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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 24


I could not make a sound? Good lord!


Why did the thought of it arouse a fluttering feeling to my stomach?


Lucian drew his lips from mine and looked at me worriedly.


“Are you sure you want this?” He asked. “If you don’t want to I’m not going to force you.”


I was confused. Had I done something to make him believe I didn’t want to? I thought I sounded desperate.


“You are trembling and you seem stressed.” He explained.




“Oh…” Yes I was stressed, stressed to have him. It was like I couldn’t wait. “I am trembling in need Lucian. I need you.” I assured him not the least embarrassed.




Lucian’s eyes darkened and he took my mouth with his in a wild kiss. His hands roamed the sides of my body, down my back, over my bottom and then grabbing my thighs he lifted me up. Taking the hint I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried toward the bed without taking his lips away from mine. There he lay me down gently and pulled away.


A sigh of frustration escaped my lips at the absence of his closeness. He looked down at me where I lay between his legs, his eyes studying me with curiosity. I could still not believe my eyes everytime I saw at him. I had always thought he looked to good to be true but now looking at him he took my breath away. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly changed about his appearance, he just seemed overall different.


Slowly he hovered over me, using one arm to support his weight while the other hand went to graze my thigh. He leaned in and placed soft quick kisses on my lips teasingly until I couldn’t control myself anymore. Reaching up, I grasped his hair



and brought his face closer to mine, seeking his mouth, wanting more of the sweet taste of his lips.


His lips curved into a smile at my desperation before he gave in and kissed me in the same desperate need that I was feeling. His lips moved with greed, nipping and sucking, making me shudder with want. My hands reached for him feeling his body, clutching at the muscles on his arms and back. The feel of his bare skin made me wish that I was n.a.k.e.d, I wanted feel his skin moving against mine.


Lucians kisses moved down my jaw trailing his tongue over my earlobe. A sigh escaped my lips and my body shuddered involuntarily.


“You like that?” He murmured in my ear.


I shivered again and nodded.


“What about this?” He asked and kissed right under my ear. That was my weak spot. How did he know? Did he remember?


But the thoughts fled my head as quickly as heat spread through my body. My breath came out in shallow pants as he continued to torture me with his tongue. I tilted my head back and arched against him while feeling his hand trailing down my chest and then swiftly removing the towel from my body.


Cold air hit my skin before Lucians warm body pressed against mine. I bit my lip and fought hard not to make a sound at the feel of his bare skin against mine.




Lucian’s body tensed for a moment before he drew back. I opened my eyes quickly afraid that he had changed his mind and decided to leave but we locked eyes all I saw was a burning hunger. Yes, his eyes seemed to burn, literally. The flames in them seemed wild, as if they wanted to consume me.


My heart began to race as his gaze swept over my body. His jaw tensed and the flames in his eyes seemed to burn hotter. This time I didn’t feel shy at all under his gaze, I just wish he would touch me while watching me.



As if reading my thoughts he ran two fingers down the path between my b.r.e.a.s.t, following the movement with his gaze. I shut my eyes feeling heady with desire. I had promised to not make a sound but I was screaming inside as his fingers continued down my stomach but stopped just right above my pelvic before traveling up again.


I thought I was losing my mind before he ran his fingers around each one of my b.r.e.a.s.ts excruciatingly slow. I whimpered in need of his touch.


“Shhh…” He said leaning down and brushing his lips lightly against mine. “I haven’t started yet.”


Then he cupped my b.r.e.a.s.t in his palm, massaging it’s fullness and then squeezing it lightly while covering my mouth with his, muffling the sound that was about to escape my lips. I writhed beneath him, freeing my legs and then wrapped them around his waist, wanting to feel him closer but his pants were in the way.


My hands searched for the buttons on his pants but before I could do anything he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down.


“Not yet, or I might lose my mind.” The hunger in his voice sent a shiver down my spine, but I was glad I wasn’t the only going mad.


Releasing my wrists he moved his hand to my other b.r.e.a.s.t, brushing a tight peak before capturing it and rolling it between his finger and thumb.


“Oh.” I sighed unable to stop myself as jolts of pleasure shot through my body and settled between my legs.


“What did you promise me?” He asked lowering his head slowly while looking me in the eyes. I felt his hot breath between my b.r.e.a.s.ts and I knew what was about to come. My stomach quivered in anticipation as his fingers grazed the sides of my body before digging into my h.i.p.s.


