Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

❌ Xavier ❌


I hit my desk so roughly that my hand hurts but that’s not what I care about right now …


How do I f**king prove to Jeanne that I’m worth being her friend?


I don’t know what’s happening to me anymore and I think I’m loosing my mind already. I just can’t get how she can be the one out of numerous ladies that her word has affect me now I wish to change.


It wasn’t my plan but I don’t know why it’s turning this way


How do I change huh? I just can’t leaving without having a lady to warm myself a day


The change might be good for me also , I mean what happened if I settle down? I will learn to control my d**k right? So it should start from now . I need to change, a good change ..








❌Jeanne ❌


It’s been two days since the incident happened between me and boss Xavier and we haven’t spoke much .


He talk less, interact with people only on business and comes to work without seeing him with any lady like he does everyday


Isn’t that a great improvement? But I’m sad he doesn’t talk to me like we use to I don’t know why but it bothers me .


“But you were the one that asked him to prove himself” my subconscious mind said


Yes that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t talk to me ” I replied


He’s amending and might come around soon ” it said again


When , when could that be huh ? ” I shouted


Don’t tell me you’ve falling for him ” it repeated


Enough of the nonsense” I battled between myself and shook my head. How can my mind says I’ve falling for him or am I ? No right


That’s a stupid thought, I dismissed everything and went back to work . I don’t want him shouting at me later or demanding for something I can’t give .Gosh I can’t seems to even concentrate anymore as my mind keeps drifting to him . What’s happening to me ? I face palmed myself and closed the laptop.


Today has ended and I think it’s time to go home and cool off my head, it has taken enough already and I can’t stress it any longer.






























Oh my God kill me already !” I shouted holding my breathe while Xavier was laughing his ass out ..


What the hell!” I said and paused looking at him who was still laughing uncontrollably.


How did you come into my house? Are you some kind of thieves who break into people’s house? ” I asked . Isn’t this surprising to open your locked door only to see someone sitting comfortably inside your house?


You are such a scary cat pretty” he said and chuckled


You haven’t answered my question , how did you get in here?” I asked again while he shrugged


It’s no big deal to enter your house pretty and it doesn’t matter now does it?” He asked and sat down back checking something on his phone .


I really need to be cautious, but I didn’t even sleep at the office how did he now get


my keys ? Or he have some spares to all type of keys …


You might be wondering why I live alone.


Well, I’m just the only one in this world , no parents not siblings just me .


So why are you here ?” I asked changing the topic .


Can’t I visit a friend?” He said and smirked . I haven’t given him the little of a friend and he’s already parading himself as my friend .


Friend in deed ” I rolled my eyes


Can you at least give me some water?” He asked smilling at me while I glared at him stylishly checking him out. He isn’t bad anyways after all he’s been given the most handsome guy since when I don’t know .


I stood up to the kitchen bringing a glass of water .


Here ” I handed him the water but instead of him to collect it, he kept staring at me creepily without blinking an eye which makes my legs go jelly and my heart beat faster


Uhhm” he murmured and collected the water .


This is so uncomfortable, I wonder why he broke into my house in the first place. (Join Group)


Can you please tell me the actual reason you are here?” I questioned avoiding an I contact with him because I know it will only worsen this good Forsaken situation.


Jeanne , I’m trying hard to change just to please you so why don’t you just give me a chance to be your friend please no benefit” he said and I was forced to laugh . What’s no benefit? I mean are they still friends with benefit?


Only a friend and no crossing of limits ” I said


Only friends pretty” he replied


Deal ”


Chris POV


How can that man whore be all over my woman ?


I fumed I’m anger pacing about in my office.


He can’t take my woman away from me .


Jeanne is mine and mine alone , and I must get her .


I can’t loose her to him , she’s my betrothed and only me shall she remain with .


Xavier Rong, you might be rich but I’m powerful than you are . Watch your back because I’m coming for you, I can’t let you take what mine . Never ” I shouted and smoked from my shisha pot …

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