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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 45


Klara watched the sunset at the horizon, bringing a splash of rich colors spreading all over the sky. Oranges, blues, crimsons, and purples blended like the finest art creating a breathtaking canvas.


Once she had been like those colors. Warm, vivid, alive and full of passion. She had been someone who lived her life on her own terms. She was strong, confident and adventures. But nowadays she had been nothing but confused and scared. Even her sister Astrid had noticed.

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“You don’t want to marry him. Why are you doing this?” Astrid had asked.




“Rasmus is waiting for me to choose someone.” Klara reminded.




“And when did you ever let brother decide things for you or anyone else for that matter?”


Klara sighed. “I am getting old.” She chuckled.



“And when did you care about society’s rules? Come on! Where is my rebellious sister who did whatever she wanted?”


“I thought you hated her.” Klara wondered.


“I did, but now I miss her.” Astrid smiled. “I don’t want you to ever stop doing what your heart tells you, just like you did before. I want you to be happy.”


And here she was after having done what her heart told her. Admitting that she wanted Roshan. What would this lead to?


If Klara had met Roshan before getting her heart broken she probably wouldn’t have cared if he was a demon or if her brother opposed to their relationship. She would have followed her heart and told him straight that she liked. Just like she did with Lucian.


But now, after knowing the pain of not being able to be with the person you love, she became less fearless. Now she feared for her heart, which was beating erratically inside her chest while she waited for Roshan.




Klara looked outside the window. The sun had set completely and the sky turned black. Klara had lied to her handmaidens that he was going to sleep and didn’t want to be disturbed. Once she was alone she had dressed nicely, combed her hair and painted her lips all while her stomach fluttered with nervousness. Lastly, she put scented oils and perfume onto her skin before blowing a few candles off and waiting anxiously in her dimly lighted room.


While waiting Klara questioned her insanity a million times. Even if she went back to being fearless, she shouldn’t be so fearless to invite a demon into her chamber at night. What had she planned to do with him? Just what had she done?!


But as soon as she remembered his touch, his kiss and especially his words her fear turned into yearning. She already longed to be in his arms. Even if it was forbidden for a maiden like her.



After a whiles wait, she grabbed a book to kill some time. Laying down on her bed she began to read, but soon she was getting tired and Roshan hadn’t shown up yet. Did he forget about her? Or was he making her wait on purpose?


If he didn’t come tonight she would never meet him again. She didn’t want someone who gambled with her feelings.


Annoyed and frustrated Klara went back to reading her book. For awhile she did her best to not fall asleep but gave up eventually and decided to take a nap. Adjusting her pillow she rested her head on it before closing her eyes. Right before she fell into a deep slumber she felt cold fingers caress her cheek.




The sleepiness she felt vanished in the blink of an eye and all she wanted was to open her eyes, jump up and hug him. But she quickly reminded herself that he had made her wait.


“I am sorry I made you wait.” He whispered.


Klara ignored him and kept her eyes shut.


“You can add it to my punishment.” He whispered again.


Klara kept ignoring him. If he wanted to be punished then this would be his punishment. After a short silence, Klara felt the edge of her mattress sink. Her heart skipped a beat. He was climbing into her bed and crawling under her sheets. She wanted to turn around and scold him but he snuggled against her back and wrapped his arm around her waist, locking her in place.


Klara stiffened. She never let a man into her bedroom let alone her bed and now this man was holding her comfortable as if she belonged to him.


“Don’t you want to belong to me?” He asked his hot breath tickling her neck.


Klara could feel his hard chest pressed against her back. His fresh scent and the warmth of his embrace made her lose track of her thoughts.





She bit her lips. She could not resist every time he called her name.


“I want to make you mine.” He buried his face in her blonde locks and inhaled her scent. “You don’t know how long I have suppressed the need to touch you, to kiss you and hold you. I want you, Klara.” His lips moved across her ear.


Klara’s breath hitch, her brain stopped functioning and her body reacted in ways that frightened yet excited her.


Roshan’s fingers brushed the hair away from her neck and then ever so lightly he pressed his lips onto her skin. The heat from his lips made her skin tingle with carnal awareness as he slowly kissed his way up to her jaw.


Klara should have pushed him away or at least left the bed, but instead, she turned to him, her body drawn to his involuntarily. She took a moment to look at him and again she was fascinated by his beauty. The dim light in the room made his skin look golden and his l.u.s.trous black hair shine. Her eyes traveled to his, those hazel eyes and feminine lashes always had her trapped.


Roshan propped up on an elbow and studied her in turn. “You still haven’t said a word.” He noted.


“I don’t think I have to. You already know what I am thinking,” She stated simply.


“Still. We don’t always choose to say what we think. I want to know what you choose to say.”


“I choose to say that I hate that you know what I am thinking.”


He chuckled. “Well, I can do nothing about it, princess.”


“Don’t call me that.” She muttered.


“Ah, you like when I say your name.” He smiled knowingly.



Klara’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment. She tried to get up but he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down again.


“Do you really want to get punished?” She threatened.


“Why do I get aroused by your threats?”


Aroused? How could he use such a word?


Roshan chuckled. “Than what should I say?”


“You are shameless.”She said trying to get away from his hold but he still held her down.


Roshan leaned over her with a serious expression. “Would you rather I say I feel nothing while having your body next to mine? You don’t know how much self-control it’s taking me to just lay next to you and do nothing.”


Klara inhaled sharply through her mouth. This man did things to her body just by speaking.


“Should I keep quiet then?”


“No! I mean…yes.” She frowned at her own confusion.


