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My first true love


Chapter 28


The trip to Amsterdam was long; I pressed my face to the window and saw green, the grass probably. I could see the clouds opening themselves, giving me a better access to see everything outside. The mountains…they were breathtaking.


I found myself looking at the sight of such beautiful fields.


I couldn’t believe it, I’m finally in Amsterdam.


“Ladies and Gentleman, please remain in your seats, we’re about to land” I smiled. This is it.


“Finally” I heard the lady sitting next to me said. I giggled and turned back to see the airport coming to view now.


“Welcome to Amsterdam, We hope everyone had a good flight and we hope to see you next time”


Everyone started to exit the room; a few were still in their seats while the others exited the room. Since I didn’t have any suitcases, but the wallet that Derek had giving me I got out of the room quickly.


We landed at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the biggest and busiest airports around. I looked everywhere around me, some of the passengers were running around like maniacs with their luggage, and others were pacing around the shops.


Which I by-the-way couldn’t understand, they were all mostly in Dutch, which made it difficult for me to actually ask anyone for directions..


As I made my way to the airport’s exit, I saw a girl approaching me. Her brown chocolate brown eyes were staring at me with curiosity. Her slim and tall figure made her look like a model, yet she looked my age.


She smiled warmly as she got closer. “Hallo” she said in Dutch.


I kindly nodded. “I don’t speak Dutch, sorry”


She looked at me confused. “American?”



I nodded. She smiled and extended her arm. “Hi, my name is Elisabeta” she said in perfect English.


I looked at her and she looked pale, not that it was weird or anything, but the way she looked I wouldn’t consider it normal.


I extended my hand and gladly shook hers. “Hi, my name is Rose”


I didn’t know if it was safe to give her my real name, something in me didn’t want to trust anyone.


“Rose…what a beautiful name”


I detached my hand from hers. “I better go, but it was nice to meet you” I said heading outside the airport.


“Rose!” she yelled trying to catch up with me. I saw a cab and pointed at the hotel’s picture. Stupid, but that’s what one does when one doesn’t know how to speak in another language.


The taxi’s driver nodded and got in the car. “Rose!” I could hear Elisabeta yelling my name.


I got in the cab ready to close the door when a while pale hand prevented me of doing so.


“Wachten” she said. The driver looked at her and nodded.


“What did you just told him?” I asked in confusion. Part of her light brown hair was in the way so I had wait until she got in.


“I told him to wait…I know this is going to be weird, but I know exactly who you are and what you’re doing here” she said with such seriousness in her voice, that it send chills all over my body.


“That’s not possible, maybe you got the wrong person” I said coldly. I stretched my arm to get out of the cab, when I felt her icy cold hand grabbed mine.

“I know why you’re here…Jane” I froze and looked at her.


Fear and terror when through my head and body. I didn’t know what to do other than do what’s best.


I shook her arm away and without wasting another minute, I opened the door quickly and started running.


I ran, pushing everyone away. I could here the sound of her heals clicking as she ran behind me.


I turn to a corner not so far from the airport and saw a couple of houses around. As I kept running, people started looking at me and whispering, probably wondering why was I running with such speed..



My legs were killing me, I tried to take short breaths, but as I kept running, my heart started to beat fast and my breathing become short. I looked back and I stopped as soon as I saw that Elisabeta wasn’t following me anymore.


I looked around me and saw a few shops, a couple of tourists walking around looking at their maps and a few natives working. I saw a garden not so far and decided to walk there.


The setting was spectacular, few kids were riding their bikes while other where playing around. My nervous were all spooked; I slowly tried to calm myself, taking a few deep breaths.


I closed my eyes and sighed. God, now what am I suppose to do?


I can’t just go back to the airport to get a cab, maybe I should ask a few tourists to help me out.


Right, that’s what I should do.


I got up and slowly made my way back to the shops.


I wonder why Alexander didn’t tell me about this place before.


The day was beautiful, the sun was going to set at any minute now and soon it’ll be dark.


I saw a couple getting out from a small souvenir shop. “Excuse me?” They looked up and smiled.


“Yes?” the women with red hair said. Her husband gave me a simple nod before looking back at his map.


“Yes, I’m wondering whether if you can help me get a cab. I just got here and it’s kind of confusing”


She smiled warmly and nodded. “Sure, where would you like to go?” “I’m staying at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam”


She squealed and nudged her husband on his arm. “That’s where we’re going to” I exhaled in sign of relief. “Come, we can all take the same cab” “Thank you”


“Not a problem” she said and grabbed her husband’s hand.


“I’m Jenny and this is my husband Mark” she said pointing at her husband.


“We’re newly weds” she said and smiled.


