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After our wedding. We didn’t waste time. I plan that my wedding party will be combined with Chase coronation.


He is going to be a king. I had to change my clothes while we reached the grand hall.


people were already eating and I spot Carl busily licking his fingers.. His lips were painted with chocolate cream.



“Enjoying the cake”, I asked and he kissed my cheeks sticking the chocolate cream on my cheeks.


“You did that on purpose”,I point at him and grins. Suddenly his smile fades.


“What’s wrong?”,I asked and took a piece of cake eating.


“Honestly I can’t believe you are married. I’m really jealous, Amelia. You pay attention to your husband more than me and you will spend more time with him too.”


“Who said that? it’s true I love my husband and spend a lot of time with him but you and I, we will still be the same”


He licked his lip and hugged me tight, “I’m going to miss you so much, Amelia”


“Me too, carl”


“Can I confessed something to you”, he asked and I nod.


“I think I’m inlove with one of your maids. She drives me insane” “Hmm.. so while I was away. You were messing with one of my maids” “I wasn’t messing with her. She drives me nuts and I kiss her, that’s all” “I’m glad you’ve found love, Carl.. “,I kissed his cheeks..


“Liam Mendes, I’m going to kill you!!!”,I heard Stacy running towards me while my eyes widens.


“You lied to me. Why didn’t you tell me you were a girl… ”


“You just didn’t give me the chance to explain. You kissed me first remember”


She nods, “I just came to apologise. I’m just ashamed of what I did”



“Don’t worry… “, I nods and she pushed her hair behind her ear and she was gone.


“Wow!!”,Carl exclaimed.


“Yeah, wow”,I replied and Carl quickly vanishes.


Where is Austin? I missed him already. Why isn’t he here yet. He should been here so they congratulate us.


A horn was blow and a coronation was about to start.


Everyone gathered around. The room was dim..with dull lights.


Oh Gosh.. . I can’t wait to see my friend become king.


I saw him descending on the stairs. I watched his glourious smile then suddenly I felt some hauled me in his arms as we moved backwards and I could no longer see Chase.


“Shh.. .Its me, Mia”,I heard his voice, “I missed you and sorry I was late but I just want us to go home so I could make endless love to you”


His hands covered my lips and I smiled through them.


His hands skimmed down my thighs while I struggle.


“I know baby but no one will see us”.


Is he crazy. He is going to make me come here.


He sucked my earlope and his hands moved into my panties stroking me.


I moaned through his hands and he didn’t stop his assault.Story from Topster Stories


He continued and I came on his fingers moaning while his hands gripped my lips.


“You were amazing”,He whispered and I rest my head on his shoulders breathing.







The night was full of merry making, dance and congratulations.


Mia was busily dancing with Chase. She was really happy with him but tat was enough.


I missed her now.


I went through the crowd. It was 10pm and we got to go.


I winked at Chase and he already understood what I meant and let go of her.


We bid him goodbye and we left.




An hour later, we reached my suite.


The servant drops the luggage whike she looked around and we had our meal.


The snow is falling outside as I clear the dishes from our meal.


I stop and take her hand, leading her to the pile of pillows in front of the fireplace.


Kissing her gently on the lips, I then whisper to her ” Relax here, I will be right back.” I go, leaving her there, glass of wine in hand, basking in the glow of the fireplace.


I have lit candles all around and there is soft music playing on the stereo. A perfect atmosphere for relaxing.


Suddenly, the tempo of the music changes and I re-appear, dancing slowly to the music.


I smile and wink at her, blowing her a kiss as I slowly start to strip for her. Taking off my jacket and tossing it away, I slowly start to unbutton my shirt, my fingers moving down each button, until it is open.



I pull the shirt from my jeans and dance over to her, leaning back so she can pull it off by the sleeves. As I feel the air on my chest I dance away again, teasing her with my moves, running my hands over my body.


She laughs freely.


I continue to dance, my eyes closed as I reach to undo my pants, running my hands inside to cup myself.


I throw my head back as I start to slip my pants off, sliding them slowly down and off, kicking them to the side. I stand before her only in my silk boxers, body glistening from the heat of the fire.


