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Draco Gandalf went to meet the cute witches, enemies of the Wizard, and got powers which he used to cause havoc.


He was devoted to them and served them, and so, they were also faithful and promised to help him to or any of his descendants when they were in need.


Radella later got married and had a daughter, Audrey and they lived in an old cottage in the woods, with the cursed necklace.


And Draco Gandalf heard of the necklace of Doom and went to the witches.


Together, they went to attack Radella because they knew very well, that once the necklace was with any one else apart from Radella’s well wisher, it will loose it’s worth and power.


But luckily, the wizard, although he lost some of his power when he transferred it into the necklace, alerted her and helped her escape.


And unfortunately for him, the witches got him and made him even more powerless.


Radella became very poor but kept that necklace and passed it on from generations to generations.


And the spell started working. Draco you died a shameful death and his son took over. But his son died too and his grandson took over.



And that was how they kept falling ill mysteriously and dying. Gandalf never mentioned anything about it to them, so they were all ignorant.


The witches also tried to help but the curse and spell was so strong because the wizard had put almost all his powers into it.


But they never stopped trying and searching for Radella’s offsprings and those with the necklace.


The witches went into hiding when the spell became too strong but they were still monitoring the activities of the palace.


And they kept wishing that their very dream, which was to finally defeat the Wizard, was going to come to pass one day because they were sworn enemies.


The ever young wizard of the Dark Woods did not grow old and die but still lived.






“Hmm.. does that mean you are that ever young wizard?” I asked and he nodded.


“I can make myself old but that will wear off within some days..I’m ever young.” He replied and I sighed.


“So my mum, Melody, is one of the descendants of Queen Shaylee?” I asked and he smiled a yes.








I came out of the magical entrance and walked to the door.


Going to get Best isn’t a problem because my master, the great Wizard has taught me a lot, besides, he is going to be in the same place where I saw Beauty.



I entered the lift and when it dropped, I came out and opened the door to the bedroom where the dressing mirror is a secret door.


Then I called him.




Soon, I heard footsteps and I sat down on the bed. I wonder how he will look.


Yeah, I really wonder.


Well, Beauty is a beauty so I should expect the very best of all guys I have seen, since he is Best and she’s Beauty.


I chuckled slightly at my thoughts and ran a hand through my hair. Just then the door cracked open and my heart leaped.


Father lord!


He was more than cute. Handsome is an understatement.


“Beauty?” He called, surprised and I chuckled.


“Nope.. it’s Cutie..” I said and got up.


I really wonder how Beauty and I look really alike when we aren’t even related.


“What do you mean?” He asked in a very still but deep voice and I must say, he is very hot.


Awwnn.. I wish he was my brother.








“BEAUTY?” I called surprised.


“Nope, it’s Cutie..” She replied, and chuckled slightly.



What does she mean? She looks exactly like Beauty and she us telling me she isn’t Beauty?


Cutie? Is that a name? Hmm, more strange things.


“What do you mean?” I asked and she smiled.


What is she thinking?


“Your sister is with my Master, the wizard of the Dark Woods. So let’s go and meet her. You will understand everything, when we get there..” She replied and started moving towards the dressing mirror in the room.


“Hey..ugh..Cutie!” I called and she stopped.


I’m feeling uneasy. How am I sure my sister is with her? Even if she’s there, is she safe?


“What is it?” She asked and I thought of what to say but when I found nothing, I shook my head and sighed.


“Nothinh..just wondering why you’re going towards the dressing mirror. I mean, the door is over here..” I said and she smiled.


“Dont worry…just, watch..” She said and I sighed.


She pushed the mirror aside, revealing a door and we walked into a lift and everywhere became dark.

















(The Spell)




Authoress Divy



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