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chapter 24





“Daddy? How did you get into my mansion, and secondly you not suppose to be in LA till next month ” I said angrily



I hope he didn’t come all the way from Paris to talk me outta my relationship with davis


“Skyler where have I gone wrong as a father huh, did he brainwashed you with his lies again that made so optimistic about him” he said calmly


“Listen to me for once dad, davis is not what you think he is or what you think they told you. He is the only person that has ever loved me from the heart” I said



But he kept quiet


“Mr gray am so sorry for whatever things you heard about me but the truth is I love


sky with all of me, am ready to go extra miles for her, please you more like a father to me therefore you have every right to be mad me” davis said


I could bet my dad was surprised



“Hmm so what about kelvin, that boy likes you too ” he said walking to my mini sized bar and helped himself to a drink


“what kelvin feel for me isnt love but lust daddy please try and understand me this one” I said with pleading eyes


“Oh don’t give me that look you know I can’t resist them fine bring in over to the house next week me and your mom would like to have dinner with him. Davis ion know what or how you did it cause haven’t seen my daughter so happy like this, I have accepted you as her man and don’t you ever think of breaking her heart or


you gonna loose your head” dad said and sipped from his glass


I screamed and jumped on him with so much happiness at last


“Thank You so much sir I promise to be best man in her life” davis said with a charming smile


“Thanks daddy you the best dad ever” I said and earned a chuckle from him



“Its okay my dear now if you don’t mind have got a flight to catch am off to Texas, see you next week ” dad said and winked before leaving in a hurry


I ran into the warm embrace of davis



Have never been so happy


“We did baby ” davis muttered into my ear



“I love You ” I said quietly


“I love you so much more ” he said and tickled my sides



I burst out laughing



mr gray


I guess those two deserve to be together


But kelvin doesn’t get this, you can’t force someone to love you


I didn’t leave the mansion completely I stood beside the pillars outside and watched how happy they we’re through the glass door.


I glance at my wrist watch before walking to my car my driver was already seated waiting


Also immediately I my cellphone rang I brought it out to see who it was


Speak of the devil, its Kelvin, I answered it and placed on my ear as I ordered my driver in audibly to drive



good day mister gray ” he said from the other side



how are you doing Kelvin ” I asked flicking through the magazine close to me



you should know the answer to that question since you failed to get skyler to fall for me ” he said rudely triggering my anger


mind Your tongue young man ” I warned



love can’t forced thats your problem if skyler decided to go for the man of her dreams, now if you would excuse me have got better things to think about ” I said obviously lost my temper


you will pay for this mister gray ” he said


Okay that’s it



excuse me young man you can’t threaten me remember I can get you locked with just a phone call now get lost and don’t ever show your disgusting faustrated face around my family. Good day” I said and hang up angrily


How dare that little brat try to insult me





One word for kelvin



my crazy and erotic romance


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