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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 47


“Good morning!”


Klara was stretching in her bed and yawning loudly when she heard Roshan’s voice coming from nearby. Panicking she sat up hastily on her bed. Roshan was sitting at her table while holding a newspaper in his hands. Klara could smell freshly made tea and bread before she looked at the table and found that breakfast was already served.


“You are still here?” She whispered surprised.


He looked up from his newspaper. “Yes. Why would I leave when I could have a royal breakfast.”


Klara got out of bed quickly, slipped into her slippers and walked up to him. “Who served you breakfast?” She asked anxiously.


“Your servants.” He replied relaxed.


Klara hit herself on the forehead which made Roshan chuckle.


“Are you insane?! How could you show yourself?” She scolded.





“Ah…about that. Don’t worry, I manipulated everyone.” He winked.




Someone knocked on the door and soon a maid came in. “My lord, here is your coffee. I made it strong just the way you like it.” She smiled putting the tray on the table.


“Thank you.” He smiled at her charmingly making a blush creep to her cheeks.


“Would you like coffee or tea?” He then asked turning to Klara.


Klara kept staring at the maid dumbfounded. Why was the maid not asking questions about who this man was? Was Roshan that great at manipulating people?


When she said nothing Roshan waved his hand in dismissal and the maid left.


Klara turned to Roshan. “Can you do that? I mean who does she think you are?”


“No one in particular. I just made her believe that I am someone she had always been serving.” He said wrapping the newspaper and tossing it aside on the table before standing up.


“Are you leaving?” Klara hurried to ask.


Roshan was glad to see that she didn’t want him to leave. He walked up to her and put his hand lightly on her cheek. She had been torturing him the whole night so he needed some time alone, besides he had things to take care of.


“Yes I have some things do to, but I’ll be back.” He assured her. “By the way, you look cute when you snore.”




He had been watching her the whole night while she turned back and forth while heavy grunting sounds came from her mouth. He never thought that he would find such sounds endearing.


“I don’t snore!” She said as her cheeks flushed.


He grabbed her face between his hands. “You do princess, but don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about it.” He teased her.


She gave him a hard glare. “You annoy me, Roshan.”


“And you delight me.” He placed a kiss on her cheek and looked at her face one last time before he left.


Roshan arrived at Decresh, more specifically in the throne hall where Lucian just recently got crowned.


“What are you doing here?” Lucian’s voice came from behind.


Roshan wondered the same thing. He couldn’t understand why he agreed to help Lucian. He hated the man for breaking Klara’s heart yet he was thankful.


Lucifer had asked Roshan to help Lucian understand his powers and become stronger. Roshan could have denied his request since he had already paid his debt but knowing what Lucifer and Irene endured all these years he wanted to help. Not for Lucian’s sake but for his parent’s sake.


“Just as I came here easily other demons can too,” Roshan spoke without turning to him.


“I was waiting for you.”


Now Roshan had to turn around and look at him. “I thought you didn’t want my help?” He asked.


“I don’t want to but I need your help. My wife is pregnant and I want to protect my family.” Lucian explained.


Of course. Nothing was stronger than the need of a demon to protect his mate.



“Then maybe you should introduce me to everyone since I’ll be spending a lot of time here,” Roshan suggested.


Lucian introduced Roshan to his men as someone who would guide and train them. Roshan took his time to study each one of them. He wanted to get rid of anyone who thought of betraying Lucian but he also wanted to find a few very trustful ones.




The one who followed Lucian everywhere seemed like someone who could be trusted with a secret.




“That man can be trusted.” Roshan nodded toward Lincoln.


“I know,” Lucian said.


“I mean, he can really be trusted.”


Lucian narrowed his gaze. “You want me to tell him that I am a demon?”


“And a witch. Just in case.” Roshan added.


“Do I have to tell him?”


“As a king, you need to have people who are going to be by your side no matter what. If he can’t handle it then he is just not the right person. But believe me, he can. I am good at reading people.” Roshan explained.


Lucian was thoughtful for a while but then he made his decision. He called Lincoln into a separate room and they sat in silence for a while. Roshan was begging to get impatient so he took charge.


“So…Lucian called you here to tell you that he, in fact, is the devil’s son,” Roshan said it as a simple fact.


Lincoln didn’t blink but his expression turned into one of confusion. “What?”



“And he is also half-witch. And since demons and witches are enemies and Lucian is both, he is everyone’s enemy.” Roshan continued.


Lincoln turned to Lucian. “Your Majesty, what is this man talking about?”


“Also, I am not a man. I am a demon.” Roshan corrected.


Lincoln kept looking at Lucian for confirmation. Lucian nodded. “It’s true.”


Instead of looking surprised Lincoln seemed concerned by the fact. “When did you find out?” He asked.


“After I died. I came back to life.” Lucian explained.


