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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 44


Roshan did his best to give Klara some space and make her realize that she indeed liked him as much as he did. But as he watched her get closer to Noah, he could not control his demon who briskly turned green from jealousy. He never had problems keeping his demon at bay before but now the dark existence withing him howled like a starving wolf.


Today, as he watched her walk around the garden with Noah, he felt queer possessiveness take over him. How dare that man look at his woman? How dare he speak to her? How dare he touch her?


Miffed at his own reaction he turned away for a moment to calm himself down.


Calm himself down?!


He was flabbergasted by the fact that he needed to collect himself. He, who had always been calm and composed, how did he turn into this fretful and covetous beast. Was this all because of a woman?


No! Deep down Roshan knew she wasn’t just a woman. She was the woman. The one. His mate. He should claim her and not waste time. But he couldn’t just throw her over his shoulder and abduct her. Well, he could but that was not his style.




When he turned back around he found Noah making and attempt to kiss Klara. Panic hit him so hard that for a short moment he imagined throwing himself at Noah and separating his head from his body but something stopped him from turning his imagination into reality. It was Klara’s thoughts. She was going to let



Noah kiss her because she wanted to know if it would feel like the kiss they had on the rooftop.


The hell with that. He was not going to let that happen. Just when he was about to interrupt their kiss his limbs froze in place, and just then their lips locked. His demon shrieked in pain at the sight. He was for sure going to spill some blood today and it was going to be either Noah’s or Enoch’s.


“Don’t you want her to figure out her real feelings?” Enoch asked appearing next to him.


Roshan wanted to curse but he couldn’t since he was frozen. This was one of Enoch’s unique powers and Roshan still didn’t know how to undo it.


“If you don’t let him kiss her, she will never know the difference. She will always think that kissing anyone will feel the same since she has no experience.”


Enoch’s words made sense and Roshan would think the same if he hadn’t been so possessive of her but he knew that his friend was doing this mainly to annoy him.


Klara put her hands on Noah’s chest and pushed him away lightly.




“I don’t think she liked it,” Enoch said shaking his head. “At least now you know and she knows.”




Roshan had a strong urge to cut his friend’s tongue and feed it to him just to silence him. Later, he thought. He would to it later, but then he wouldn’t just cut his tongue.


“You can thank me later.” Enoch winked before releasing him and disappearing.


Roshan let out a breath of frustration once he could move again. He was enraged but he would deal with Enoch later. Now, where was Klara?





Klara hurried to her room bothered and fl.u.s.tered by her own actions. How could she let Noah kiss her just to compare it to Roshan’s kiss? Just how?! Roshan was making her do all kinds of unusual things. She should stop now before making anymore mistakes. Noah didn’t deserve this. When they meet again she was going to end things before getting too involved. But if not Noah then who? Her brother was waiting eagerly for her to choose a suiter.


Astrid had already found someone and she was now engaged. Klara was happy for her sister but this put a lot of pressure on her.


She sat down on her bed with a sigh of frustration. What was she supposed to do now?


“Klara!” Suddenly Roshan was in her room. There was a look of dissatisfaction on his face and his voice sounded rather harsh whilst calling her name.


Klara stood up slowly unsure of her feelings at the moment. She was happy yet anxious that he came to find her. Happy because she had missed him and anxious because she shouldn’t have missed him.


Why him?! Noah was also good looking, smart and unlike Roshan, he had good manners. Yet she felt nothing when he kissed her. Why-why-why?! She had wanted to feel something so badly. She wanted to get over Roshan so badly. The last thing she needed was to like someone whom she couldn’t be with and get heartbroken again.


“What are you doing here?” She asked.


He clenched his jaw and his eyes pierced into hers. “Remember I told you I might not be able to stop myself every time?”


Klara nodded holding her breath.


“I might take you with me today.” He said clenching his hands into fists.



She shook her head in denial. Again she wasn’t speaking as if she had lost her voice. Why did this happen to her everytime Roshan was present?




Roshan slowly took a step forward eyeing her like a predator would eye its prey. Klara felt the dark aura around him and it made her want to run yet she couldn’t move her limbs. At that moment she knew he was inside her head making her unable to move.




“Roshan…” She began carefully thinking of how to make him stop. “You said you wouldn’t let anyone hurt me. You said you don’t want to do this.”


“Sometimes we do things we don’t want to. Just like the things you have been doing lately.”


