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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 31


Half demon half witch, that’s what he was according to Roshan. But his father was neither witch nor demon, then maybe…he wasn’t his father at all.


Then who was?


The devil?


What if the rumors about him were true after all? It could be possible. If demons existed and he was one then everything else could be possible as well.


“You said different kind of demons, what did you mean?”


“Different rank. Demons are either created, turned or born. Those created are the first demons and highest in rank. Those demons offsprings are the born ones and next in rank and the turned ones are lowest in rank. There are other ranks in between but it’s a long story.” He explained.


“I want to know.” Lucian said.


Roshan sighed. “Alright, very short. If you are born your rank depends on if both your parents are created, only one of them, or none. If both are created then you are in a higher rank. If you are turned, your rank depends on who turned you. The more powerful the demon who turned you is the higher rank you are.”


“Which rank are you?”


“I am a born demon and both my parents are created.”


He was very high in rank. Lucian could actually feel the power that emanated from him.


“And the devil?”


Roshan came to a halt. “What about him?”


“Does he exist?”


“He does indeed.”


“Do you know him?”


Roshan paused for a moment then spoke. “Yes.”


“I want to meet him.”


Irene, Klara and I were back home after helping all the soldiers and providing them with food. The moment I saw them, looking like they did, I really wanted Lucian to punish his brother in the worst way. He didn’t deserve mercy after all the inhuman things he did to all of them.


“Don’t be sad. Think positively. At least they are alive.” Irene said trying to cheer me up.


“Irene, I really want to punish him.” I said unable to control my anger.




“Don’t worry. He will get what he deserves. I’ll make sure of it now that the curse is broken.”


Right. I almost forgot about the curse.


“How did it break?” I asked.


“I am not sure. I had always been able to watch Lucian with the help of some magic but one day I just couldn’t see him. I instantly knew something was wrong and just then Lothaire appeared and I could see it on his face. I could see that the thing I dreaded the most had happened. My son had died.”


“But he is alive.” I said.


Irene nodded. “He died but he came back to life and when he did he changed. That’s why I couldn’t watch him anymore and that’s why I truly believed that he was dead.”


“Can demons come back to life?”


“Actually they cannot, but they are very difficult to kill. I guess its because he is a demon and a witch. He has the entity of both which means, when one dies the other one saves.” She explained.


“How do you know this?”


“I am only guessing. It happened to me after all. I died and came back. It’s a long story.” She said when she saw the confused look on my face.


“Irene? Lothaire told me the curse would kill you if you tried to save Lucian…”




“You think I value my life more than my sons happiness and safety?” She cut me off looking hurt.



“I didn’t mean…”


“Yes you did. I know what you think before you even think it.”


“Alright, I did. Lucian suffered so much and I just don’t understand that you as his mother did nothing because you could die.” Now I was mad.


“Yes I could die if I helped him but that’s not why I didn’t. It’s because he could die. My mother knew that if only for a moment I could hold my son I would not regretting dying. Therefore she made the curse a bit more complex. If I ever met Lucian he would die and that was my punishment and if Lothaire ever met Lucian I would die and that was Lothaires punishment. I had several times forced Lothaire to help Lucian but he refused because…” She had a hard time finishing her sentence because she had been crying while speaking.


“Because you almost died. He told me. I am sorry Irene. I shouldn’t have said something I knew nothing about.”


“Do you know what it feels like to…to have your baby taken away from you right after you give birth to him? Do you know what it feels like to see him grow alone, to see him hungry and not be able to feed him, to see him cry and not be able to hug him, to see him get hurt and not…and not be able to protect him. I am sure you don’t. There is no worse torture than that.” Her tears ran down her face like rivers. “I’ll pay back all those who hurt him. I will.”


I felt so guilty for hurting her like this. “I am sorry.”


“Don’t be. You are not the one to be sorry. The ones who hurt him on the other hand will be very sorry.” She stood up and wiped her tears away. “I have something to show you, follow me.”