I dance over and kneel in front of her, leaning forward to gently kiss her, before taking her hands and pulling her to a standing position.


I pull her against me, as I kiss her passionately, my tongue stroking hers as I suck it gently into my mouth.


My hands run up and down her back, feeling her hands on my chest, rubbing across my hard nipples. I reach for the buttons of her shirt, undoing them one by one, looking her in the eyes, my desire for her obvious in them.


Finally unbuttoned, I slide her shirt off, running my mouth across her shoulders as I do, gently nibbling her soft skin.


I hear her moan as I run my tongue up the side of her neck and I growl softly in response.


My teeth tug gently on her ear and I whisper to her, “This night is all for you, I am going to love you like no other ever has.”


I unclasp her bra, sliding my hands around to cup her br**sts gently, then sliding her bra down her arms, dropping it.



My hands reach to undo her pants, slowly sliding them down as my mouth kisses down her body, pushing her underwear down at the same time, until her lift her feet and I toss them to the side.


Her hands push my boxers down my hips until they slide off and I am nude like her.


I take her into my arms, pulling her body tight against mine, my teeth gently nibbling on her lower lip, sucking it into my mouth as I run my tongue between her lips to tease the tip of her tongue with mine.


Our kiss deepens as our bodies move against each other, dancing a slow erotic dance as we slowly start to sink to the pillows.


The fireplace flames reflecting on our bodies, as I gently push her back and cover her body with mine, my hips settling between your legs. As I settle between her legs, my mouth goes to her neck, teeth gently nibbling on the skin. I hear her low moan and lick softly up herr neck, raising myself up on one elbow.


With my free hand, I stroke gently down her side, fingertips trailing gently over her skin, raising goosebumps as they go.


My tongue runs inside her ear as I softly whisper,” I have wanted you for a long time” and tug on her ear lobe with my teeth.


My hands runs between our bodies, cupping her to feel your heat, my mouth covering hers to kiss her deeply, passionately. Slowly I start to slide my body up and down hers, delicious friction stirring our fires, making our skin burn.


Lifting my mouth from hers, I trace her lips with my tongue, and chuckle softly. Raising myself to my hands, my mouth moves again to her neck, sucking the skin as my teeth nibble, my tongue teases.


My body starts to slide down hers as I kiss across her shoulders, mouth hot on her skin, feeling the heat of her skin against my tongue. I lick down her chest, mouth moving to the side of her br**st, softly kissing the tender skin there before my tongue trails across her skin, tasting her as it goes. I run my tongue around her



nipple, just the tip touching her skin, close to but not touching her nipple, my hot breath flowing across it as it hardens. I feel her hands in my hair, pulling my head to her as I gently nibble her nipple and hear her moan.


Sucking her nipple into my mouth, I tease the tip with my tongue as I roll it across my teeth.


I stop sucking on it as my mouth trails kisses across her chest to tease her other nipple to matching hardness, feeling her body moving against mine, answering my hunger.


I slide further down her body, tongue trailing down the center of her stomach, leaning so one hand can reach to roll her nipples between my fingers.


I settle my shoulders between her legs, kissing the lower part of her stomach as I do, feeling her legs drape themselves over my shoulders. My hand runs from her nipples down the center of her stomach, my short nails softly raking her skin, feeling you shiver under my touch.


My fingers reach, slowly spreading her lips, as I take the tip of my tongue and lick down to touch just the tip of her hard clit with my tongue.


Stroking gently across it up and down, then sliding down to lick inside her, tasting her juices on my tongue.


My tongue pushes deeper inside her feeling her throb around it as my thumb slowly strokes her clit, feeling her hips begin to move to the rhythm of my mouth.


I curl my tongue inside her, feeling her clench around it as I move it in and out, licking and tasting her as her juices flow into my mouth.


My tongue licks back up to take the place of my thumb, flicking gently across her clit, stroking it around and around, before pulling it between my lips, rolling it across my teeth as I suck gently on it.


