you ever say you’re not pretty. Don’tyou ever compare yourself to other women, because they can’t compare to you my sweet Emma.”

“Enough.” I murmured.

“I want you to sleep here tonight, next to me.”



Emma’s POV

That night I slept in Adam’s room, in his bed, his warmth next to me was something I can get addicted to. I don’t know how I went from wanting to kill him to sleeping next to him in just one night, I hardly know myself these days. He kept his promise of not touching me if I did’t want, he simply hugged me, my back


against his chest and all he did was whisper in my ear.

“I want this every single night.”

I was in total silence, too nervous to come up with a coherent sentence, he was only in his boxers, he had no shame on striping off his clothes in front of me, while I had to go to the bathroom to change my gown for a white button down shirt Adam borrowed since all my stuff was in the other room.

I was so nervous to be that close to his bare skin but once is arms embraced me in a hug I forgot everything, I never felt safer in myentire life, it just felt right, like that’s where I belong. In the morning I woke up to an empty bed, looked around Adam’s was gone. I walked to be balcony and there he was looking at the ocean, my cheeks turned pink after realizing he was still in his boxers, exposing his perfect body. I found myself wanting to touch and discover every single muscle of that body, immediately I whipped off that thought, what is wrong with me?!

He turned his gaze towards the door where I stood, immediately his eyes pinned mine and he gave me a sweet smile walking towards me. Adam extended his hand for me to hold into taking me to the balcony.

Adam’s hands framed my face. “You look so hot right now.”

I gave him a shy smile and looked to the floor, he still held my face and made me look up again. His mouth reached mine, he kissed me passionately.


Tonight was our last night in Brazil. I dressed in a long white beach dress and let my hair on


its natural waves. For my makeup I just applied mascara and went a little bold for my lips, applying some hot pink lipstick.

We headed down to the restaurant for dinner. Adam wore a suit as usual, apparently someone was coming to meet him to sign some documents for one if his projects here. This person met him at our table, Adam signed about ten documents and immediately the person left wishing us a goodnight.

After dinner was finished we heard somenoise coming from the street that crossed the front of thehotel.

“What is that noise?” I asked with a little bit of concern in my tone, in the other hand Adam wasn’t surprised at all.

“Is just the carnival, today is the first day, thank god we leave tomorrow.”

“A carnival?”

“Yes, is actually very famous around the world, people come from everywhere just to see it,

but I wouldn’t waste my money on it, it gets too crowded, and people get wasted, is a pain.”

“I want to see it.”

“No Emma I’m not in the mood for getting smashed by half Rio de Janeiro.”

“I’ll go alone then.”

Adam let go a huff rolled his eyes.



“Like hell you are.”

“I’m not your prisoner, I’m allowed to go wherever I want.”

“Emma you’re free to go wherever you want, but is very dangerous for you to go alone, aren’t

you listening to what I just said?”


“I’m going.”

I saw frustration in Adam’s eyes, but I don’t care, I have to show him hat I’m not letting him control me.

“Fine, I’ll go with you, twenty minutes is all you have, then we return to the hotel.”

Out in the street was very loud, I could hear the sound of different musical instruments, mostly drums of all sizes en shapes, people danced along with the rhythm, not caring they were in the middle of the street. Dancers with huge her costumes adorned with feathers danced in ways I didn’t know the human body was capable of. I was fascinated, the scene looked like out of a movie, is not everyday you get to see is, at least forme.

In the other hand Adam looked as annoyed as ever, avoiding to step on every dirt that came across his path, giving murderous glares at every person that came a little closer to him. “Too bad there’s no VIP area here.” I teased him.

“That’s not what bothers me right now, is the crave I have for your lips on mine.”

Aaanddd there it goes right to the trash the grin of victory in my face. Adam had a special talent to come up with the best replies, he knew exactly what to say to make me nervous. I decided to forget about him, it was my last night here I wanted to have fun. I started to move my body with the rhythm of the exotic music, it was hard first but the my body learned and after a while it came out naturally, I lifted the skirt of my dress a little and placed my hands at my waist. Adam followed behind me, I decided to turn around still dancing and see how badly his irritation was, to mysurprise


I saw a smirk on his face, he looked into my eyes and smiled I could see a hint of lust in his eyes.

