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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 46


I am pregnant. I am pregnant, I am pregnant.


I kept chanting those words to myself the whole day. I could still not believe it, nor could Irene. She kept repeating that she was going to be a grandmother. Her whole face had lit up and I had never seen her so happy before.


“I need to tell Lothaire.” She said excitedly. “I’ll be back very soon.” And then she was gone leaving me alone to figure out a way to tell Lucian.



Would he be happy to have a child in this mess? He had never said anything about wanting to have a child ever which made me a bit concerned. Somehow I felt that he wouldn’t be thrilled.




I tried to imagine his reaction in my head several times but I couldn’t figure what his expression would be like.




“Ylva. I am pregnant.” I told her as she prepared me for the night.


Ylva stared at me through the mirror. Her eyes twinkled with both surprise and happiness.


“My Lady…” She exclaimed after she opened her mouth several times but not been able to say anything. “Can…I hug you….once?”


I blinked a few times in surprise. Ylva had never asked for a hug before. The only time she had hugged me was when she found out that I was alive. This would be the second time.


I stood up and embraced her, unable to help the smile that settled on my face. Ylva hugged me tightly and soon she began to sob.


“Are you crying?” I asked surprised.


She pulled back and wiped her tears away. “I have witnessed you grow. I have been with you since you were a baby. To see you have one of you own now makes me so…so” She began to cry again. “I am just so happy to have the chance to take care of your baby as well.”


I wrapped my arms around her getting emotional myself. Ylva and Lydia had raised me like their own daughter. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to stay sane in my own home.



“I am glad to have you. I will need your help a lot since I know nothing about raising a child.”


“Don’t worry I am here for you, My Lady.” She sobbed. “Oh God, I need to tell Lydia. She is going to be so happy. Have you told His Highness?”


“Not yet.”


“He is going to be so thrilled, My Lady.”


I wasn’t sure about that.


She adjusted my hair one last time. “I’ll leave you alone then, before His Highness comes. Have a good night, My lady.”


“Goodnight,” I said and she left singing in joy.


I sat down in front of the mirror again and stared at my reflection. I was probably worrying for nothing and Lucian was going to be as happy as I was to hear the news. But would he come tonight or was he too busy?


He had told me to call him anytime but I didn’t want to disturb him?


I let out a sigh and stood up. Just as I was about to turn I saw Lucian’s reflection in the mirror.


I turned to him with a smile. “I was waiting for you.”


He crossed the distance between us and took my hand before kissing my knuckles.


“My Queen, I am sorry I made you wait.” He said charmingly.


I pulled my hand away. “Hmm…you need to apologize with actions, not words.” I played along pretending to be displeased. Then I turned away from him and crossed my arms over my chest while a smile crept to my face at my own childishness.



Lucian wrapped his arms around me from behind. “What can I do to please My Queen? Shall I feed her with my hands? Or let her rest in my arms? Or shall I keep her up all night?”


“How about feeding me with your hands and then after keeping me up all night let me rest in your arms?”


Lucian chuckled. “You delight me, wife.”


Despite having eaten, I let Lucian feed me fruits while sitting in our bed. He reached his hand out and I took a bite of the strawberry in his hand before he popped the rest into his mouth. Then he peeled a clementine and fed me a piece of it.


I had never eaten in a bed before and I could say that I found pleasure in it. Lucian seemed to enjoy himself too. I fed him some and we just looked at each other while we chewed the food.




I felt more at ease now once I saw his face. It felt as though I could tell him anything and not be afraid.


“Is everything going alright now?” I asked.


Lucian nodded. “There are a lot of things to do but everything is going accordingly. You don’t need to worry.”


“What happened to Pierre?”


I had been avoiding that question but now that he seemed relaxed I thought I should ask.


A muscle ticked in his jaw. “He is getting what he deserves.”


From the look in his eyes, I didn’t want to know what was happening to Pierre. I just hoped that Lucian wasn’t hurting himself by hurting his brother. Even if Pierre wasn’t his real brother Lucian had grown up believing so.



Lucian took a bite from his apple and chewed it grimly. Now he was in a bad mood.


“Shall we move on to the next task?” I asked to avert his attention from bad thoughts.


Lucian stopped chewing and swallowed slowly before turning his gaze to me. For a short moment, he seemed surprised but then a smug look crept on his face.


“What was the next task? Could you remind me, wife?”


I knew he was playing with me so I decided to give it back to him. I grabbed the fruit basket, climbed out of bed and put it on the table. Then I went back to bed removed my robe before laying down.


Lucian watched me curiously and a bit confused the whole time.


