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My first true love


Chapter 29


A sudden chill went through my body in the morning, I rolled over the bed and found a blanket wrapped around me.


I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was the window. It looked bigger than before and the curtain was wide open.


Wind rushed to the room. I pulled the blanket to my chest. The room started to get


colder by the minute, and then I saw it.




The mist was everywhere, it was all around me. I hold the blanket tightly to my chest.


Different emotions went through my head: anxiety, anger, fear, nauseous, dizzy… From the corner of my eye I saw a figure forming from the mist.


I looked at it for a minute not taking my eyes from the figure. I wanted to run away, but I also wanted to release all my anger and fight whatever it was.


“Hello Jane” I heard a well too familiar voice said.


I narrowed my eyes and saw Derek standing before me.


“What do you want?” I snapped.


He hold up his hand in surrender and smirks. “Doesn’t it look obvious? I’m here to kill you” he said before launching at me.


I cover my eyes and screamed.


I woke up rapidly, gasping for air.


The dream felt so real. I looked around me and sigh in relief, it looked the same. I pick up the pillow and saw the cell phone along with the notebook were still there. It must have been just a nightmare. It was just a nightmare Jane .


I swung my legs of the bed and walked towards the bathroom.


The bathroom itself could be another room, it was huge. The white tiles shimmer as I walked passed them. The shower was covered in gold, so were the towels, they were engrave with the hotel’s initials.


This was definitely fit for a queen.


I took a quick shower and got out.


Now where do I go from here?


My eyes scanned the room again, I grabbed the cell phone and notebook along with the wallet that Derek had giving me. This is it. I thought as I got out of the room.


I made my way to the elevator, pressing the button that will take me to the lobby. The doors opened and I hesitantly made my way out, I knew that once outside the hotel, I was not going to be protected.


There was no one else that would come to my rescue if I were to be in trouble. I looked around me unaware that Derek could be anywhere.


For a moment I wanted all this to end, I wanted to go back home to my family and to my friends.


But there was always a part of me that wanted me to stay. That part wanted me to end whatever this whole this was and to save the love of my life.


I know this is going to sound stupid, but there is something in me that wants to know of what I’ve been through is really worth it..


I know that I love Alexander, but there is seem to be a lot of things getting in between us lately that I’m starting to doubt whether we are meant to be together or not.


I could save him, but the real question here is: Is he going to want me back after everything we’ve been through?


Maybe, maybe not, but there is always hope.




I took a deep breath and walked outside to be welcome by a windy weather. I looked around me; being in another country seemed surreal, laws were different, the culture…everything.


As I walked down the street I saw a couple of stores along the sidewalk: a few bakeries, coffee shops, bookstores and a tourist stores.


The smell of food made my stomach growl. I made my way to a small restaurant, which to my surprise almost everyone in the restaurant was speaking English. Comfort zone, finally!


“Do you speak English?” I asked the lady in the front desk.


“Yes, would you like a table?” she asked giving me an apologetic look. “Yes, please”


“Follow me” she said guiding me to an outside table. I almost gasped as soon as I saw how the outside was decorated.


There was a medium side fountain in the middle of the patio, along with a trail of


all sorts of flowers around it.


It was beautiful.


We stopped in front of a table not far away from everyone. It was small decorated with a small bouquet of tulips in the middle. It gave a sense of privacy and home.


I smiled and gladly took a seat. “What would you like to drink?”


“Coffee please…I’m not quiet sure what to order, can you recommend anything from the menu”


She nodded. “Yes, how about apple pancakes” “Apple pancakes?”


She laughed. “They are just pancakes with apple syrup on top of them” “Great, then I’ll have that” she smiled taking my menu and left.


I sighed and leaned back on my chair, just contemplating the scenario. From the corner of my eye I saw a couple having breakfast as well, they looked so in love. It made my jealous for a minute; it reminded me how much I longed for Alexander and me to be together.


On the other side of the patio, there was a small family of four eating as well. The mother looked frustrated with her baby because she was throwing the food everywhere, while her husband was trying to control the other baby. They made my smiled.


I placed the book in front of me, the edges were old, and at least that’s how they


look like. My eyes averted to the bottom of the notebook, there in a small print was


the letter D engrave.




This was his book. I opened the notebook ever so lightly, the inside cover was blank. I turned to the next page and saw names and dates.


I kept turning the pages, but all I saw were names and more dates. There were probably hundreds of them. I turned to the last page, a note was written there in small cursive.


These are the names of hunters and vampires and dates of their deaths.


