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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 16




“Where are we going?” Klara asked as she followed Roshan through the dark woods.


“You will see once we get there.” He said.


Late at night, in the woods, alone without a weapon and with a man who could fight ten men on his own was maybe not a great idea after all.


Klaras began to calculate all the possible ways she could defend herself if he ever tried to do anything.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“What did you do to the guards?” she asked.


While they were escaping she noticed that all the guards lay unmoving on the ground.


“I put them to sleep.” He said simply


“How? I thought you couldn’t use magic.”


“No…but I sang them a lullaby.”



Even though Klara couldn’t see him clearly in the darkness she knew he had a smirk in his face.


Not wanting to be mocked anymore she continued is silence. Meanwhile she tried to find the perfect opportunity to escape but it was so dark she was afraid to leave Roshans side. Once the sun rises she would escape she thought to herself.




“Here.” Roshan said as he came to a halt and turned to her.




Klara looked around. Where? She could see nothing but trees and darkness.


Suddenly he crossed the distance between them, wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his body. Before Klara could push him away she felt the ground underneath her feet open and then suddenly she was falling. A cry escaped her lips and she held onto Roshan for dear life.


Klara couldn’t understand what was happening but she just wanted it to end. Or maybe not, because falling this far she would probably die by the end of it. Good lord, she way dying.


“I wouldn’t let you die… yet.”


“Huh.” Klara shot her eyes open and found herself pressed against Roshans body. She would have pushed him if she wasn’t the one holding him so tightly. Slowly letting her hands fall she took a few steps back relieved that she could feel the ground underneath her feet again, then she looked around studying her surroundings. Wait! She knew this place. It was the place Irene had brought her and Hazel before.


“Shall we.” Roshan motioned for her to go in.


Klara hesitated for a moment but then walked inside.


“Where is Irene?” She would feel a lot more safe if a woman was here.





“She is not here.” He said shortly. Opening a door he led her into a room.


“You can stay here.” He said.


Stay? Even though Klara didn’t know where to go, thinking of staying here with Roshan alone sent a shiver down her spine. There was just something about him that frightened her and made her feel unsafe. He had that dark aura that spoke of danger and that spellbinding look. She felt afraid to look into his eyes, it was as if he could see unravel her deepest darkest secrets of she did.


His lips curved slightly as if he could read her thoughts.


Klara cleared her throat “You said you were not a witch?”


“I am not.”


“Then how did you bring us here out of nowhere?” She asked.


“Well, there are some benefits with having a friend who is a witch.” He explained.


Klara couldn’t follow since he was speaking in riddles. “Anyway, I don’t plan on staying here.”


No! She couldn’t stay alone with a man, but where would she go? She had no frien…Hazel?


No, Hazel would be uncomfortable to have her. Klara herself would be uncomfortable as she didn’t want to see Lucian again. It would make her effort of forgetting him all go to waste.


“Then do you have somewhere else to go?” He asked raising one brow.


No she didn’t. As if he could sense her fear, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat humans.” He assured showing his perfect white teeth with slightly longer and pointed canines.



Klara felt disturbed, even more at the way he referred to humans, as if he wasn’t one himself.


“Then I’ll leave you to rest.” He said using a more polite tone before he left and closed the door behind him.


Klara suddenly panicked. What if he locked her inside?


Turning around she hurried out of the room.


Roshan who was amost halfway through the hall turned around. “Is something wrong?” He asked.


“I am hungry.” She said and it wasn’t a lie, but that wasn’t the main reason she wanted to eat. She needed a weapon to defend herself and in the kitchen she could find many useful things.




Roshan turned around and for a moment she thought he was going to ignore her and leave before he said “Follow me.”




Klara followed him eagerly as he led the way to a dining room. No, this is not where she wanted to be.


“Sit and I’ll bring something.”


“No need. I can follow you, maybe I can help.”


Roshan raised a brow. “Help? I am sure you have never even cut a vegetable in your life, princess.”


“No. But I have cut people. Vegetable can not be more difficult.” She said confidently.


Roshan shook his head with a smile. “Fine then. Follow me.”


This time he took her to the kitchen. “What do you want to eat?”


“Just something simple.” Klara shrugged.


Roshan put a salad, a cuc.u.mber, an onion, tomatoes and pepper infront of her.


“Cut these.” he said handing her a knife.


Klara stared at the vegetable infront of her wondering which one she should start with. Grabbing the cuc.u.mber, because it seemed the most easy one, she started to cut it into round shapes.


“Cut them into small squares.” Roshan instructed.


Klara became confused. How was she supposed to cut this round shaped thing into small squares.


“You can cut this.” She said putting it aside. “I will cut this.” She said picking the the union. Klara began to cut it into round shaped as well.


“You need to cut that into strips.” He interrupted her again.


Strips? Klara tried to figure out how to cut it into strips but ended up cutting it into all kinds of different shapes.


Roshan shook his head looking at the mess she created. “You see, princess. To cut people you don’t need skills but for vegetables you need skills and…you just don’t have it.”


He took the knife from her. “Now let me show how it’s done.”


Klara studied him closely and was fascinated by how fast and precise he cut the vegetables. He cut them into all kinds of different shapes and then mixing them together he poured everything into a bowl. He even added a few other things like olives, white cheese, corn and lastly some flavor.


At the end it looked delicious and Klara could wait but to have a taste. She had never seen salad look so tasty before.



“What do you say princess?” Roshan asked proudly.


“It looks tasty.” She smiled.


They sat at the table in the dining room and she started eating. It even tasted better than it looked. Roshan had even prepared some chicken to eat with. As she was eating she didn’t even realize that Roshan was studying her all the time or that she forgot to take something from the kitchen to protect herself. When she was full she felt really tired. She hadn’t slept the whole night after all.


“Do you want me to show you back to your room?”


Suddenly Klara panicked remembering she didn’t take a knife from the kitchen. She had been so distracted with Roshan and his vegetables. She looked at the food knife on the table. It wasn’t sharp but it would do for now she thought.


“Yes.” She said and slowly hid the knife as he stood up to take her back to the room.


“So…when is Irene coming back.” She asked on their way back.


“Not anytime soon.”


Klara nodded. She didn’t feel the least bit safe with Roshan but she had nowhere to go. Only tonight then tomorrow she would leave she thought.


Once they reached the room “Good night.” He said and left without waiting for her to say anything back.


As he walked away Klara realized that the smirk he usually had on his face had been absent. He had looked serious this whole time. She wondered what happened.


The room was big and the bed comfortable yet Klara couldn’t sleep despite being very tired. She kept hearing weird noises or was it whispers she wasn’t sure. Sometimes she would feel as if someone was in the room, watching her silently.



Wrapping the sheets around her tightly and she shut her eyes. She was probably imagining all these things because she was away from home and she didn’t feel safe in this place. She would rather sleep in the woods. At least she knew what to expect there.


The more she tried to ignore the noises the more clear they became and suddenly she heard a cry. Someone was crying loaudly. Klara was unsure whether to stay in the room or go and see where the noise was coming from. At last she decided to go and check. Taking the knife under her pillow she walked out of the room. Following the sound she came to a closed door. Now she could hear that the noise came from a woman.


Klara thought it was the saddest cry she had ever heard and wanted to see who was so sad that they would be crying like this. Slowly she opened the door and peeked her head inside. There a woman sat on the bed, her long black hair covered her face and she cried with her arms wrapped around herself. It looked like she was trying to stop herself from crying but couldn’t.


As if sensing Klara’s presence the woman stopped crying and lifted her head slowly.


A gasp escaped Klaras lips



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