Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

❌ Jeannie ❌


Its been almost a week now since I accepted Xavier as my friend and we cool. He’s such a lively fellow and I think I’m at least liking him now . I mean like okay Right now I’m getting ready waiting for him to come cause we will be going to where I don’t know according to him .

He said it will be a surprise to me and I’m anxiously awaiting the surprise.


I trust him a little now to know he won’t hurt me nor try taking advantage of me, I can’t really tell but it seems I’m connected to him somehow I can’t place exactly. Whenever he’s with me , I become timid and nervous especially if he touches or come close to me . Jeez! I don’t know the feeling but I don’t like either




I heard a knock on my door and stood up to get to it. I’m sure it will be Xavier so I took my hand bag along with me .


I just put on a simple gown with no makeup or makeover and it looks good on me, thou the mirror said that .


Oh my goodness! Jay you look pretty in this gown ” he said immediatetly I opened the door.


My face almost turned tomato but I covered it up with a smile face palming myself shyly. I don’t know why he feels like calling me that name anyways, he says he love it that way .


I can’t believe the Xavier I know can change this much just in a week and some days



“Thanks , you don’t look bad either ” I replied taking in his appearance, he still remains the hottest dude I’ve known do far anyways but today in this very suit makes him more handsome


Really !” He said


Yeah I ain’t joking here ” I said and rolled my eyes


Thank you pretty, I know I have always been a handsome guy” he replied and winked .


Gross” I said walking towards his car


This way pretty ” he opened the passenger side for me while I sat down before he entered into the car and drove off


You still don’t wanna tell me where we are going to exactly?” I asked


No Jay , you find out yourself” he said and focussed back on the road as I sigh in defeat looking outside the window .


He’s so tough gosh!






We drove about a mile before he entered into a huge mansion .


Hope this guy isn’t gonna use me for rituals?


Here we are ” he said coming out of the car while I did same


Where are we Xavier ?” I asked fearfully.


You scared pretty? ” He said and chuckled


We are at my mum’s” he said again while i gasped. His mum’s house? Why did he bring me here huh? Oh my God! I’m dead already.


What if they don’t like me?



He could have told me to dress gorgeously now look at the dress I’m wearing. How is his family like ? his mum and sister?


” Why did…”


You ask too much Jay , you are a friend and it’s not bad bringing home a friend is it?” He said while I shook my head


Don’t worry, they will fall in love with you immediately pretty” he said encouragingly as I nodded.


He took my hand into his while we walk into the house. I’m nervous as hell.


What will I say when I come face to face with Mrs Gracia Rong ?


I’m home every one ” he said as we entered the sitting area .


A middle-aged woman I assume to be his mum came from a direction with a wide smile.


My legs were betraying me as if I’m gonna fall down any time..


Xavier son I missed you ” she said and hugged him so tight while I stood there watching them display mother-son’s love .


I miss you too mum how have you been?” He asked but the woman’s attention was already diverted to me .


What do I say now God


Good day ma’am” I said nervously slightly bowing my head.


How are you daughter?” She asked and gav me a slight hug .


I’m fine ma’am”


“You can call me mum or better still Gracia but not ma’am , it makes me look old ” she said and chuckled


” Okay ma..mum”



You should have a sit hunny ” she said as Xavier and I said beside each other. The way she looks at me makes me embarrassed and shy . I wish I knew this is where Xavier was bringing me to, I could have politely refused.


A Maid brought a drink for us, I’m shy


And she is?” She said facing her son


Oh mum meet Jeanne, my friend ” he answered smiling at his mum.


I thought he will actually introduce me as his PA but he did as a friend. So sweet of him .


A Friend! ” She eyed both of us suspiciously while i shook my head . I know what she’s thinking of already.


But you have never brought a female friend home before son”


And I just did mum ” he replied her . This is really embarrassing and as much as a s£x God he is or was he never brings a lady home? That’s amazing


You are welcome daughter and I love you already for the fact that you are a reserved lady , I’m sure you will make a good wife for me son ” she said while I choked on my spit .


Jeez! Wife ?


This woman is a joker


Mum she’s just a friend” he replied and crease his forehead before staring at me. As soon as our face met , I looked away.


I know right ”


Xavier!” A girl called coming down the stairs.


I guess it should be the sister, I haven’t met them before if not now.


” Minky” he said as the girl hugged him



When is the wedding already because I know you will settle for this beauty here. You sure love her bro don’t you?” She said in a breathe without a hi from me . Jeez! I can see she’s a really chatterbox.


Why did I come here in the first place .


Which wedding? You are crazy mink ” he said


Your wedding of course! ” She replied facing me


I Know my brother love you erhhm”


Jeanne ” I told her .


Okay Jeanne , my brother here loves you but he’s very stubborn in admitting his feelings, give him sometimes and I promise he will confess his love for you” she said


Shut up Minky ” he mother yelled .


We just came to say hi mum and as you can see , mink is driving us away. See you soon mum” Xavier said standing up while I did same .


This family is sure crazy.


Don’t mind her son you know how she talks”


Yeah but I’m having a meeting in 20 so we have to go okay we will come see you some other time ” he said hugging her .


He didn’t have any meeting, I guess he lied seriously but I like it though.


That lady wants to give me a heart attack .




Yes mum ”


See you soon Jeanne I want to discuss something with you” Minky said.


The name loose funny and i don’t know why they call her that .


I nodded as both her and her mother pulled me into a hug.










I sigh as we entered the car . I don’t wish to come back there again .


I’m sorry for my mum and sister” he said


It’s no problem I mean…”


We heard a gun shot at the front of our car as we drove out of the mansion.


Have I ever told you I don’t get along with gunshots? Well yeah that’s true.


We exchanged glance and checked our front only to see four masked men holding guns ready to shoot us I guess


My heart began racing as Xavier stayed shocked .


He tried turning his car but it was too late when he was shot in the arm .





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