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Friends(Episode 5)


Written By :Tumelo


That Resulted in Dacia losing faith in Castro 🙁 . Things were no longer sweet like before , the way things were tense breaking up was just a solution. But with Blessing we saw sparks of love still flashing up.


[ Dacia & Castro under the tree on Friday afternoon]


Dacia: Castro I might not know what’s the man but I doubt you’re one :/


Castro: Please Darling , what did you expect me to do huh 😮 ? We all know , the


school knows they’re crazy. & im not trained to call crazy people into order , come


you know I love you.


Dacia: whatever mxm.


Castro: Come on my juicy lady :p . Just imagine when my mom calls you to ask how’s our love huh ?


Dacia: I’ll tell her you’re just a man because there’s shortage of mens out there :/ .


[ Dacia always wanted to talk to Castro’s mom but Castro was not allowing it. Since she was forcing , Castro faked his voice pretending to be his Mother always when Dacia thought she’s talking to her mother in law just for control 😀 ]


Castro: 🙁 Aouch darling let me just go home , you’re just like a lion to my world.


Dacia: So what’s the use of dating a lion huh ??


Castro: (aggresively ) you’ll have to show some respect when you talk to me right ? ( points finger) i’ll end up doing this ( slaps her on the face) >_< . Dacia: (tilts her face down) Ahh Castro , why did you slap me?


Castro: 🙁 im sorry.


(She just turned around & leave )



Later on that day Castro was not having any appetite for food. He asked his mom’s phone ( Castro had no Phone) & dial 084 553 **69 .


Dacia: Helo?


Castro: 😮 its Castro , please don’t hang.


Dacia: Prrrr.


Castro: Im Sorry About earlier , I lost my temper.


Dacia: I know.


Castro: So you mean you’re not angry with me?


Dacia: no im not.


Castro: 🙂 Oh thanks… [ you have reached your call limit… (hangs) ] shit >_< .


Atleast 🙂 my babe is understanding.


Tomorrow morning Castro sent “please call me” to Billy , & he called.


Castro: Eish achuz I made the biggest mistake in the universe.


Billy: 😮 you killed someone?


Castro: 😀 tsek. I slapped Dacia yesterday.


Billy: 😮 Eh I think #wa_fetsa_ware_wantlwaela (you disrespect me) 😀 .


Castro: Hahaha :v Eish boss but we are fine now.


Billy: its better dude let me save this airtime I wanna call you aunt (Betty) 😀 .


Castro: fresh , monday.


Around 4pm Castro went to the shop to buy R5 worth of airtime to call Dacia.


Castro: Hey babes :p


Dacia: Are you out of your mind?


Castro: 😮 Thought you said you’re not angry with me.


Dacia: Yes but just know its over between us.


Castro: what 😮 ? Nooo.


Dacia: yes (she hangs)


Castro sadly 🙁 he called again.


Castro: Dacia?


Dacia: (Radio) you’re listening to Metro fm now on … (Castro hangs & call again)


Castro: Dacia?


Dacia: I don’t wanna talk to you anymore Castro so please get a life >_< . (she hangs).


Eish Castro was in trauma now. Dacia was not in a position to can understand anything coming from Castro. Poor Castro decided to Call one more time.


Dacia: Which language do you understand best Castro?


Castro: Nah I was just letting you know im going to kill myself.


Dacia: :v :v good decision indeed.


Castro: Xap ( he hangs)


Castro didn’t know what to say or do because he realy loved the girl , while he’s busy thinking what’s best way to overcoming that tragic , Dacia sent a “please call me” ( her friends advised her to do so because they thought Castro might do it). 😮 😮 “Call back ?” Surprised Castro said. Castro fastly he thought of an idea, he didn’t call Dacia upon recieving the Call back. But after 8mins he called & pretended to be his mother.


Dacia: Castro… (Cuts in )


Castro: ( soft voice) oh Dacia my child Castro just gave me this phone now & tells me he’s going to find some fire woods on the mountain. Dacia: 😮 yhoo. What is he having in hand?


Castro: (soft voice) uhm he’s just having the AXE & ROPE nothing more.


Dacia: ( her heart sunk) pleeeease stop him (shouting)


Castro: huh 😮 why?


To be continued tomorrow





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