I feel her body jerking against my tongue as it licks and strokes her faster, pressing against her body. One hand cups her arse, as the other rolls first one, then the other



nipple between my fingertips, gently squeezing their hardness. I feel her hands on my head pulling me from her and I look up into her eyes, giving her a tender smile.


I kiss her clit, then slowly start to slide my mouth back up her body, nibbling and licking your skin as I go. I once again settle my hips between her legs, my mouth covering hers, my tongue stroking hers as I suck it in and out of my mouth.


I settle once again between her legs, feeling them clench around my waist. My mouth tasting hers, the essence of her still on my lips. I groan softly into her mouth as I slide my hips against her, my cock hard and throbbing between us.


My hardness rubbing against her as my mouth devours hers, my passion for her driving my thoughts now. I take her hand, place it on my cock for her to feel how excited she make me, how hard I am for her.


Taking her hand away, I pull back from her and slowly turn her to her stomach.


I cover her body with mine as my tongue licks up the back of her neck and my teeth tug gently on her skin.


Sliding my body down hers, she can feel the hair on my chest brushing softly against her skin.


I begin to run my tongue down her spine, hearing her moan in response, her body rising against my mouth.


As my tongue reaches the lower part of her spine, my teeth begin to tenderly nibble her skin, moving to the side, to the tender skin of her waist. Kneeling between her legs, I put my hands on her hips and raise her to her knees, still licking and nibbling her back.


With one hand, I stroke her br**sts, fingers teasing her nipples, over and over.


As I gently kiss over her back, my hand runs down her stomach, reaching between her legs to lightly stroke her clit, feeling her move against the ministrations of my fingers stroking her.



I reach further back and pull my cock against her, rubbing it over her clit, my hips moving against her. I keep the head of my cock on her clit, massaging her this way as my tongue licks all over your back, hips moving back and forth.


She reach back with one hand and take my cock away guiding it lower so it starts to slip inside her.


I guide the head slowly inside het and start to move in short thrusts, the head of my cock rubbing on herr g-spot, I feel her body jerking in response.


“How does it feel?”,I asked and she pants.


“Painful and pleasurable at the same time”


Her hips start to press back against me and I begin to slide my cock further in her, slowly, until my hips rest against her arse and I am buried deep in her .


I stay like this as I reach with one hand and again rub her clit gently, her moans making me growl softly.


I take her hips in my hands and slowly start to thrust in and out, pulling almost all of the way out before pushing all the way back in, my cock going deep inside her.


I feel her clenching around me as I start to move faster, my hands on her hips guiding her against me. On her elbows, she reach back with one hand and start to stroke her clit as I move with long hard strokes till she came around me.


“I want this to last, I want to take you in every way possible, I want to drive you wild with wanting me.” I slowly push you down and turn her over, laying beside her kissing you once again as my hands stroke over your body. I lay beside her, my tongue tracing your lips before slipping in to tease her tongue.


My hands run up and down her body before pulling you to me. Our bodies pressed against each other, I roll to my back, pulling her on top of me. Her body trembles with desire as she slide up and down my rock hard body, kissing me deeply and passionately.



My hands run down her side, to her legs, holding them as I sit up with her straddling my lap. My mouth goes to her neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin, as your fingers intertwine in my hair and I hear her low moans.


I flex my thighs and lift her up from my lap, running a hand between us, taking one finger and stroking her clit, massaging it up and down.


Her hips move your clit against my finger and I can tell by the response of your body that it is time.


I reach with one hand and lift your head to kiss you gently on your lips, before whispering in your ear, “I have been waiting for this and I am not sure if I am finished with you yet.” I nibble her gently on the ear lobe as we lay in front of the fireplace, our bodies slowly relaxing.


I love this woman with all my heart and only God knows how much.


“That was amazing. Thank you”,she whispers.


“Like I said I am not finished with you yet”,I rolled her over while I was on top.


“Austin please, I’m damn sore”,She giggled.


“I know baby but I can’t get enough of you “,I nibbled her neck and she moaned pulling me close…


“I love you, your majesty”,I whispers but before she could reply, I took her nipples in my mouth making her forget what she got to say.



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