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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 20




Roshan had just come out of the tub and was still n.a.k.e.d when Lucifer appeared out of nowhere.


“And you could not wait until I got dressed.” He said grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist.


Lucifer seemed stressed and maybe even…scared. Roshan had never seen him like this before. He was walking back and forth and then abruptly he stopped.


“Lucian is alive.” He breathed.


Roshan paused. “Alive? How? I can still not sense him.”


“I don’t know how he does it but he better keep doing it now that the curse is broken, or else…” Lucifer clenched his fists.




Or else the demons would try to kill him now that the curse was not protecting him anymore. The curse didn’t only keep Irene and Lucifer from meeting their son but every other demon as well, and since Lucian was half witch he was basically an enemy.




Witches and demons never mixed well and while witches protected their kind no matter what demons never took risks, even with their own kind. Anyone who could be a threat needed to be wiped away and quickly, especially if they had anything to do with witches.


“Roshan, as soon as you sense Lucian I want you to summon everyone and if anyone shows a rebellious behavior get rid of them.”


Roshan nodded. He could sense Lucifers uneasiness.


Once Lucifer wanted to kill his own son, not because he hated him but because he knew he would suffer a lot and wanted to save him from that. He knew that being the son of the devil and a witch would never allow him to live a normal peaceful life and that both witches and demons would try to eliminate him. But while hesitating to kill his own son Irene’s mother was able to put a curse preventing any demon to come near Lucian.


Roshan wasn’t sure if Lucifer was happy to see his son alive or if he regretted hesitating, causing his son to live in loneliness and torture while he himself was unable to do anything.




“Have you told Irene yet?” Roshan asked.


“Yes, but I shouldn’t have.”


Irene had probably not been able to keep herself from seeing her son which probably added to his confusion.


“Maybe you want to tell your human friend that he is alive.” Lucifer noted before leaving.


Human friend? Klara was anything but a friend.


Since she found out about Lucians death she had been in a bad state. Sometimes she would deny his death and say that she was going to find him and sometimes she would not leave her room and would just cry for the whole day.


There were some other days that she would not cry but then she wouldn’t leave her room either, or eat or drink. She really made him confused and sometimes he wondered why he even brought her here and caused all this trouble for himself.





Today he found her laying on the bed being very quiet.



“Good morning.”


She still lay unmoving on the bed. “Don’t you know how to knock?” She asked in a flat tone.


He did knock but she never seemed to hear his knocking.


“Or maybe you lost your hearing.” He stated.


She sat up hastily and glared at him with annoyance.


“You could knock louder. It’s not of good behavior to enter a lady’s room without permission.”


Good behavior? And him? Roshan fought the urge to laugh. He was actually at his best behavior right now or else she would have found herself in his bed. N.a.k.e.d.


“Princess, you are in no position to teach me good behavior. You have been in my home for almost a week, eating and drinking for free without contributing with anything.”


Her face turned red with embarrassment and she looked down at her hands.


“I…I..” Roshan knew she wanted to apologize but she was too stubborn. “What do you want me to do?” She asked raising her chin again.


“How about taking a bath, changing and combing your hair first?” She looked like a mess.


Her cheeks flushed again. “I will if you leave.”




Klara looked herself in the mirror. She had never looked like this before, she looked like the homeless people she sometimes saw on the streets. What happened



to her? What happened to the strong woman she was? Was she just going to believe what people told her or was she going to find out the truth herself?


She better find out herself before grieving someone who was probably not even dead. Lucian could not be dead.




Deciding that she was going to leave this place today to go and find Lucian she went to the bathroom. Klara was surprised to find that someone had already prepared a bath. It was probably Roshan she thought.


Why was he taking care of her so much?


He had let her stay, given her food and clothes without asking for anything in return. Still, she didn’t trust him. He had that look in his eyes that told her he wanted something but she wasn’t sure what it was.


Klara got into the hot water and cleaned herself then she slid into a new dress that Roshan had prepared for her as well before walking out and in to her room. There she dried her hair with a towel while wondering where she could find a comb. She didn’t want to risk leaving the room and getting almost killed again.


While contemplating on what to do someone knocked on the door and soon Roshan walked inside.


He had a comb in his hand. This man was something else, Klara thought to herself.


She had to be careful.


“You hair is a mess.” He said handing her the comb.


Klara took the comb, ignoring him she went to the mirror and started to comb her hair. It was more difficult than she had thought. It was all tangled up.


“You seem to need help.” He pointed



“I am fine.” She said but before she was done with the sentence he already stood behind her staring at her through the mirror. Klaras heart jumper to her throat but she swallowed it.


“I could still help.” He said in a low voice leaning right next to her ear.


Klara froze in place as he reached for the comb in her hand, which she just let slide through her fingers. Then he slowly began to comb her hair. Why was she not protesting?


As he combed her hair his fingertips would sometimes touch her neck and she would feel heat creep into her skin. His closeness made her imagine things she normally wouldn’t, like taking a step back and letting him wrap his arms around her, or leaning her head back onto his shoulder and letting him kiss her neck. She wondered what it would feel like, to let a man have her, to let him kiss her and caress her. Her body shivered in sudden want. If she didn’t distance herself from this man she would end up doing something she would regret.




Taking a few steps away from him she turned around. “I think it fine now. Thank you.”


Roshan smiled and something about his smile told her he knew the effect he had on her.


“Why do you do this?” She asked crossing her arms over her chest.


“Do what?” He said innocently.


“Helping me. What do you want in return?”


A mischievous smile crept to his face. “You know what I want.” He said in a way that made her heart skip a beat.


“No, I don’t know.” She said trying not to sound nervous.



“You know, you just want me to say it out loud.” He said slowly strolling toward her “or maybe you want me to show you.”


Klara backed away until she collided with the dresser behind her. Roshan crossed the distance between them then placed his hands on the dresser on each side of her body trapping her between his arms. Klaras mind went blank as he leaned closer and spoke next to her ear. “I want to please you.” He said as his hot breath caressed her skin.


A shiver went down her spine. Please her? How?


Roshan chuckled. Leaning back he looked into her eyes. “If you are really curious….” He whispered letting his fingers brush the skin on her face, “then close your eyes.”


Klara felt as though she was under some spell that she couldn’t resist so she closed her eyes despite knowing what was coming next.


Roshan leaned in, bringing his lips close to hers. This was so unlike him. He never used his powers to seduce a woman, not that he needed to but this woman was tempting him to much. With her wet hair and bare shoulders she was provoking the demon inside of him. Still, he shouldn’t manipulate her, he didn’t want to. He wanted her willingly so he took a few steps back and left her mind and thoughts alone.


Klara opened her eyes and looked at Roshan confused. What was wrong with her? She was just about to let him kiss her, to let an unknown man kiss her. No. She needed to make it clear that she was not interested in him, at all.


“Listen…” She began.


“It know.” He cut her off. “You plan on escaping tonight, you don’t need to. Lucian is alive.”





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