She looked so happy; on the other hand her husband looked annoyed.


I wonder why they got married. But then again, that’s not of my business, what I’m going to do now is focus on what’s to come and Alexander.




What could you possibly be doing now my love?


I quickly dismissed the thought and turned to see Jenny.



“My name is Rose” she gave me a big smiled and pointed at the line of cabs that were parked in front of a small candy shop.


“Those are the cabs”


“Hallo” the driver said. I timidly smiled, good thing I was with Jenny and Mark or else I’ll probably be scared to death getting into his cab.


“Hallo, kunt u ons naar het Gran Hotel Amrath Amsterdam alstublief” Jenny said. The driver nodded and got in the cab. “Dank u wel”


I looked at Jenny and gave her a questioning look. “Oh, I’m sorry. I told the driver where to take us” she said.


Her husband started humming while looking back at his map. “Don’t mind him; he’s not always like that. I’m just been driving him crazy with all the shopping” she said giggling.


I giggled. “It’s okay”


“So where are your suitcases?” she asked.


Crap. Now what do I tell her?


Think Jane…think!


“I…I lost them at the airport, they will send them to the hotel though.” I said. I felt my cheeks starting to heat up.


God, not now. I usually blushed whenever I’m caught or when I feel nervous. “We zijn hier” the driver called out stopping the taxi. I took out a bill, but Jenny beat me and quickly gave the driver the money. “Thanks” she smiled and got out of the cab.






As I got out of the cab, I gasped.


Is the hotel that I’m going to stay?


As I looked up, the hotel came into its full view, it looked so elegant and luxurious. It looks like a dream come true, and thinking that Alexander’s family owns this magnificent hotel is amazing.


I heard Mark laughed. “Are you going to stay there and keep gawking or are you actually going to come in” he said between laughs.


I scowled at him and walked inside the hotel. I gulped.


The reception area was more than amazing, there are no words to describe how this place looks like.


“Come on Rose” Jenny said.


I walked up to her as she guided me to the reception area..



“Well, this is it. Don’t worry, the receptionist speaks English. I guess I’ll see you later” she said.


“Yeah, and thank you so much for everything” she nodded and walked back to her husband.


They both smiled and headed to their room.


“Hi, may I help you?” the girl behind the desk asked.


I smiled. “Yes, I have a reservation”


“And your name please”




“Oh, I see…yeah, Mister Derek send you right?” she asked giving me a weird look. “Yes, he did”


“Ok, I believe you have the Junior Suite ready. Here is your key, just go to the fifteenth floor” she said giving me the key. “Thank you” I said.


I headed to the elevator and pushed the golden button with the number fifteenth next to it.


I looked around me and saw the walls were covered in a golden wallpaper with small crystals around the edges.


I sighed. “Alexander’s family must be very rich then” my conscious said.


Now here we go with me talking to myself again.


“His family is rich though, I wonder how many of these hotels does he own” “More than you think, that’s for sure”


I mentally groaned. “How am I suppose to handle all of this, when I can’t even


understand nor speak Dutch”


“You better start learning then”


“I guess I should” I murmured. The elevator stopped and open its doors.


As I walked to my room, which wasn’t hard to find since the whole floor was


reserved for the Junior Suite.


I enter the room, and gasped.


Why do I always seem to find myself gasping. The room was spectacular, I run to see the bedroom and jumped on top the the bed. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of the soft sheets beneath me.


“Enjoying your room?” I heard a female voice ask.


I immediately got up and saw Elisabeta standing in front of me with her arms


crossed over her chest giving me a serious look…


“Why are you doing here?” I yelled. I was surprised to see her here. Was a she a hunter?


Did she come here to take me to her leader or kidnap me?


Her face soften and sat in front of me.


“You really are a fast runner, but I believe we have a few things to discuss” she said.


I walked back and from the corner of my eye I saw the door. “You won’t be able to reach the door, I’m faster than humans”


Wait, was she a…vampire?


“Who are you?” I snapped.


She gave me a devilish smile and leaned back on the seat.


“The real question here is who are you and what are you doing here?” she said.


“What do you want?” I said trying to stay away from her as possible.


“I’m here because of you”




“Yes, I’m here because Derek send me here” Derek


I had no idea she was going to be here, was she even telling me the truth or not? “Derek send you here?”


She nodded.




“I can’t reveal anything to you for now, but you need to leave now” she said in a demanding voice.


“What? Why?”


“It’s not safe here”


“Why not?”


She got up and walked up to the window. “Because he is going to kill you if you stay here” I froze.


He is going to kill me?


My legs went weak, I took a seat on the bed and looked at her.


“Why would he want to do that?”


“Because he changed, he is not only betraying his best friend, but he going to kill


you in the process”


I gulped.