I gasped. These were the people that Derek has killed.


I turned the page and on the back of the book I saw an address. It must be Alexander’s.


Now what do I do.


I took the key out from the jeans’ pocket and placed it on top of the book. It looked old. I wonder where this is going to take me.


I quickly put everything away before the waitress comes with my food. I waited for a few more minutes and saw here coming to my table with a tray of food with her. “Enjoy your meal” she said placing the plate with pancakes and my cup of coffee in front of me.


I immediately cut down triangular pieces, and started eating the pancakes. They were delicious! The blueberry jam melted in my mouth creating a fruity taste. Jane, you seriously need to stop, aren’t forgetting something? My conscious asked. Or rather my head, why do I find myself like this? I seriously need to stop talking to myself.


But my conscious is right; I have better things to do.


I asked for the check and paid for the food.


I guess the money that Derek gave me works.


Now I need to come up with a plan. How am I going to get to Alexander on time? I can either call Elisabeta and asked her to take me to Alexander’s place, but what if she doesn’t want to? Or I can take a cab, point at the address and see where it takes me.


Taking the risk is worth it, it was worth saving Alexander.


I exit the restaurant feeling uneasy; the streets were no longer loud and crowed.


They were silent and empty.


Goose pumps started to form all over my body, I gulped and kept walking. The area looked deserted.



I turned to see if the restaurant was still open, I gasped as soon as I saw it completely empty.


I was completely alone.


Stores were closed, restaurants…it was as if everything that I just saw didn’t existed at all.


I started to take short and slow breaths as I kept walking down the street.


All kinds of emotions and thoughts went through my mind. What was I supposed to do now?


I clutched the book tighter to my chest; there was something about the atmosphere of this town that made me confused and uneasy.


The town itself was beautiful and ancient, yet with all of this silent it made it look deserted…like a ghost town.


Think Jane…get yourself out of here I thought as I crossed the bridge.


My breathig starts to come fast and my heart started to accelerate. Just the thought of being alone in this town made my dizzy and nervous.


As I crossed the bridge, the house appeared to be different then of the ones on the other side of the bridge.


These house were all made of rocks, they looked ancient. But there was a different kind of energy here.


It was sending chills all over my body. My mind creamed at me to get out of here as soon as I saw a shadow crossed one of the houses. I froze.


The shadow disappeared and I was soon left alone.


I could heart my heart beats growing faster, the adrenaline rush made too much for me to handle.


I slowly turned around and soon enough I left my legs running. I felt my body moving but my mind was still frozen. I couldn’t register what I was doing.


I just kept running, running through the quiet streets of this small town. I ran all the way to the restaurant which was still empty.


I leaned on the wall and rested my mind and body as I sat on the small bench. I closed my eyes and took steady breaths.


As I open them again, I saw an eagle fly by. It made the strangest yet loudest noises I’ve ever heard in my life.


It scared me for a minute, but it was still there flying above me. Its left wing was pointing at a direction.


Yeah right…an eagle giving me directions?


Great…I’m going delusional right now.



But what do I have to lose, I can’t stay here forever, I need to find the right path back to the hotel. If I get there safe then I’ll be able to get my mind back and figure out a way to get out of here.


I rose from the bench and started following the eagle.


My chest tighten and my heart was beating fast as I kept my following the eagle, he turned to see me and for a moment I could see his soft brown eyes piercing through me.


I shook my head and kept walking.


There was just no way the eagle can actually understand me, but then again nothing seems unusual anymore.


First my so called “friend” ends up telling me he loves and that he is a vampire, I spend years studying about his kind yet there was a part of me that started to love him as well. Then he suddenly appears and tells me that I’m in a danger. I don’t believe him, he leaves and I’m left alone. That’s when my life started turning upside down. I was being followed by someone and there was nothing I could do about it.


Then there was a weird mist following me everywhere, and to add on top of that I get kidnapped, my vampire lover leaves me once again and now here I am trying to recue my love once again.


I have a feeling that if I don’t stop what’s going on my life will never be the same. I looked at my surroundings; I was leaving the town behind. I looked up and saw the eagle flying above me…protecting me.


I started to quicken my pace; I needed to find a way out of here. As I came into a stop, I started to see lights and people.


My heart level started to slow down, I was so close now.


As I got closer, the shadow below me disappeared, the eagle had left. I looked up at the sky and saw the eagle flying away now.


“Thank you” I whispered before walking towards the people.


