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My first true love


Chapter 24


The night felt wrong, I looked at my side and saw Alexander’s perfect face right next to me. He was sleeping peacefully while I was still confused and nervous. Why wasn’t I able to sleep? I finally got what I wanted- be with Alexander, and now that I have him next me, something feels awfully wrong.


I lay on my back and looked at the ceiling. What is it that I’m supposed to do now?


What if I choose to become a vampire…would he change me?


The thought kept haunting my mind. What if he doesn’t want to change me? I felt a knot on my stomach; I pushed the blankets aside and stood up.


I walked up to the balcony, the night was silent, there was absolutely no sound at all, for a moment, it felt wrong, but then the night felt right.


I knew I was safe…for now, but I also knew that I was going to face with reality pretty soon.


Alexander said he loves me, but would his love be strong enough for him to change me or would my love be enough to want to change and be like him? Being a vampire would cause me to be away from my parents, but I understood what it meant and I’m ready to make that choice.



I have chosen Alexander, now it was time for him to change me in order for us to be together.


I heard footsteps behind me and I didn’t have to look to see that it was Alexander.


“Why are you outside this late?” he asked. He looked sleepy and tired.


I turned around to see him staring at me; I blushed immediately looking at how he looked.


His god-like figure made me tremble, and smiled. He was mine and mine alone. “I couldn’t sleep” He walked up to me and pulled me close into his arms, when he wrapped his arms around me tight, I moved mine, snaking my hands around his shoulders..


He bent and brushed his over mine with such tenderness that was making my knees go weak. “Let’s go back to bed” he whispered huskily.


I couldn’t do anything; I lost myself in his eyes. The brown shade of his eyes was mesmerizing. My love for him was greater than anything else, but I also knew that with love comes danger.


Especially for me, I may not be a vampire, but I was human or not, I’m going to fight to stay with Alexander. No matter what.


“Why did you leave me Alexander?” he stiffened. “Why leave me, when you said you loved me?”


“I had to Jane; it was the only way for you to be safe” “Safe? What could possibly hurt me?”


He looked at me and for a second I saw regret and sadness in his eyes. But what am I suppose to say now? I had to ask anyway.


“There are things in my world that are dangerous for you…we can’t always be together, I love you with all my heart, but I have to keep you safe first” “So…you’re planning on leaving me again?” I tried not to sob, my heart was aching.


“No…I don’t know…if we stay together, I’m putting you at risk and I can’t do that”


“Why? What is the thing that is keeping us apart? Don’t you want us to be together?” He looked away then, his eyes focused on the forest. I took a step back. He looked at me for a minute; there was anger in his eyes.


“I love you Jane, but there are others that want us to be apart”


“Then tell me, who are they?”


“I can’t tell you”


“Why not? What you are afraid of?!” I shouted. He flinched taking a step back.


“Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” I whispered while taking a step back.



I could hear the wind rushing, touching my face gently with a cold breeze. I inhale the smell of pines, the night was beautiful.


“I wanted to tell you, but there’s just so much…” At that moment, I heard at how vulnerable he sounded, it made my heart ache.


I slowly walked up to him. His eyes looked tired, leading up to black circles under his eyes, his brown eyes looked less lively; it was as if his soul was ripping apart. He let out a big sigh and looked at me.


Now what should I say? Is this how he wants to end our relationship? I wonder what he is hiding from me.


“Jane…If I tell you something…a secret, can you promise me that you’ll leave in the morning and never think of me again…that is if you don’t want to see me ever again”..


I almost chock at what he said, my heart started to accelerate and my mind was closing on me.


“What?” I asked shocked at what he was telling me. He said it again, this time slowly. I almost cry in front of him. Why is he telling me this?


Our eyes met and I knew that whatever he was going to tell me, was either going to make me run away from him or love him more.


I nodded and made my way slowly back to the room.


I could feel his presence behind me, trying to keep his distance from me, but at the same time I could feel his warmth and most of all…his love.


We sat on a mini living area, the fireplace behind us giving us light.


“Ok…tell me what it that you’re keeping from me is” I said quietly looking at him. .