“The next task is to sleep, of course. I am tired.” I said trying my best to maintain a serious expression.


The next thing that happened, I never expected. Lucian laughed out loud. It was a sound that I hadn’t heard in a long time and it made my stomach flutter.


“You have really learned how to deal with me.” He smiled then leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. “I am proud of you.”


At that moment I felt more special than ever. I never had someone tell me they were proud of me so I got a bit emotional.


“I love you, Lucian.” I blurted in my emotional state.


Pure joy washed over his face. “I love you too.” He said and drew me into his arms. The only place I wanted to be forever and in that comfortable state I fell asleep.



When I woke up in the morning Lucian was already gone. I scolded myself for not telling him that I was pregnant. I knew I was worrying for nothing and that the news would probably make him very happy.


After getting dressed I decided to look for him immediately. Callum and Oliver were waiting outside the room as usual and started following me wherever I went. As I walked through the halls I cam across Lincoln.




“Good morning, Your Majesty.” He greeted.


“Where is Lucian?”


“His Majesty is sitting in a meeting.” He informed.


“Show me the way,” I ordered.


With a nod, Lincoln led the way. We arrived at a place in the castle that I hadn’t seen before. Suddenly a large door in the hall opened and a crowd of men began to exit the room. Imperial officers, generals, and soldiers chattered as they left.


“I believe the meeting has ended, Your Majesty,” Lincoln spoke. “I’ll inform His Majesty that you are here.”




He made his way into the room and after a short while, he came back and gave me an indication that I could come in.


I walked into what seemed a large hall. A huge table took most of the grand space in the room and Lucian sat at the end of it, almost fifteen feet away. He seemed engrossed in the papers in his hands.


I cleared my throat to capture his attention.


Lucian put the papers down on the table and stood up before looking at me. “Did you already miss me, wife?” he smiled.



“Am I disturbing you?” I asked walking over to him.


“No. But you are distracting me much.” He said letting his gaze rake my body.


I did nothing extra to prepare myself so that he found me distracting despite everything, made me confident.


Lucian tilted his head to one side and studied me even more closely. “Did you gain some weight?” He asked and my confidence went out the window.


“I am not sure,” I mumbled.


How could I gain some weight when I have been eating nothing?


“You look…” His eyes darkened. I knew that gaze and it brought a fluttering feeling to my stomach. “You look enticing.”


A blush crept to my face. He seemed to find me more attractive with some weight on.


Lucian put his hands on my h.i.p.s and drew me closer. “Why do you distract me so much?” He spoke in husky tones. Leaning down he brushed the hair away from my neck and kissed me softly.


“Lucian, someone might come in,” I said nervously knowing that the door was open and Oliver and Callum were waiting outside.


He drew away from me. “Lincoln!” He called and the next moment Lincoln came inside.


“Your Majesty.”


“Close the door and don’t let anyone in.”


Lincoln nodded and shut the door behind him as he left. As soon as the door closed Lucian grabbed my waist and lifted me up before sitting me down on the table. His



hand slid under my dress touching me eagerly while his mouth nibbled at my neck. I let out a gasp, surprised by his action but also by how quick my body responded to his touch. I wrapped my arms instinctively and tilted my head back.


Lucian began to untie my dress as his lips searched mine. I m.o.a.ned into his mouth by the sudden heat of his kiss.

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“Lucian, wait!” I was already breathless.


Lucian pulled back and watched me with a l.u.s.tful gaze. “I can’t wait for too long so tell me.”


My gaze fell on his mouth. His canines had elongated but this time they seemed longer and sharper than before


“Your teeth.” I pointed.


“Yes. Many things changed since I came back to life.” He explained.


It was strange that I found him sinfully beautiful with those teeth instead of being worried that they would cut his lips or mine.


“Does it hurt?” I wondered.


“No, it doesn’t. But it itches badly and makes me want to bite something.”


Did he want to bite me again? Was it normal? Looking at his teeth, it felt like it would hurt more than last time.


While thinking Lucian’s gaze fell on my neck. The color of his eyes slowly changed to red and he looked away quickly.


“You wanted to say something?” He said looking everywhere but my neck. It looked like he was fighting himself.


“You want to bite me?” I breathed.


A muscle ticked in his jaw and his gaze darkened.


“God Hazel!” He hissed. “I don’t know what you are doing to me. I don’t know why I find you more beautiful for every day that passes by. I don’t know why with every kiss you taste sweeter and with every touch, you feel better. You make me feel starved.”


His words made my blood run hot.


“So yes, I do want to bite you.” He added.




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