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chapter 30



Skyler POV


It’s been two months since Davis had been discharged.


We all went back to our lives ,with no fear of someone hurting us.


My baby bump is starting to show


And look chubby too


I woke up from my slumber and stretch out Abit.


Breakfast had already been served it was brought to my room by the maid


After taking my bathe I was clad in a loose floral gown


I packed my hair In a ponytail before heading downstairs



Davis called out to me almost immediately


“Baby am home!!” He said loudly


” It’s good to have you back it’s felt like you were gone for ever” I pouts


“Common sweetie don’t miss me that much am here now ” he said and placed a kiss on my glossy lips.


“Wanna take you somewhere dear come with me” he said and kissed my forehead


“Where could that be? Besides am not properly dressed yet” I muttered


“It doesn’t matter what you put on you will always look pretty to me,come now we don’t wanna be late baby”he said and sweep me off the ground unexpected


Where is he taking me to ??


He placed me on the passenger seat of the car and went over to the driver seat.


Looked extremely happy right now ,I wonder what’s up with him.




He drove for a couple of minutes and came to halt infront of Tiffany’s


“What are we doing here Davis” I asked curiously


“Relax baby it’s a surprise but first thing first I need to blindfold you in order not to ruin our suprise” he winked.


Huh! You not tryna kidnap me?” I said childishly


“Oh common baby just do it already and stop whining like a pregnant woman” he said placing a scarf on my eyes.


“Oh great am a pregnant lady so what are trying to say ?” I pouts.



He guided me to God knows where, suddenly we came to a stop I guess we’re inside Tiffany’s already.


“Are you ready for this baby ?” He whispered into my ear


” I was born ready ” I boasted


“Okay good 1,2,3” he said and removed the blindfold


I gasps on seeing the beautiful decorated place


“Suprise !!!!! Everyone chorus


“Happy birthday my love” Davis chip in


My family members, friends well wishers, Davis family too and lot of people too


“Woow I don’t know what to say” I said happily


“Now for your birthday present” Davis said and went on his knees






“Have never done this before,I don’t even know where to start from , Skyler gray I know have never the prince charming you have always dreamt about when you were a kid,.it’s true have been an asshole and womanizer in the past, thanks to you I’m an independent man now ,you made me realize somany things ,you thought me how to love and made my world shine bright and it will be a shame if you not by my side.am asking you here and now before the people MARRY ME SKYLER GRAY” I said nervously


He gasps as she used her palm to cover her mouth


Say yes ” I heard everyone murmuring


“No I will not” she said with a smile



I almost fainted


“Why ? I asked feeling uneasy


“Because am your bride already, kindly slide the ring into my finger” she said with chuckle


I haved a sign of relief


Everyone cheered happily,I stood and kissed her passionately Tears roll down her cheeks immediately


“Shh please don’t cry baby,I want you to know that I love you with all my life” I said and wiped off her tears before hugging her tightly


“I love you too hubby” she whispered into my ear






my crazy and erotic romance

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