He sighed, his eyes held so much pain…he looked lost and sad. “As you already know…I’m a vampire, my family belongs to an old clan of vampires. The Elite you could say…my real true name is Alexander Van Antwerp, that’s where I’m from…I’m from Romania, we all are. The clan that my family is part of is ancient…we have our home in Netherlands as well as in other countries. Remember when we first met? I was just a little boy when we first come here. My family loves to travel in search for new ways to keep our fortune going, my parents invested in many things. But when we first meet, my world was safe, we were all happy to be here.


Then everything went down, everything changed as soon as I got a word from my cousin…you see, my family doesn’t get along very well, we have our ups and



downs, but when it comes to my family, things change, we fight and don’t talk at all.


When I got the letter from my cousin, he told me how there were hunters back in Romania and a couple were started to emerge in the Netherlands. He told me…how his parents were killed and they were looking for him now…”


I felt sad for what he was telling me, all those things he keep from me and all to protect me.


“He was being haunted by hunters?” he nodded and kept going.


“He then told me how he decided to go to Spain and seek refuge for now. That was the last letter I got from him. It tormented me for a while, he was after all the only cousin that I have, but then things started to get strange. My parents decided that it was time for us to go back home for a while, but I couldn’t left you without telling you how much I loved you…I was devastated for leaving you, but I had to.


As soon as I got home, hunters were surrounding my house, they took over and with that they killed my relatives…everyone in the aristocracy. They murdered everyone except my parents and me.


They want to take everything away from my family, and since I’m the last one to have pure blood and the name of my ancestors, they…want to hurt me by getting to you” His eyes were red now…bloody red, he was truly protecting me…but he also lied to me..


How am I supposed to react at all of this?


There were a million things going through my mind, his soothing yet sad voice was making me regret being harsh on him.


But what was supposed to do when he left me with nothing but a bracelet. Becoming obsesses with vampire was another topic not worth discussing right now, but there were also all sorts of questions that I wanted to ask.


I needed to know everything. I’m sure there were more secrets to reveal, but I was welling to wait for him to tell me when he is ready.


My chest tightened a little at the thought of him leaving me. He looked lonely and scared.


I got up and took a few steps toward him; he looked up and immediately looked away.


“Hey”I said softly. When he didn’t look back, I trace my fingers lightly across his face. He closed his eyes and sighed.


“Alexander…please look at me” he turned very slowly until his gaze met mine. “Would you be able to forgive me someday?” he crocked voice made my heart squeeze very tight.



“There is nothing to forgive, I love you so much to lose you” he smiled then, giving me one of those smiles that almost melt my heart.


I grinned back at him. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.


“I love you” he said softly. His eyes were back to his regular brown shade color; his looks were back to normal.


I laughed. He raised an eyebrow looking confused.


“What’s so funny?”


“Oh, nothing…”


“Really?” he asked with a mischievously grin. I tried not to think on whatever he was planning to do next when all of the sudden his hands were tickling my sides. I tried to push him away, but he took it as a sign and kept tickling me. “Alexander…please…let…go” he chuckled and stopped. “C’mon, tell me what’s so funny?”


“It was nothing, I promise” He sighed and pulled me back. Our faces were inches from each other.


He smiled and stepped closer to me, his eyes flicking down to my lips. He was inching his head forwards slowly, his lips touched mine gently for a couple of seconds before pulling away.


“What are we going to do now?” I seriously asked. He sighed and pressed his forehead to mine.


“I can’t let you go, so you’re going to stay with me for now” I felt a rushed of happiness going through my system.


I smiled and kissed him with such force that I bet my lips are going to swollen by tomorrow.


His face brightened. “You are not taking me away from you for anything…but I still have more questions”


“What kind of questions?” he asked a little nervous. I giggled.


“About you…vampires in general”


“Ok, but I have to ask you something first” He looked nervous, his hand were shaking.


“Alexander, what’s wrong?” He didn’t respond; instead he knelt on one knee and took a small velvet box. I gulped.


“Jane, I’m sorry for not being there with you all this years, but I’m planning on not leaving you anymore…I want us to be tied, I’m not asking you to marry me yet, but I do want to ask you formally to not only be my girlfriend, but my soul mate…I want you to have this ring…” he opened the box to reveal a diamond ring



with a purple diamond in the center. “I want you to have this ring as a promise that I won’t ever let you go…ever”


I gasped.


Now what exactly should I say?..


Na u know oo





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