The street looked familiar now; the stores that I had seen before leaving the hotel were still there. People were coming in and out of them and others were just looking around.


I made my way back to the hotel, feeling happy and finally safe.


The grand streets of this town made Amsterdam look safe and beautiful. The streets were rich with history; it almost seemed like a magical place.


I guess it’s obvious for me to see it beautiful; I have never been outside the states until now. But something in me felt secure, I have to make a mental note of coming here again after all of this is over.



As the grand hotel came into view, I easily made my way to the front desk. One of the hotel managers, he looked around twenty. He was maybe too young to have his own front desk…


He smiled as I approach him. “Hallo” he said.


“Do you speak English?” I asked timidly.


“Yes, how may I help you?” he ask. His accent and looks could make women drop to their knees for him.


I mentally groaned trying now to blush. He chuckled looking at my expression. His cocky eyes soften, giving me one of those ravishing smiles. I gulped. “Yeah, I need a taxi. Is there a way that you can get one for me?”


“A taxi…yeah, I’ll call one right away” he said picking up the phone. I stood in front of his desk while he called the taxi service.


He hangs up and smiles. “A taxi should be waiting for you outside” he said.


“Is there anything else I can do for you?” his smile turned into a smirk and I soon find myself in front of a guy that is flirting with me. I need to get out of here. I thought.


“No, thank you”


“Let me know if you need anything” he said. I nodded and waved at him.


I walked outside and there it was a taxi waiting for me.


“Hallo” he said. I smiled.


“Hi…can you take me to this address please” I said slowly pointing at the address. He looked at the page and nodded. I got in and we were soon leaving everything behind.


The driver kept driving for what it seems like forever. He passed by a couple of bridges, then we were soon near the mountains. I started to panic.


The road started to close, it got narrowed. Mountains were on either side of the road, closing the view of the sun.


Please God, please let me be okay. I silently pray while looking out the window. As the driver kept driving, we soon arrive to a small area of town. It looked small from far away, but as we got closer the houses…or rather mansions came into view.


A huge gate stood in front of us, the driver stopped driving then the gates open. I hold my breath as the driver started driving, the gate close behind us. There were enormous mansion on either side of the street; there was something different about them though. The gates on each mansion had different symbols or crests.



They looked like one of those crests that were usually out of a movie, or rather Howards..


I shook my head at the thought . Magic or wizards do not exit. I kept telling myself that, but in reality I didn’t know what was real or not. (Join Group)


I thought vampires were just made up things, but now things are different. Not only was I in love with a vampire, but I was also now in their territory. Each mansion was mesmerizing; they looked like castles but just in smaller size. The driver turned the corner and then it came into view…there was only one mansion apart from the others that captured me. This one held a bigger gate, but what I didn’t expect was company.


I turned to the driver and tap his shoulder. He looked up and I held my hands up trying to tell him to stop the car.


“Stop please” he looked at me for a minute then nodded.


I quickly took out a couple of bills; they all were in different colors. I picked two and give them to driver. He looked pleased as soon as he saw them. He smiled, before turning around. I open the door and got out.


I was not far away from the mansion, but something in me told me to stay away from the main entrance.


I hid behind the trees for a few seconds before slowly making my way to the mansion.


I saw men getting out of the mansion, some looked deadly pale with golden hair, while the others looked scary with their black suits. They got into the limo and drove away.


I stood there for a minute just contemplating the view. I walked down a path that seemed to guide me to a door.


It was far away from the main entrance so this must be the door that Elisabeta was talking about.


The door was covered with small branches and leaves around it. Then I saw the crest marked on the door.


The big family crest only had one thing that captured my eyes. An eagle.


It was opening its wings and around it I saw something that looked like leaves. Although the crest was not in color, the eagle’s eyes were shaped giving the impression that it was looking at you.


It was looking at me; it held my gaze for a second. I shook my head looking around.



Taking the key out very slowly I placed it on the door nob turning it to the right to open the door. It made a clicking sound then it open.


The door made a squeaky sound once it fully open. As I made my way inside, I saw more trees, I started panicking…how am I suppose to get inside the house unnoticed.


Calm down Jane, you can do it. My mind kept repeating, while I walked to one of the sides of the mansion.


I gasp as soon as I saw the entire house. It was huge and beautiful..


It made me feel small, and to wonder how Alexander used to live here before moving to the states.


More men in black started coming out and some were going in. There was definitely a lot of activity going on here.


A couple of stylish cars were parked in front of the house. I guess saying that Alexander is rich is an understatement.


He probably owns the entire town or country.


