Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

❌ Xavier ❌


Oops! I just hope she doesn’t go far with the words I uttered . I didn’t even know when it slipped from my mouth but the fact is that i can’t help it anymore, I meant I love her when I said that .


I kissed her jawline yearning for more but as a friend I can’t go beyond that. Damn it!


Let go off me pervert!” She said and tried freeing herself from my hold but I was adamant in letting her go.


I’m scared, scared that if I tell her how I feel for her she will forever hate me , I wish I know if she have feelings for me also then it will be very perfect. Gosh how much I hate one sided love .


“Say that again and I will kiss you” I said and chuckled


You won’t dare ” she said and pushed me to the floor. Sometimes her guts amuses me so much.


I’m your boss remember”


That I know now get your lazy ass out of my office ” she paved way for me while I stood with hands crossed staring at her . She bit her lips which is very much enough to turn me on. What is this girl doing to me ?


Her soft and smooth skin I wish to touch and smack her to the wall taking her lips


into mine but that will only happen in my imagination .



Coming back later friend” I said and head out of my office. I need to get her real soon , I love her but afraid to tell her .












All the long it’s Jeanne on my head and I don’t know why , I want to ignore the feeling but I can’t, I want to distance myself from her yet I can’t , I want to say to her I only want her body but my heart says another. She’s not even my type yet it’s her I want to be with, it’s so confusing right? Why should I on Earth fall in love with the one girl I have another aim for putting aside what I really came for.


I don’t wanna f**k her again but I want her all to myself, I want her to be mine and I will get her when I discover she loves me too.


❌Jeanne ❌


I don’t understand what’s happening to me anymore Why does his touch affect me this deeply?


What’s this feeling I’m having towards him? I picked my handbag and head out for lunch .


I badly wanna take shrimp and it’s not in the company cafeteria, I will go to the nearest restaurant then.





I bumped into someone on my out.


“Sorry , I didn’t look where I was going” I said to the person without sparing him a glance.


Its okay by the way I’m Chris ” he said and began following me , really! But he wasn’t going to this way before


What did you want?” I snapped, I don’t get why he’s introducing himself without being told to.


C’mon I’m just tryna be friendly here ” he replied and smiled , he isn’t that bad anyways. He’s looking hot but not as Xavier.


Gosh! Why did I have to compare him with this dude now?


Jeanne ” I said and fasten my pace


That’s a lovely name , where are you heading to ? I can actually talk you there , my car is packed in front of us ” he said


Thanks but I’m okay walking to wherever I’m going” I replied


Can’t he see I’m not interested in talking to him?


I mean no harm pretty please” he begged and held my wrist. Can this day get any better ?


Fine ! I’m heading to the restaurant” I said and sigh in defeat.


Okay then , I’m famished also we can have lunch together” he said and opened


the car door for me and I entered. He must be rich as well .


Did you work for Mr Xavier?” He asked .


Yes why?”


Nothing I just wanted to ask how he’s doing” he said and shrugged.



“Okay he’s fine ” I replied while his expression changed.


“Fine? You mean… Never mind” he said sharply and I can see anger in his attitude already.


What’s up with him? Didn’t he want my boss to be fine?


Any problem?” I queried


Naaa! I’m fine ” he faked a smile while I did same.


Something is off about him and it’s really scaring the crap out of me .














” Thanks for the lunch and ride back” I said to him .


He’s a very lively person, imagine he made me laugh with his unending jokes I don’t know where he got them from and being a gentleman, he paid for my meal and offered to bring me back to the office. Isn’t that sweet?


You are welcome pretty but I need a favour please” he said




Your digits ” he replied while I mouthed an ‘ O ‘.


“If you wouldn’t mind ” he added .


Of course not ” he handed his phone to me ass I typed down my number.


Thanks , I will give you a call later then I’m very grateful pretty ” he waved and left while I shook my head.



















Why for heaven sake did you bring me to your home Xavier ” I said and glared at him . He’s being the one taking me home since we became and he decided to bring me to his own home today.


Chill babe will you? I don’t bite ” he replied and sat down comfortably on the sofa


I just want you to spend a night here and help me with some shores ”


Did I look like your maid? Get me home already” i said but he grabbed me and sat me in his thigh .


What the hell!


W .h..what. doing?” I stammered . I wish my voice is a human being right now, i could have beaten the living out of it for betraying me this terrible minute.


You talk too much Jeanne” he said and bite my lip while a loud moan escape my mouth.


He traced his hand inside my shirt and fondle my br**st as I sat there unable to say or object to what he’s doing right now because I think I’m enjoying his touch. Hi He kiss my cheeks , neck , earlobe down to my jaw and before you know it , you turned me . I don’t know how but I was now lying on the couch with him on top of me .


He captured my lips and kissed me tenderly as one of his hand caress my inner thigh .


We were so engrossed in the make out we didn’t even know when the door cracked open until someone cleared her throat…



Oh my goodness, mum they are just friends ” Minky said while she and her mum burst out laughing.


In a swift , we were already on our feets with my face flushed in embarrassment.

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