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My first true love


Chapter 12


Nothing is going to be the same; not having the person that I wanted in my life sucks. Not everyone makes the right decision in life. I chose to move on and that’s what I’m going to do.


I just have to give my heart a second chance to love and be happy.






It was Saturday morning and what does that mean? It means that Marisa was going to be here at any minute. Today we are going to the mall to get a few things before the trip to California.


She is always excited to go out, especially when she had the chance to actually pick good clothes for me to wear.


I change into my favorite floral dress and purple flats and I was ready to go.


“Come on Jane, it’s time to eat breakfast” my mom yelled from downstairs.


“I’m coming” I shouted back while getting my hair into a ponytail.


“Well, hurry up, Marisa is going to be here at any minute” I sighed and walked downstairs. Once I enter the kitchen, the table was full with food. Literally. “Mom, do you really expect me to eat all of this?” I questioned looking at all the food that was set in front of me.


“Jane, just sit down. John and I would be back later today, we have to go visit our


old neighbors” she said smiling.




“Yeah, the Roberts, they are back. Can’t wait to have a welcome party for them; they are going to be happy” I froze when she mentioned Alexander’s family.


But what shocked me the most is that they were here, I thought that Alexander was going to keep them away.


“Jane…are you there dear?” I mentally shock my head coming back to reality. “Yeah, I’m fine mom…say hi to them for me”


“I will, now eat something, you look very pale” I nodded and started to eat my pancakes. I was putting the things in the refrigerator when I heard the bell ring.



“Jane, can you get that-it must be Marisa” she said going upstairs to her room. I opened the door and looked up to see who it was. I smile when I saw Marisa. “Hey”


“Hey, ready to go?” she asked.


“Yeah, just let me go upstairs to brush my teeth and I’ll be back in a minute” she nodded and I went back to my room.


I grabbed my purse and went back downstairs. Marisa was waiting by the door holding a cupcake on her hand.




“That was my cupcake missy” I said playfully grabbing the cupcake from her. “You say it…it was your cupcake, now it’s mine” she said while taking it back. I frown and started to laugh, and soon we were laughing. “Ok, cupcake stealer, it’s time to go”


“Fine, cupcake eater” she said giggling. It might sound weird, but we always play like that; we laugh at things that are not funny to others sometimes, but that’s what makes us special.


“Hey listen, my mom is going to see the Roberts today” I said when we were in the car.


“Really? I thought Alexander was the only one here”


“I know, that’s what he told me”


Why did he lie to me?


“Let’s change the subject shall we?” Marisa said. I nodded.


“Ok, so what are we going to get?”


“I don’t know I just need a few clothes and shoes” She looked straight ahead and from the corner of my eyes, I could see a devilish smile forming on her.


This is not going to be good. I was going to ask that whatever she was planning it wasn’t going to work, but she stopped the car. “We are here!” she said excitedly.


I groan as soon as I saw tons of people coming out and going inside the mall.


Marisa laughed and grabbed my elbow dragging me inside.


“Marisa, look around, we are not going to survive in here….there are lots of people


everywhere” I complained.


She ignored me and I had no choice but to follow her.


We got to out favorite store Juicy Couture and bought a few necklaces and rings. Time went by so fast, it was around 3pm and we decided to go to an Italian restaurant.



We had already order our pasta when I saw Wendy talking to Jack. Then all of the sudden I remember that Jack works today, she knew about it and now she was going to steal Jack from me.


“Jane? Are you ok?” Marisa said waiving her hand in front of me. I nodded, but I still couldn’t keep my eyes away from Wendy and Jack, they seemed to like each other.


Marisa saw my reaction and turned around, she gasped and turned around quickly. “Jane, honey…are you okay? She is in big trouble” she said shacking her head. “What am I suppose to do now? She is all over him…what if she takes him away from me” I looked away not wanting to see how I was loosing Jack so quickly. “Jane, everything is going to be okay, maybe she just saw him and they started talking. It’s not like Jack is all over her”


She was right, but something in me was telling me that this was not going to be good.


I nodded. She smiled and we started having our pasta when suddenly I heard my


name being called.




“Hey, Jane, I didn’t know you were here. Hi Marisa” he said waiving at her.


“Hey Jack”


“Hi” I said.


“So, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me tonight?” he asked sounding surprisingly not shy at all. “I have a few things to do, but…”


“No, Jane…you have to go out, things might get tricker later and you don’t want to lose what you have” she said smiling. I knew what she was trying to do, keep Jack with me at all times would work.




“Cool, then I’ll pick you up at 7?”


“Yeah” he gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.


“Now try to keep him with you at all time” Marisa said.


“I kn…” I didn’t have time to fully reply, because there standing not so far from my table was Alexander kissing Wendy…

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