Concentrate Jane. My conscious whispered.


I took a deep breath then kept going; I passed a few bushes and a few trees along the way.


As I got to the mansion I saw another door hidden on the wall. I wonder if this house has a lot of hiding doors. I removed a couple of leaves from the door and very gently place the key on the door nob.


I let out the breath that I was holding when the door open.


I looked around the hallway, it looked scary yet calming. There was absolutely no noise.


Without wasting another minute I stared to look for the painting that Elisabeta had described back at the hotel.


The walls were covered in a very pale red almost pinkish color. A few golden candles were hanging on the walls as well. I was about to make my way to a different hallway when a painting caught my attention.


It was place on the corner of the hallway; it was practically the only painting there, long and wide.


That must be the door.


I walked towards it, while looking back to see if anyone was following me. I stopped before the painting.


It was captivating and beautifully made. The painting was of a woman, she looked like one of those people from the Victorian era.


I touched the panting; it felt warm underneath my fingertips.


The button should be somewhere.


I touched her ring gently, the smooth fabric started to make a noise. Loud enough for me to hear, but not so loud.


I took a step back and the painting open, changing into a regular door.


I gulped. This is it.


The door opens before me to reveal stairs going up, probably to the second floor. I walked to the top of the stairs; there was a door once again on the top of the stairs. I open the door slowly praying to god that what’s on the other side of the door wouldn’t harm me.


The door open and I found myself in a bedroom. A beautiful bedroom, it looks like royalty stays here..


The walls were a pinkish color, so were the curtains. It was the most beautiful bedroom I’ve ever seen in my life.


At the corner of my eye I saw something or someone appear from the shadows.


I slowly turned around waiting for the worst. My mind and body froze as soon as I saw the figure coming into full view.


The color from my body turned dead cold. My throat became dry and I soon found myself holding my breath.


Then I saw them…those piercing eyes that mesmerize me since the beginning. His dark brown hair and lips made my knees go weak. Tears started running down my eyes without me even noticing.


I was crying for everything that I had been through. I was crying for what I had in front of me.


My heart started beating fast, accelerating as I met his gaze.


Those beautiful eyes could only belong to the one that made me breathless every time we meet.


I didn’t know for how long we started at each other, all I could do was stare at the guy in front of me.


His eyes met mine and I knew right then that I was where I belong, next to the person that loves me and cared for me all along. Alexander


The love of my life and vampire.


There was just only one thing left for me to do. Run to him.


I felt my legs move towards him and soon we were embracing each other. I hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go.


I breathe in his sweet smell, hoping that his smell could stay with me forever. He chuckled making his chest move.



I looked up at him and smiled. He slowly brought his hand to my face brushing a strand of hair to the side of my face touching my skin sending some king of electricity all over my body.


My breathing becomes ragged while I felt heat going to my face probably making me look like a hot tomato.


I started up at him and stood on my tippy toes to give him a kiss.


He responded quickly, folding his hands around me. He embraced me tightly while his kissed me.


I felt his passion and love for me as we kissed.


There was nothing sweeter than his kisses. I touched his face with my fingertips, trying to memorize his features.


I placed a hand on the back of his head pulling him to me with so much force that was leaving me breathless.


I let go of his lips to breathe, while he worked his way down to my neck living a trail of kisses. I felt his hands roam up to my waist to the small of my back. I hold him there for a moment, my mind was working. I felt in another world with him. Just the two of us.


Then it clicked, my mind started to work again this time the memories came into full force.


I pushed him lightly, his breathing quickened. He placed his forehead against mine and we stood like that, just enjoying the silent and each other.


“Alexander…there is something that I need to tell you” I whispered trying to calm my breathing.


“What is it?” he asked. I pulled back from his embrace and walked to one of the chairs that were in front of the bed.


He walked up to me and stopped before. Curiosity spread across his face.


“I wasn’t going to let you go…I love you and I don’t want to be away from you” I whispered trying to hold back tears.


“Jane…I love you too, but I had to leave you. We’re at war right now. I can’t risk your life.”


“Aren’t you going to let me decide what I want to do with my life?”


“Not if it involved me…I can’t make you be with me if your life is at risk”


I sat on the chair. “There is something that you need to know” he looked confused for a moment. He knelt in front of me and held my hand.


“What is it?”


“I know who’s behind everything…the war and the attacks that I got back home” “Who?”



I cup his face with my hand feeling his soft skin. He needed to know, he needs to know who is behind everything.




Final chapter and epilogue coming soon






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