Lincoln nodded as a deep frown settled on his face while finally putting the pieces together. Roshan knew that Lincoln had already suspected that something was different about Lucian otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to stay so calm.


“Are you under some kind of threat now?” Lincoln asked.


Roshan liked this man. He was quick.


“The witches and demons will try to harm him. I have the demons under control for know but anything can happen. It’s good to be prepared.”


Lincoln nodded, still concerned. He had a lot of speculations going on in his mind and it would take him some time to get used to the new information.




“Lincoln. I’ll tell you everything eventually.” Lucian assured him.


Roshan could see that Lucian cared for Lincoln. It was good to see that he at least had someone by his side all those years.


The rest of the day he spent observing for the most part. He wanted to see how Lucians men worked, which of them he could trust and which of them to depose.



Roshan noted that Lucians men were trustworthy but not all of them could handle his secret. He had to find some tough ones.


There were two men, in particular, that caught his attention and he took them separately to the side.


“Your names?” He asked.


“I am Martin, My Lord.”


“And I am Declan.”


Roshan nodded. They were tough but not as much as Lincoln. He would have to tell them gradually or drop hints.


Roshan continued with his search, walking around the castle and observing the soldiers as they did their daily tasks. While on his search he came across Hazel in the hall. She had two guards trailing behind her.


“Roshan?” She seemed surprised. “How come you are here?”


“My Lady,” He took her hands and kissed her knuckles. “I heard the news. Congratulation.”


“Thank you. When did you come here?”


“I have been here for a while.”


“Oh. Did you have something to eat or drink?” She asked.


“No. Your husband lacks hospitality.” He smiled.


“I am sorry about that. Why don’t you have some tea or coffee with me?” She asked.


“Coffee sounds good.”


Roshan and Hazel sat in the garden where they had some hot coffee served.


“Lucian told me that you are his cousin,” Hazel spoke starting the conversation.




“You don’t look like him?”


Roshan took a sip from his coffee. “The strongest demons agreed to settle in different empires where they could rule. After living there for centuries they developed the same appearance as the resident people to blend in. My father settled in the Persian empire where I was born and that’s why I look like this. Of course, as a demon, I could change my appearance but that would only be considered a disguise.” He explained.


Hazel nodded thoughtfully. “I am glad he has you.” She then smiled.


At this Roshan paused. He had never thought of Lucian as a cousin or as a friend.


He was just here to help and then leave.


“How is Klara doing?”


Why would she think that he knew how Klara was doing?


“She is fine.” He replied shortly.


Hazel nodded but it seemed that she wanted to know more.


“Do you consider her a friend?” Roshan asked.


He hoped she would because he knew Klara did.


Hazel nodded. “But I don’t think she likes me much?”


“If that is the impression you get then she likes you. She is usually bitter toward people she likes.” He told her.


Hazel chuckled in agreement.


Roshan stood up from his seat. “My Lady, I should keep going. Thank you for the coffee and the company.”


“You are welcome to visit anytime.” She smiled at him.


Roshan bowed and left. On his way out he took a closer look at Hazel’s guards who were waiting outside. One of them, the taller one with short brown hair, dark eyes, and an angular face radiated power and confidence.


Roshan walked up to him to take a closer look. The man looked back at him suspiciously as if he knew what he was. Curious, Roshan went into the guard’s head to see what he was thinking and found out that the man suspected him to be what Lucian was. But what was Lucian? That, the man wasn’t sure of.


Demons had a different aura but only a few people were smart enough to actually pay attention to it. Most people ignored it while getting too caught up in their appearance.


“What’s your name?” Roshan asked.


“My name is Callum, My Lord.”


Roshan nodded with satisfaction. This man would be able to handle their secret. Now he had enough men. He didn’t want all too many to know. Just a few who could guide and influence the rest and four would be enough. Lincoln, Martin, Declan, and Callum. This would do for now.


At the moment he wanted to leave quickly so that he could go back to Klara.


“I’ll be leaving now.” He informed Lucian who seemed busy going through some papers.


“Why don’t you have dinner before you leave?” Lucian asked without looking up.


“You feed me now when you starved me the whole day?”



“I was busy, besides you have already made yourself at home. I don’t see you as someone who seeks permission to do things.”


“You are right.” Roshan nodded. “I made myself at home and had a delicious cup of coffee with your wife.”


Now Lucian looked up and shot him a hard glare. Roshan knew how to catch a demon’s attention. Just name his mate and he will burn with jealousy.


“What? I can’t have a cup of coffee with your wife?” Roshan asked raising a brow.


Lucian stood up from his seat and strode toward him. When they stood face to face he looked him in the eyes. “Next time you want to have a delicious cup of coffee with my wife, make sure to at least drink three cups because they will be your last ones.”


The man knew how to make threats. At least he wouldn’t have to teach him that part.


Roshan placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. “Don’t make threats you can’t keep, brother.”






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