Roshan grinned revealing his perfect white teeth. Klara took notice of his unusual long canines. They seemed longer than before, looking almost like fangs. She had never seen someone with such teeth before. Was it because he was a demon?


“Yes.” He replied to her unspoken question.


“But they weren’t this long the last time.”


“Usually they are just slightly long but they elongate when we are angry, sad, frustrated or aroused.” He grinned at the last word.


“Why?” She breathed.


“You might get scared if I tell you.” He warned.


“Tell me.” She urged her heart beating fast.


He studied her for a short while. “To bite.”


Bite? “Like a vampire?” She whispered.


He chuckled. “Vampires don’t exist and we don’t bite for blood.”


“Then what?” She was suddenly very curious. If she was going to be with him she needed to know everything about demons.




Wait! Did she just consider the option of being with him?




“We bite to mark our mate. The mark creates a special bond between the partners and makes you connect on a deeper level. It allows you to somehow feel each other’s emotions if they are strong enough.”


Mark? Mate?


“What do you mean?” Klara asked dumbfounded.


Mate? like in soulmate? If he found his soulmate was he going to bite her? Does it hurt?


“Well, you can call it soulmate. And yes, I would bite her but only if she wants to and they all want to eventually.”


Now Klara had to push his arm away and sit up. She needed to think for a moment. A demon biting her. Why was she not scared? She tried to come up with different reasons to be frightened and despite coming up with a hundred reasons she was still not scared.



Roshan sat up as well and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “I wish you would belong to me forever but I won’t bite you unless you want me to.”


“Would you have me forever?”


That had been her biggest concern. That Roshan wasn’t serious about her. That even if she came over her fear of being with him, maybe he wouldn’t want her the same.


“If you let me, I would have you even after.”


“How can I trust your words?” She asked.


“If you let me I would be willing to bite you. The mark will bond us forever.”




Did that mean that he wanted to marry her? But wait! Could humans and demons even get married? Was it possible to be with each other physically? Or did demons function differently? And could…


“Relax.” Roshan chuckled. “It’s very much possible for humans and demons to be together in every way. Just the way your friend Hazel is able to be with Lucian.”




Klara’s mind went blank for a while and then it hit her. The rumors surrounding Lucian, the way she had felt when she had met him for the first time, his dark frightening aura, his fighting skills, and his strange eyes. It all made sense now. He was a demon. And he was married to Hazel. A human.


So… it was possible.


But Did Hazel know?


Of course, she had to know.



But what about children? Klara wanted to have children. Could demons and humans reproduce?


Roshan suddenly pushed her back down on the bed holding her in place with his upper body. “Klara. Are you really thinking that far ahead now?”


Klara cursed inwardly with embarrassment.


“It pleases me.” He added.


She glanced up at him surprised. “Roshan?”




“Why do you want me?”


She had never been kind to him or done anything for him. Why was he willing to be with her? It could not be because of her beauty. A man like him could get any woman he wanted so why her?


On the other hand, he had taken care of her. He had helped her escape and let her stay in his home without asking for anything in return. He had helped her visit her sister and once she wanted to go back home he had taken her back.


What she liked the most about him was that even though he called her princess he never treated her like one. That could be why she felt more free with him than other men who expected her to act according to her title. Roshan made her feel alive again, he challenged her, he angered her, irritated her yet made her heart flutter.


Did she make his heart flutter?


Without a word, Roshan took her hand and placed it on his chest. Klara could feel his heart hammering against his ribcage but then he leaned down and claimed her mouth with his. The kiss came as a surprise and Klara felt his heart race under her palm in rhythm with her own.



Roshan kissed her tenderly, his lips moving over hers slowly as if he didn’t want to frighten her. Then he pulled away and studied her carefully. Klara’s cheeks flushed under his scrutiny and her breath came out in shallow pants. How could a kiss leave her breathless?


“That’s how much you affect me.” He said.


Now she understood why he placed her hand on his chest and kissed her. His heart was beating as fast as hers.


“I have been unable to sleep since I kissed you.” He began.


Me too, she thought.


“You are curious as to why I want you? Why wouldn’t I? You are beautiful, kind, smart, strong and stubborn of course.”


Klara smiled at him. She was indeed stubborn but how could he say that she was kind? She had been everything but kind to him.


“Kindness is not just about being friendly, or helpful or charitable. Anyone can be those things. Kindness is mostly about being courageous because it takes courage to be kind when it’s the hardest thing to be.”


Roshan knew that Klara had saved Hazel. The woman who happened to be the wife of her first love. She even befriended her which really fascinated him. That someone of her status was willing to become a second wife also said a lot about her personality. She didn’t care about those things. She was someone who followed her heart.

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Fortunately for him, Lucian was a demon and he had already found his mate, otherwise a man in his position would be willing to marry as many women as possible. Especially beauties with high status.


“You think I am courageous?” She asked her bright blue eyes looking at with curiosity.



He never thought he would find a blonde, blue-eyed, pale-skinned woman beautiful but he did. Her blue eyes made him think of clear summer skies and her golden locks of warm sun rays. Her pale skin made obvious whenever she blushed and those rosy cheeks made him weak. He imagined himself kissing every inch of her pale skin until her whole body flushed.


Roshan clenched his jaw and discarded the thought quickly.


“Yes, you are.” He smiled at her.


She gave him a satisfied look and then snuggled against him with a smile.


“Will you stay here till I fall asleep?” She whispered.


“Of course.”


But soon he was regretting his words. Having her warm, luscious body against his the whole night without doing nothing was pure torture. He would make sure to make her pay for this.


“You are going to have many sleepless nights with me, princess.” He whispered.




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