“But…but he gave me his ticket to get here and he was the one that took me to see Alexander” For a moment I saw sadness in her eyes, but then they were replaced with anger.


“He did that to bring you here, it was his task”


“And how do you know all of that?”


“He told me what he was planning to do…but I just can’t let him hurt any more people. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’m a vampire and he was my…lover. He wanted me to help him, but I told him that I wasn’t going to be part of this whole thing. I left him…you see he planned everything”


She sat in front of me now. We were both looking at each other, he eyes show that she was not lying.


A part of me couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Derek…betraying his best friend. But how? Why?


“He said he loved me…all those years I believed him, but then he got jelous.He always has been, their was something about Alexander that he wanted…craved. I piece everything together and discovered that he wanted his fortune. He was the one that started all this war. He was the one that murdered Alexander’s family…Everyone.”


I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. He really wanted to hurt Alexander and I was now here, caught into his plans.


“He murdered his cousin isn’t he?”


“Yeah, he followed him to Spain and killed him. That’s where he also met with the


hunters and made a deal with them.”


“What kind of deal?”


“To start a war, a war that is going to destroy our race. He wanted to destroy everything and have ultimate power. In return the hunters promised him power and richness”


“Do you believe they will keep their word?”


She sighed and shook her head. “No, but he is just blinded by the power he is getting”


“Jane…he was the mist that followed you everywhere. He knew where you were, he got Alexander to trust him and now here you are” “So…he was the one that kidnapped me?”




God! How can I be such an idiot. I thought I trusted him, I thought he was on our side.


“Jane, he wants to end this soon. I suggest you run while you can. He is here now, and he is not going to be able to follow you. But you still have a chance to run” “No” I protested. “I can’t…Alexander needs me, he needs to hear the truth”.. “How?”



“You need to show me where to find the palace or mansion…wherever he lives. I need to find him”


She looked at and then she grabbed her purse.


“Here” she said handing me a cell phone and a small notebook.


“It will guide you to Alexander’s place. He lives outside the city, but once you get there you’re gonna have to find a way to get in”


“You’re not coming with me” I said it more like an statement than a question. “No…I need to find a way to get to Derek by myself. Look, this is hard for me, what Derek and I had was special, we met thanks to the prince, he sent us to a mission in Egypt. You see, the royals have many contacts around the globe. There are also a few Egyptians vampires that want to hurt the royals. I swore to protect them so did Derek and that’s how we were sent there. But then it came love…we loved each other, but that’s not the point now, maybe I can tell you my story later. Right now you need to rest for tomorrow.” She said and walked up to the closet. “I got you a few clothes, and I’ll be leaving you a key. That key can access one of the doors of the mansion. Derek gave it to me, so I guess it will help you. Once you’re in inside, you will have to walk down the hall, there you will find a painting. If you you to the bottom of the painting you’re going to see a button. Press the button and a door will open. It will reveal a staircase, don’t worry about anyone seeing you, it’s a secret doorway that will lead you to a room.


Alexander is most of the time there, even though it’s occupy for guests, when he wants to think and be alone he goes there. I really hope he is there when you get there, that way it’ll be easier for the both of you to talk. Tell him what’s going to happen and what Derek is planning to do. If you run into trouble, my phone number is on the cell phone that I just gave you…Jane, please be careful” I nodded, still trying to process everything that she just told me.


Although there were things that I still wanted to ask her, I knew that she wanted to keep her relationship with Derek private.


I just hope I get to Alexander before anything else happens.


“I will, don’t worry” she smiled and I found myself hugging her. At first she just stood there…frozen. But then she relaxed and hugged me back.


“I’ll be around if you need me, I’ll try to help you from here” she said stepping back.


“Ok, I know what to do”


“Then this is it, I hope to see you again soon” she said grabbing her purse.


“Me too” I smiled.


She smiled back and disappeared before my eyes.



For a moment I stood where I was just looking at the empty spot where Elisabeta once stood.


There was no going back now, I was here for a reason and that reason was to get Alexander back and to keep him away from Derek. Derek


How can he do this to us?


To his best friend?


I just hope my life gets better.


I got up from the bed and walked to the closet.


I grabbed a simple t-shirt and sweats before going to the bathroom to take a shower.


The warm water relaxed my muscled, the water mixed with the jasmine shampoo smell delicious on my skin.


Walking back to bed I placed the cell phone and notebook under my pillow, afraid that maybe Derek will come and take them away.


Darkness overwhelmed me, my body relaxed under the covers and my eyes closed.


Alexander please be there tomorrow, I love you and I want you back. That was my


last thought before falling asleep…


Uhmm Derek??




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