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It was really getting interested, people still stop by to say hello, mama finally made the ukazi soup, my favorite, just the way i likes it, the oha tree has being cut down, bushes that are close to the house were being cleared, renovation was on going, everyone is helping out for the upcoming big day, my happiness is almost full because i can’t wait to live a happy ever after life with Victor, I’m smiling right now and i know God too was also smiling because he made everything beautiful in his own time,


Ada still comes around, just like today she has being around helping out in any way necessary, Ada will be my Chief brides maid, I have already told her and she was so happy, dancing as if she win a lottery, she cant wait for the D-Day to come,


just as everyone is looking forward to that too, in two days time Victor and his people will be here, I have missed him, just the same way he sings it to my ears any time he calls, i equally misses him and i can’t wait to be officially yoked together with him in a holy matrimony


Mama has reminded me again about Zarky going to drop her and bringing her back too from the meeting hall, I told Zarky and he was willing to do my biddings ,



mama made the ukazi soup that morning before leaving with Zarky, who she has bribe that she will find an Igbo wife for him, he was happy as mama becomes his new Paddy,


After sometime, mid afternoon I felt hungry and was salivating already just thinking of my soup, as i entered the kitchen my younger ones also followed suit, they also wanted part of the soup, so i dished for everyone, papa wasn’t around, so i made his own food and cover it in a food flask where it will still be warm when he comes back,


As i balanced to eat Ada came flying down, washing her hand that she want to eat too,vi told her to join me but she said she wanted her own just the same way i dished for my siblings, that she also want her own,


So i asked her to go and dish herself because i don’t want any disturbance, Ada left to the kitchen to serve herself, I started enjoying my food, my phone was ringing, my kid sister brought it for me, it was Victor, so I washed my hand leaving my food as I went to answer the call,


I was still on phone when Zarky drove in with mama, mama wasn’t alone, like four other women where with her, Ada’s mother inclusive, I told Victor who I was still talking with on the phone, that my mum just came in with Zarky and he said i should give her phone so that he can greet her, mama was too happy to be on phone with her soon to be son Inlaw, mama was still on phone when my three younger ones came, they all want to talk with “uncle victor” I allowed them to take their chances, victor said he can’t wait to meet them in person,


Ada’s mother was among the women that came back with mama, immediately i was done with the call i went to greet them. They hugged me and they all seem happy,


The women where sitting close to where i left my food uncovered so I moved a little bit from them close to where Ada was sitting and eating too, I continued eating without a care to the world, Ada’s mother was looking at me so i offered her some she laughed and said she was fine, i actually bought a wrapper, hand bag and shoe for her of which i gave Ada to give her plus other things Ada also bought for her, she thanked me for the things i got for her, mama served them kola, which



comes in biscuits, groundnuts and malt, juice or soft drinks, depending what the person wants


I was still eating, enjoying my meal when i felt a hard strike below my abdomen, I presume is probably from the way i was sitting and eating, I drank some water and sat properly, the strike came again and again, I drank water again and hit my chest, is probably me eating and leaving the food to go and receive call, the food probably got choked up, I keep drinking water until I finished the drinking water in front of me,


but this time it became so deadly, my stomach was on fire,


I couldn’t even stand up, something hooked me twisting all my intestines, “what is wrong with me,


I started wondering within me as i held my stomach, Ada who was watching me now asked if i was okay before i could answer her the last one that sent me to the ground came like thunder storm, I fell from the chair,


I was on seizure, my whole body shakes, I started fuming like soap in my mouth, people where shouting, mama was screaming, my siblings were crying, but strength was gradually leaving my body,


everything around me was becoming cloudy, all I could here is “give her red oil, it looks like she has eaten poison, blood is coming out from her nose and mouth,


bring red oil… bring water, bring salt…


They keep shouting orders, as I felt someone trying to pull some liquid into my mouth, some where pouring cold water, I tried again to open my eyes, but everywhere was so cloudy that i can hardly see anybody, all i keep hearing is poison, bring this and that,


How can i eat poison, the same food mama prepared herself, I dished for myself and for my young ones, the same food Ada also ate, why are other people not affected by the poison, why me, what kind of poison is that, why is it only me that ate poison among all the people that ate the food, did the poison fall from up,



who will want to poison me, how possible is that, I’m a good person, my family are good people,


who will want to do such thing, what is going on….


why now that everything is going on well, when everybody seem so happy with me, what kind of poison is that…


when I’m planing my wedding which is taken place by next week, why is the noise reducing… Why can’t i see clearly…something is wrong


I tried to shout but nothing came out, I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t, I was gradually loosing strength, a strong arm lifted me up from mothers arm,


I presume it was Zarky, the last thing i heard was they were taking me to the hospital, and i can feel Zarky was speeding, people were crying and i can also hear mama shouting my name,


I wanted to answer her and to let her know i will be fine…but I can’t make any noise.


What is happening to me, oh my God…darkness”>darkness was coming with force, the noise was becoming dim, is this how dying feels like,


“God please I don’t want to die, please help me Lord, I’m scared…I don’t want to die, please Lorrrrrr


I finally blacked out.














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