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My first true love


Chapter 17


I nodded in response, Joe’s eyes got wide and both Bryce and Chloe smiled. I blushed, not wanting to see Joe, I hid behind Jack.


“Jane, you look….you look…amazing!” Joe said with a grin on his face.


“Really?” I asked, not really sure if I really wanted to know the answer.


“Of course you look amazing Jane” Jack said softly, while the others nodded. “Thanks”


“I don’t want to ruin the moment, but can we please go, we have a plane to catch” Marisa abruptly said.


Everyone got their bags and we headed to the airport.


“Jane, don’t worry about anything, this trip might end up doing good for you” Marisa whispered as soon as we took our sits.


“I know, thank you for everything Marisa” I replied, she smiled and nodded.



The trip took about six hours, for some reason Jack couldn’t take his eyes away from me for the entire trip, it was odd, but at the same time, it was making me blush.


“Jane, is there a particular reason why you changed the way you look?” he asked suddenly.


I froze for a moment, what you I tell him, that I did this to forget my first true love, or tell him that I needed a change?


“I…I….needed a change, do I look bad to you?”


“Of course not, I was just asking” I looked at Jack in the eyes and they had love in them, love that I hope to give back in return. I sighed and placed my head on his shoulder.


I was falling asleep when I heard him say. “I really like you Jane, I just wish you could trust me more”


I wanted to tell him that I trusted him, but there were things that I wasn’t really to


tell him just yet, but I couldn’t, maybe someday I will. I snuggled closer to him and


give in on sleep.




“Jane, wake up” I heard someone said, while shaking me gently.(Join Group) eyes fluttered open and I saw Jack in front of me.


“What is it?” I mumbled, trying to go back to sleep.


“We’re in California, we have to get out” I nodded,and stood up. Jack took hold of my hand as we headed out.


When we were finally out of LAX, it was night time, around 8pm. I could see lights everywhere, the buildings looked amazing, nothing compared to Oregon, this place was definitely amazing.


“Where are we going to stay?”I asked. Marisa turned to look at me and said. “We’re staying at The Huntley Hotel”


“I heard it’s a bit expensive” Joe said. Marisa shrugged looked back at me. “The name sounds weird, but it’s a beautiful hotel, it has an amazing view” she replied.


“Our cab will be here in a few minutes” Bryce said coming from behind us. Everyone got their things read as soon as we saw the cab coming. “Where are you guys going?” the driver asked.


“We’re heading to The Huntley Hotel” Joe replied.


“Ok” Through the entire trip, Joe kept making us laugh. After 30 mins, we arrived at the hotel.



Everyone looked tired, including myself, I just wanted to take a hot shower and sleep.


“So, who is going to sleep with who?” Joe asked eyeing me and Jack. I felt myself heating up. Marisa saw my reaction and started giggling.


“Well, we are six people, we can’t all stay together, so we can divide up into 2 persons per room”


I thought immediately that I was going to stay with Marisa, but I was wrong. Chloe picked Bryce to be her roommate, Joe turned around to see Jack, Marisa turned to see me, and immediately a smirk formed on her face. “I’ll stay with Joe” she said with a grin on her face.


“What?” I asked surprised. Jack stiffed next to me, and that’s when I stared getting uncomfortable.


“Jane, I’m sorry, but I need to talk to Joe, you guys are now together, it’s not a big deal if you guys stay in the same room for the night” Marisa said, giving me apologetic look.


I nodded, and grabbed Jack’s hand as we headed to our room. Once we got to the room, the air got even more uncomfortable. I looked at Jack and saw him feeling the same thing.


“Jack, we can look for another room, it’s not a big deal” Jack looked up, his big


brown eyes were making me tremble.


“It’s fine Jane, I’ll sleep on the couch”


“No, please, sleep on the bed, I don’t mind” he nodded and started to unpack his things.


I got my pj’s out and headed to the bathroom to change, after I came out, I gasped as soon as I saw


Jack wearing boxers and nothing else.


This is going to be a long night…







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