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Episode five






King Damien’s POV







I pulled her into my arms the minute we got to a secluded place. I can’t seem to get enough of her but there’s another thing that’s been bothering me.


Once we mate,there’s a possibility that she might become pregnant, she’s human after all.


I led her into the cave which was beautifully adorned with several flowers and ornaments.


“It’s beautiful” she whispered as i pulled her close to my chest. “But not as beautiful as you are” I replied, kissing her lightly on the lips before we sat down.


“Why are we here?” She asked, looking around as I poured out wine from the pitcher into our cups


“I don’t take blood” she said, scrunching her nose in disgust as I chuckled a bit.


“Don’t worry,I can’t give you blood, you’re not a vampire” I assured and noticed her expression relax.


“I brought you here to explain the new feeling that has erupted and every other thing you should know” I said as she picked her cup with shaky hands.


“What feelings,and what should I know apart from bowing to you and any other royalty” she asked, taking a sip of her wine as her eyes danced around.


“Well I’ve developed a feeling that can lead to my dethronement nevertheless am not bothered,I just want to know your feelings towards me,I want to know if am going on a vain ride” i said and noticed her gulping before looking into my eyes.


“Am scared,it seems as if I’ve been here before but I can’t tell, everything is strange to me” she replied and Immediately my heart sank.


I Know it’s normal for her to feel like this but hearing it from her broke my heart.


“So…..what are the things I need to know?” She asked for the second time, noticing


my mood.



“I want you to be my mistress,my woman,I know it’s wrong to ask this but I’ve just developed a feeling which only you can satiate” I said, pulling her close, burying my face in her hair


“You smell nice” I complimented as her face became flushed.






Alexa’s POV






His statement made me flushed as I took my hands to his hair to stroke it softly before her withdrew from the sweet moment.


“It’s going to be a hard ride because I can’t bear for the kingdom to be taken into wrong hands,there are vipers and scorpions on the lose, trying to find fault in me,but I can’t give them that ”


He said as i nodded. “I was once in love with a Lady,lady Alisha we all thought she was a full vampire but no, she had to attributes of a demon……..she was sentenced

to death by my father…..but on the execution day,she wasn’t found in her cell,but


her clothes were there,in a pile” he said as his shoulder sagged a little.


I know what it means for someone to be this broken but not a king,I placed my hands on his shoulders as he kissed the back of my hands.


“My father didn’t want to tell the people of zikia that she escaped so he disguised a human prisoner as her,that prisoner died but Alisha lived,I don’t know if she’s out there but…….my mom decided to lock my heart,she’s comes from the linage of


seers and witches,witches were partners with us in those days but not anymore,she locked my heart and the only way to break the spell is to Betroth me to a lady,not a commoner” he said as I sighed


“Why aren’t the witches allowed here anymore?” I asked as he sighed. “The head witch killed my mom out of greed for her powers so father banished them from zikia,now they live in the forests and caves” he replied as I nodded.


“Am really sorry” I said as he nodded.






Lady Katherine’s POV






“Mi Lady they just arrived” Blair said as I sauntered out of my chamber, heading to king Damien’s chamber.


I’ve had enough of his attitude,he behaves as if am forcing myself on him and that’s not the case.


We’ve been Betrothed to each other for a while,yet he treats me less than that.


I knocked on his door and was surprised when the door opened to reveal that pet. What’s she doing here? I casted her a dubious glance before pushing her aside and walking in.


“Mi Lord” I said, bowing as he turned to stare at me. “Lady Katherine,what do you need,am about to rest” he said as I scoffed.


“But you had the time to go out with your pet,how ridiculous am your Betrothed,yet you have the guts to……..” He cut me short with his hands as I flew back in the air and landed on the floor.


“You don’t have the right to barge in here and speak to me like that,am still the king and I demand your respect!!” He exclaimed as I crawled I fear.


“Get out and don’t show your face to me until I request your presence” with that,I was forcefully pushed out of the room as the door slammed in my face.


His pet is going to suffer for this,that’s a promise.




















(Vampire Romance)


By: Author Donna



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