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Chapter 14


“Its getting late, time to leave before they noticed I snuck out” he said bringing me out of my trance, I swallowed before speaking for my throat felt dry.


“Yea, my mom will soon call” I said and stood up, I went and wore my sandals slowly, he dressed up before I finished bucklin my sandals “Let’s be going” he said and I followed.


“Why did you snuck out” I asked, he shrugged.


“I had a date” he said and I gasped “not that type of date Barbie” he said, should I really be bothered, I stopped as I watched him walked ahead. I thought Bella was stupid for falling for a beast, even though the beast was prince charming, I hated Fiona for falling for shrek even turning to an Ogre just to be with shrek. But right now am starting to see the reason for their action, Love is beyond human reasoning



its really blind. For here I stand falling for the boy in the mask, even when he is considered a monster by others.


“Are not coming” he said turning at me, its already getting dark, but the light from the stores illuminates his face, even with the mask, I could see his beautiful soul. No matter how much I deny it or act oblivious, the truth is, I have fallen for this monster, I fell the day he came out of that bus.


“Let’s stop a cap” I said, my house is far, I don’t want to walk home with him when all I want is to grab him down and kiss him.


“Alright” he said and stopped the taxi coming our way, he opened the door for me as I entered, I raise my head to say my goodbyes but he entered too.


“What kind of man would I be if I don’t get you home” he said and I smiled, I gave the driver my address and he drove off, he kept looking at Eric through the rear mirror, its normal when a mask man enters your car.


“I love the fact you’re simple, its really sweet” he said,


“I took your advice” I said, remembering how I wished for him to see me when I left the house to see how simple I was. Guess my wishes came true.


“Want to play a game” he said, I nodded “we have to be very fast, its game of questions” he said “we count then ask questions, we answer fastly, and ask fastly” he explained, I understands what he meant so we started


“1 2 3, what’s your father’s name” he asked fastly “Franklin” I answered “1 2 3, ever dated before” I asked, “No, 1 2 3, what will you do with a million dollars” he asked


“Be a philanthropist” I answered, the speed in which we question and answer makes it impossible to think, so we asked and answered by instinct. It was fun we kept at it as the car drives.


“Ever fallen in love” I asked


“No” he answered


“Say the first name that comes to your mind” he asked


“Eric” I answer, my eyes widened at the name I just called, we both stopped asking question and we arrived in front of my house the same moment. He paid the driver, I quickly came down, he followed and drew me back.


“Why the rush” he asked, I just keep embarrassing myself in front of him, I couldn’t look at him so I kept my face down. “Wasn’t the fairytale what you expected” he asked, I looked at him and once again am drawn by his eyes. “Everything and more” I answered and he smiled, he answered he have never falling in love, so to him am nothing more than a classmate.



With that I walked towards our gate and he watch me leave, tears flowed immediately as I turned, my feet getting heavier at each step. I look at my watch its 7:00 pm, I willed myself to keep walking, my heart was heavy. I need a saviour “Barbie” he called, with a voice so different from before, with him calling I melted away, and every defence I had came crumbling down, my determination was resolved, I got stuck half way to the gate, I couldn’t move forward. The only thing I did was turn at him, “Barbie” he called again like a warrior that is exhausted. I bolted towards him as all human reasoning left me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my toe then locked lips with him.




My Monster








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