”I’m charmed and enchanted by you. Do you know that?”

I liked the effect I was having on him, I felt in control for he fist time and it was so much fun. I continued dancing hands in my waist while walking backwards, his eyes penetrated mine, his never ending smirk sending shivers all over my body. I was dancing for him and he knew it and enjoyed it very much.

He grabbed a white flower from one of the streets plants and tugged it behind my ear, I smiled at his actions but never stopped my dancing or my glare on him. Because I was walking backwards I ended up crashing into someone, Adam hugged me saying sorry to the person. He then looked at me and said. “I think it’s time to goback.”

“Yes.” I replied with asmile.

We walked back to our hotel. I noticed Adam I little bit quiet and in deep thought, something was bothering him, I didn’t understand, he seemed pretty content moments ago. For a minute I thought of asking what was wrong, but decided to give him his time. If there was something for me to know he’ll tell me eventually.

The door to my room was a few steps away when I broke the silence.

“I want to sleep in my room tonight.”

“OK.” Adam’s reply surprised and worried me.I thought he would make every argument possible to make me change my mind andif

at the end I still wanted to stay in my room he would just force to go to his.


“Adam, is there something you want to tell me.”

He lifted his eyes from the floor, I’ve never seen him like this, he looked defeated. After giving me a long and desperate kiss that left me even more puzzled he stared talking.


Woow that was shocking Adam McRoberts saying ‘I’m sorry’.

“Why?” Was all I could think of as a reply. “In this trip to Brazil I noticed a side of you that didn’t know was there, you always lookso

full of life, is like you have light coming out of you on its own. Something tells me you’ve been thought a lot, but I’m amazed to see how positive and carrying you always are. I’ll never forget the morning I walked into Demi’s room and found you sleeping there with the same clothes you wore the night before, you didn’t leave her side because she was afraid of storms, I remember asking myself ‘what is

this woman made off? After all I’ve done toher she still cares and protects my daughter, the daughter of a man that humiliated her so much.’ I wish I could have a heart as pure as yours, maybe things would have been different now.”

“Adam what are you talking about?”

“Tonight your bright smile and your whitedress made you look like an angel and I realized I don’t deserve someone like you, I can’t let my dark soul take over your pure one. For that reason I ….. I decidedIshould. let yougo.

You’re now free from this marriage, as soon as we return I’ll put my lawyer to work on our divorce, and don’t worry about the money I paid to you when all this started, that money is


yours and you don’t have to return a dime to me.” He framed my cheeks with this hands looked into my eyes and said. “Please be safe and don’t hesitate to reach me if you need anything, I’ll always look after you my sweet Emma. Can I kiss you one last time?”

In my surprised stage I only nodded a ‘yes’ the shock I was in was stoping me from thinking right. Adam kissed me like never before, the kiss was gentle and desperate at the same time, he was struggling I could tell he was.

Our lips parted and our foreheads rubbed against each other. He looked me in the eyes one last time, and I saw a broken Adam so fragile and strong at the same time.

He walked away and I two seconds he was out of my sight as he entered his room as quick

as an arrow. I rested my back against my closed door, looked around my room and felt something missing, not necessarily in the room but in me, I was not the same, a piece of me was missing.

So many questions going in circles in myhead, why is Adam acting this way, just now that I started to open up to him. This was for real, I just lost the man I love. Wait what?! Did I just sayI…… No ‘Yes’ my subconscioussaid.

All my life people I love leave me one way or the other, of course Adam could not be any different, that was the reason I pushed him away so much I knew this will happen.

I won’t let things go down so easy, who does he thinks he is to do this without letting me express my thoughts. Fine, he wants to end this, so be it but first he will hear what I have to say, if I did something wrong he better tells me, then just then I’ll go away and he’ll never


see me again.

I stormed out of my room and banged on his door. Adam appeared before me, his blazer and tie were gone and his shirt was untucked, I saw a class of whiskey in his hand. He was surprised to see me and all I wanted to do is kiss the hell out of him.




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