“What did you promise Hazel?” He repeated.



“To not make I sound.” I breathed even though I wasn’t sure I could keep my promise.


“And if you make a sound?” He continued, his hand reaching my inner thighs. He didn’t even start I was close to breaking my promise. “What should I do with you?” He asked. “Tell me.”


“I…I don’t know.” I couldn’t think straight.


“Should I stop touching you?” His hand slowly moved up my inner thigh.


“No, please.” I thought I was going to die if he stopped touching me.


“Then keep your promise.”


I nodded and he grinned devilishly.


“Good.” He breathed against my skin before trailing his tongue up the path between my b.r.e.a.s.ts and around them teasingly. I squirmed uncontrollably but Lucian’s arms came around my back to hold me in place.


This time he captured a peak with his mouth and sucked on it lightly. My body jerked as I became delirious with l.u.s.t. The annoying ache that settled between my legs intensified.




“More” I whispered but it almost came out as a cry.


Oh, did I break my promise? Would he stop touching me? No, please.


Lucian didn’t stop. He worked one b.r.e.a.s.t with his mouth and the other with his fingers. This time I got completely lost in his sweet torture. My body was not mine anymore, it was acting on its own accord, writhing and rubbing against him to ease the aching between my thighs.


Lucian hissed and drew back. “God, what are you doing to me?”



I took the chance to catch my breath but as he began to undress completely my breath caught in my throat. My gaze traveled down his perfectly sculpted body, before settling on the hardness between his legs. I hadn’t felt embarrassed this whole time but this time I felt my cheeks burn.


Lucian chuckled at my reaction and leaned down to kiss me. This time I kissed him back fiercely touching every part of his body without shame before taking his hardness into my hand. He made an animalistic sound deep in his throat and his muscles tensed.


“You are going to be the death of me.” He said and I couldn’t help but smile inwardly, proud of myself for making him feel that way.


He took my hand away, “I want it to last.” He explained before moving his lips down my body. He kissed my stomach, swirling his tongue around my belly before moving down my h.i.p.s. I didn’t realize that my h.i.p.s were sensitive as well. I found myself curling my toes and the aching between my legs became unbearable.


“Lucian.” I gasped, grasping his hair.


“I know.” He cut off and then moved up capturing my lips with his. I returned the kiss with the same intensity, wrapping both my arms and legs around him. I could feel his hardness press against my pelvic and I couldn’t help but thrust my h.i.p.s against him.


Lucian growled against my lips. Taking my hands he pinned them above my head with one hand while the other slowly slid between my thighs touching me where I needed to be touched the most. I cried into his mouth at the intense sensation that went through my body.

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God, I begged everytime. I just couldn’t stop.


“Please, what?” He said lower his head to my b.r.e.a.s.ts again. My mind went blank as I felt his hot breath on my skin then ever so slowly he flicked his tongue



over a peak before taking it into his mouth all while still touching the wetness between my legs.


This time I couldn’t help the m.o.a.n that escaped my throat. I was far too gone to think about keeping my promise. Touching two of the most sensitive parts of my body at the same time was to much to handle and soon I was making a lot of noise.


Begging, panting, squirming until his fingers were inside of me.


I cried out, digging my fingers into his back while arching up against him. His fingers slid in and out pushing me to madness, making every muscle in my body tense. Just when I thought I was going to explode he took his fingers aways. I cried out again, this time in frustration.


Why did he stop? I opened my eyes and saw a confused look on his face.


“Is something wrong?” I asked breathless.


His gaze moved to my neck searching and then his eyes widened with realization.


“We did this before? And…and I bit you?”


As he spoke I realized his teeth had grown again, now looking like fangs.


He seemed disgusted and confused.


I catched my breath and then sat up. I took his face in my hands and gazed into his eyes. ” You are different Lucian and I always liked you that way. You will slowly and eventually remember everything until then I will be here for you.” I smiled.


“You are not scared?”


I shook my head. “You would never hurt me and you know it deep down. You might not remember me but you feel me the way I felt you even though your were disguised as someone else.”


“Are you really my wife?”



The way he asked pained me. He sounded desperate for answers. I could only imagine losing my memories and feeling utterly lost.


“Until you remember I will be whatever you want me to be.”




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