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Episode 1


“Its really big city, what do you expect?” Ana said.


I was looking for a house and for the meantime, I was squatting with my friend Ana for a while until I found my a house of my own. Ana was a very accommodating person but I knew I couldn’t stay there for long else the pain of seeing her married to David would kill me. That thought alone ran shivers down my spine. I just wanted Ana out of the way, that’s all.


A knock on the door brought me back to reality. It was David. My heart skipped a bit. I was madly in love with David. I don’t know if he realized that.


“How could he have fled and gotten married to this no good pretty girl?” I thought to myself.


“How was your day sweetheart?” Ana said, hugging David and collecting his bag. I felt anger in me as they were hugging each other.


My mom would always say, “Trisha let things be the way they are because God has a reason for everything”. But now, I’m not so sure I want to enterntain what she said. I wanted David so bad.


But he barely notices me. I was really confused. “Is this not the same David that promised me heaven on earth?” I asked myself.



I already sat for dinner and was waiting for Ana and David. Ana came down alone without him. “Where’s David?” I asked, dishing the food out. “Oh he’s so tired, you know he’s a workaholic” she replied. “Yea. When does he even rest?” I said faking a laugh. “Anyway, he’s on a break tomorrow. Finally some time to have him to myself” she said beaming with smiles. I wasn’t smiling with her. I had to find a way to get her out of the way tomorrow so I can have a talk with David.


Dinner was over and everyone retired to bed except me. I quickly rushed down the stairs and went outside. I messed a little with her car so it would delay her tomorrow when coming back from the market. “Smart plan Trish, smart plan” I said to myself, smiling. Then I retired to my room.




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