He knew what she has been doing?! How could he invade her privacy like that?


What did she even like about this rude man?


A muscle ticked in Roshan’s jaw as if he knew what she was thinking.




He knew!


“You!” She raised her voice feeling betrayed. “First leave my head and then I will teach you a lesson.” She threatened.


Roshan who had been so tense and serious suddenly chuckled darkly.


“I would love for you to teach me anything.” He smirked. Then he grabbed her wrist and drew her into his arms and just like that they arrived somewhere in the woods.


Klara pushed him away as soon as they arrived. “Take me back n…”



Before she could finish her sentence Roshan threw something at her and she catched it in the air instinctively.


It was a sword.


“You wanted to teach me a lesson.” He shrugged casually.


Klara knew she could never win yet she drew her sword. This man had invaded her privacy in a way she could never imagine. He deserved a beating.


“Where is your weapon? I don’t fight unarmed men.”


Roshan pulled two daggers from each side of his h.i.p.s and flipped them swiftly between his fingers. “Don’t go easy on me princess.”


“I don’t plan to.” She said and then without warning or hesitation she swung her sword at him but unfortunately, she missed.


She swung again, and again, and again but missed every time until she was tired and out of breath. Roshan, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the whole situation and not even one hair on his head was out of place.


“I hate you!” She yelled swinging her sword one last time but this time she felt it cut through something.


Confused, she looked at the sword. There was blood on it. Looking up she found blood seeping down Roshan’s arm.


Shocked she dropped the weapon and rushed to his side. “Oh lord. You’re bleeding.”


She placed her hand on the wound not knowing what else to do.


“I am alright.” He said placing his hand on top of hers.


“Why did you let me strike you?”



“You said you hated me. I would let you strike me a million times if it would make you hate me less.”


Klara looked up at him, taken aback by his words. How could he make her heart melt so easily? Confused, she looked away from his dreamy eyes.


“You are crazy.” She said.


“I guess I am. Crazy about you.”


Klara could feel more blood seep from his wound and through her fingers, yet all she could do was stare into his hazel eyes. She was caught. Caught under his spell and she could not escape. That’s if she even wanted to.


“Klara,” He stepped closer to her and she held her breath overwhelmed by his closeness. “I don’t think I can stay away from you anymore.”


Then don’t, she wanted to say but she didn’t have to since he could hear her. Her cheeks flushed and she looked down quickly. All this time he had been able to hear what she had been thinking. She felt betrayed again.


God! She was so confused. What was she supposed to do with this man?


“Do whatever you want. If you want to punish me then do it, and if you want to have me then I am all yours.” He said.


She wanted to do both. Roshan’s lips curved into smile and Klara shrieked knowing he could hear her. Now her cheeks burned painfully.


Roshan placed his hand on her cheek, his cold skin cooling her burning face. “Feeling better?”


Embarrassed Klara slapped his hand away with her bloody one which reminded her that he had been bleeding.


“Your wound.”



“It has already healed.” He assured her rolling up his sleeve and showing her clear skin without even a tiny scar. Klara stared astonished at his arm where there had just been a deep wound but she didn’t bother to ask how. If there were demons and one was standing right in front of her, anything was possible.


“You made me worry for nothing.” She snorted.


Roshan chuckled amused. The sound of his laugh always made her feel a certain way.


“Take me back home now.” She ordered crossing her arms over her chest.


“As you wish, My Lady. But then you will have to hug me.” He opened his arms finding pleasure in the situation he put her in.


Rolling her eyes Klara made her way into his arms. “Stop enjoying this and make it quick.”


“How can I not enjoy it?” He said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer.


As soon as they arrived she would kick him where the sun never shines.


“I can hear you.” He reminded before teleporting them back into her room.


As usual, Klara pushed him away as soon as they arrived but this time he didn’t let himself get pushed away. Instead, he held her tightly.


“What are you doing?” She used her authoritative voice but that didn’t scare him.


“Klara.” She cursed inwardly hating how her body responded to the sound of her name on his tongue. “You still haven’t told me. Do you want to punish me or have me?”


“How about both?” She blurted.


God! Did that slip out of her mouth?



“Sounds good to me.” He said simply.


“I…I…” Why was she stuttering?


She was Klara, a confident princess, a strong woman, a smart general, and a respected warrior. Why was she acting like a little girl around this man?


“I’ll be waiting for you then.”





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