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My first true love


Chapter 22


“He did?” I asked. There was no way that Alexander would send anyone like this


without telling me first.


Does he not want to see me?


I felt a sudden knot on my throat; I contained myself, not wanting to cry in front of Derek. I nodded and walked out of the room.


I was surprised to see a long hallway in front of me, decorated with paintings and a few combat armor. The place looked medieval, and not a place that someone will use to keep kidnapped people.


I heard someone clear their throat and I immediately turned around. Derek looked concerned and with a warning look on his eyes. Was he a vampire too?


I decided not to ask, at least not yet and followed him until we came to a sudden stop.


“What is it?” I questioned nervously looking around. There were a few doors to my right and few to my left, but what surprised me to see was a huge door in front of us.


“Are you sure this is safe?” Derek shrugged. “We’ll just have to see”


He opened the door slightly; I brace myself, who knows what’s on the other side of the door, for all I know the guy that kidnapped could be there.


“Derek, I think we should go”


“Not until I get something”..




He sighed and entered the room, the interior was spectacular; the walls were covered with paintings of all sorts. I turned to my left and saw a huge fire place; it made the room warm and cozy in a very strange way.


“Stay here, don’t move, I just need to get…something and we’re leaving” Derek said rushing to the bookcase.


I stood in front of the fire place observing the room closely; I looked over at Derek and saw him going through all the books, opening and closing them. For whatever reason, he looked stressed and irritated, as if he was looking for something far more important than saving me.


“Is everything okay?” I asked, not quiet sure if I wanted to hear the answer, the time was ticking and if we dind’t get out of here on time, I was afraid we were not going to get out of here at all.


But he didn’t responde; he just kept going through all the books. I had a lot of questions, but this was not a good place to ask them.


“Derek, I don’t mean to be rude or anything like that, but we have to go, they could be back” I nervously said while walking towards him.


He looked relief as soon as he closed a red book, taking out a small brown velvet bag. He smiled and turned to me. “Now we can go”


I nodded and hurried for the door, we got out and started running down the hall, we passed down rooms. We stopped as soon as we saw a staircase going down, we tried not to make any noise as we walked down the stair case. I looked around the entrance, there was nobody around; Derek grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door. I gasped as soon as he opened the door, leading me outside.


There was definitely something wrong with the way that the house was empty all of the sudden.


The cold breeze hit my face, making my hair fly all over the place, the night was scary; there was something wrong.


“Derek, are you sure this is safe?” I asked glancing around. He stopped and turned to look at me. “Yeah, we just need to keep going or else we’re going to get caught” he replied.


I nodded and we kept going.


The garden outside the mansion was huge, statues of all sort were around the house making them scary to look at.



There were lots of question going through my head; the most important one of all was whether Alexander was going to get here soon.


As soon as we were out of sight, we arrived at a small cabin. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to be here or not.


“Are you sure we’re going to be safe here?” I asked looking at Derek.


“Yeah, we are going to wait for Alexander to get here, then we leave” his tone of voice made me doubt if he was really telling the truth or not.


“When is he getting here?”


“I don’t know, probably very soon” he said taking his cell phone out.


“Go upstairs; make yourself comfortable, I’ll be here if you need anything” I nodded and headed upstairs.


I chose to stay in one of the far end rooms. It was not so big, but it looked nice. I should probably take a shower, with that I headed to the bathroom and took a long warm shower.


Crap, now what am I going to wear?


Should I even go to sleep?


Walking back into the room, I collapsed on the bed, its soft sheets were melting me, and all I wanted to do was sleep.


A knock on the door woke me up; I stood up and glanced at the door. Should I open it?


Warily, I opened the door slowly, I was holding my breath not sure whether I should scream or run for my life.


I took a peek and saw Derek in front of me.


I let out a sigh of relief. “You scare me for a minute” “Yeah, will, someone is here to see you” he said grinning. Could this possibly be who I think it is?







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