I followed her silently and she took me to what seemed like a bas.e.m.e.nt. It was dark but with the snap of her finger the room lit up. Somewhere in the back of the bas.e.m.e.nt a man was chained to the walls, his body covered with bruises and burn marks. His head hung as if he didn’t have the strength to hold it up.



“Do you know him?” Irene asked grabbing his hair and turning his head up so that I could see his face.


It was Luke. The one who betrayed us. He opened his eyes trying to look and when he saw me his eyes widened.


“Yo..your highness. Pp…please save me. I…I..” He could barely talk and seemed to be hurting a lot. “I didn’t mean to betray you. Please your highness, I’ll do whatever you want.” He begged.




Irene looked at me as if letting me decided what I wanted to do with him. “It’s too late to do something now.” I said remembering what happened to Lucian in that dark well. I could just not forgive him.




“I guess no one will save you.” Irene said letting go of his head. “Come Hazel.”


“Please your highness. Save me.” He yelled as Irene and I left him behind in the cold and dark bas.e.m.e.nt.


“Don’t worry. You won’t be alone. I’ll make sure to send the devil.” Irene called before closing the door.


After we took a few steps I heard the most agonizing scream.


“He is getting what he deserves.” Irene said simply. “I would have brought Pierre here but I am sure Lucian wants to punish his brother himself. I didn’t want to take that away from him.”


I nodded understanding what she meant. We stopped in front of the guest room where I sleep. It was late but I wasn’t sleepy at all.


“Should I serve you my special tea then?” She asked.



Suddenly it hit me. Irene, my maid at first, then my friend and now my mother in law and I was still speaking casually with her and even letting her serve me tea. Oh no.


Irene smiled. “It’s alright my dear. I like that we speak casually and remain friends. I hope you don’t start treating me differently.”


How could it be alright? I even talked to her about my problems with Lucian and she teached me how to…seduce him. Good lord. How embarrassing.


Now Irene laughed. “You worry too much. I am not only your husband’s mother I am your friend as well.”


I felt my cheeks burn. It would take a while to get used to the idea that my mother in law was my friend as well.


“Go inside I’ll bring some tea.” She said opening the door and giving me a slight push before leaving.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I walked inside and found a nightgown on my bed. Irene had everything ready for me as always. I slid into the gown and began to untangle my braided hair when Irene came back. As always her tea smelled wonderful as she put the tray on the table.


“Let me help you.” She said grabbing a brush from the dresser then standing behind me.


“It’s alright. I can do it myself.”


“It’s not the first time I am brushing your hair besides I like doing it so don’t worry.” She smiled. “When I was pregnant even though everyone expected me to give birth to a boy I wanted a girl. I just loved the idea of dressing her up, brushing her hair, talking to her about female things but most of all I wanted to teach her everything. I wanted to make her a strong and wise woman who could be a role model for other women. I wanted to teach her that women could do as much if they are given the opportunity.”


“If you had a dotter, I am sure she feel very lucky.”


I would. My mother barely taught me anything. All she did was scold me when she thought I did something unlady like.


“What happened when you found out it was a boy?” I asked.


“To be honest, the last days of my pregnancy I was in a lot of trouble. My mother and the coven had found out that I was pregnant with the devils child so they were planning to kill him as soon as he was born but after begging my mother she decided to put a curse instead. At that moment I was just happy that my child was safe.”


“So they didn’t know from the beginning?”


“No. They thought he was the kings child.”


Right. She was married to the king, then how did she meet Lothaire?


“It’s a long story.” She said.


“I would love if you told me the whole story. I am curious.”


“It will be a long night.”


“I am not tired.” I said.


“Alright then.” She put the brush down then took me hand. “Come.”


She made us sit on the bed then took both my hands in hers. “How about I show you instead?”


“You could?” I asked surprised.


She nodded.


“Yes I want to see.” I said eager.



“Then close your eyes.”







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