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[ The Wedding Day ]


Semi final


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


What in Tarnation!?


Is Miguel…Miguel is proposing to me?


But do I say yes!?


He gave you a job.”


He saved your sister.”


He gave you a car and a house.”


And I do have a tingy amount of feelings for him.”


The least I can do to say thank you is to marry him. Maybe along the course, my feelings will grow for him.


Yes, I’ll marry you.” I replied and everyone at the restaurant who’s attention were now on Miguel and I clapped loudly when I agreed to the proposal.


Miguel with a grin, slid the ring unto my finger and rose to his feet. He stretched his arms wide and I got up and hugged him.


I love you Crystal..” He whispered into my ears.


I never thought I’d say this but…I love you too.” I whispered and he hugged unto me tighter.


After hugging for what seemed like forever, we disengaged and he crashed his lips on mine as the crowd cooed “oohs” and “aahs”



You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He added and the crowd “awwed” and we hugged again.



Lolita’s POV:



I’ve been in Miguel’s house since morning. The reason why I’m still here is because Miguel told us he’s gonna propose to Crystal and I wanna be one of the first people to tell her congratulations!


And another reason why I’m still here is that I’m hoping that I could talk to Daniel when he’s back from playing tennis.


The door opened and Daniel came inside carrying a big bag full of his tennis stuff. He didn’t notice that I was in the living room, so he casually walked up the stairs.


Hi.” I said and he was startled and let out a short yelp.


Hi, you scared me.” He replied turning back as he slowly came down the stairs.


Besides, why are you talking to me? I thought you’re still blaming me for Crystal’s death?” Daniel added and I sighed and got off the couch.


Well I was blaming you until the doctor told me there was a mistake and Crystal was alive.” I said and he arched his brows in disbelief.


I won’t believe it till I see it.” He said and I checked my watch. It’s getting late so Crystal and Miguel should be back anytime soon.


Well soon you will, in about fifteen minutes from now.” I said with a smile and he nodded then proceeded upstairs.


Wait..” I said softly and he paused halfway up the stairs without facing me.


About what you asked me the other day…at the wedding hall.” I said nervously and he sighed and faced me.



I asked you to marry me and you told me no because of Crystal?” He said and I nodded.


Yeah, but hey…I’m ready to start a life with you now, if you’re still willing.” I said and he chuckled.


I thought you choose Crystal over me? Why don’t you go marry her now since she’s alive.” Daniel said sarcastically and I sighed.


It’s not like that Daniel…”


Then how is it? How is it Lolita?”


Daniel I really love you! And after I was told you were shot, I cried endlessly day and night because I thought I had lost the one I loved! The one I saw in my dreams every night, the one that nearly cost me my friendship with Crystal, the one that makes me smile and took my heart away just in a short moment of time that I got to know him. The one that….” I couldn’t complete my statement because Daniel shut me up by suddenly crashing his lips on mine and kissing me. I kissed him back enjoying the moment. I felt him put something on my finger.


You talk to much.” He said after disengaging from the kiss. I looked at my finger and saw the ring on it and I hugged him.


I love you so much!” I said as I hugged him.


I love you too!” He replied enjoying the moment.


The door opened and Miguel and Crystal came in. Daniel and I disengaged from the hug and faced them.


Is that a ring I see?” I asked as I spotted a ring on Crystal’s finger.


I think I spy a ring on someone’s finger as well!” Crystal said looking at my ring. We embraced each other and hugged as we squealed and giggled elatedly.


Imagine two best friends getting engaged on the same day!


Magical huh?


I feel so left out right now! I’m the only one in this room who isn’t engaged.” Chelsea said as she came in with a bucket filled with ice blocks and three bottles of wine in it.


Don’t worry, the right man will come along lil sis.” Daniel said as he wrapped his arm around Chelsea’s shoulders and brought her closer to himself.


Who wants a drink!” Miguel yelled as he brought some glass cups from the bar.


We do!” Everyone else in the room yelled. Miguel took a bottle of wine and popped it. We all cheered and clapped due to the loud “pop sound” it made when it was opened.


Miguel poured the wine into five glasses and each of us took one.


A toast, to the celebration of love!” Miguel added as we raised our glasses in the air.


Cheers!” We yelled as we clinked our glasses together and drank our wine happily!




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Miguel, Chelsea, Daniel, Lolita and I drank merrily and happily celebrating happiness and the new future ahead!


Soon, the celebration was over and it was time for Lolita and I to go home. But before we do that, there’s someone I need to make peace with.


Daniel had gone upstairs to his room so I decided to follow him.


Will he even want to talk to me?


Well he’d better, He’s like the bad guy.


He is responsible for what happened to me…sorta


With shaky hands, I knocked on the door.



Who is it?” He asked from inside.


It’s Crystal.” I replied. He didn’t say anything but few moments later, the door clicked open and Daniel’s face peered out.


Hey.” He said and I rolled my eyes.


Aren’t you gonna let me come in?” I asked and he sighed then opened the door wider and I came in.


Nice room.” I complimented looking around as I came in.


Thanks. Now what are you doing here?” He asked sternly as he shut the door.


Don’t be rude okay? Because of your little hide and seek game I nearly lost my life so if anyone has to be rude it’s supposed to be me.” I said to him and he sighed then sat on his bed.


Why are you here?” He asked a little bit lightly.


To say…well something I don’t usually say.”


Which is?”


I’m sorry.” I said and he exhaled deeply.


I’m sorry too. I got so angry with what was happening I didn’t know my actions would hurt someone and make me the bad guy.” He said and I smiled.


It’s okay…friends?” I asked stretching out my hand for him to shake it.


Friends..” He replied shaking it.


I have to go now. Lolita is waiting for me downstairs.” I said and he nodded, waved ‘bye’ at me and I turned to leave.


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Kylie’s POV:


I was in my living room watching TV when my phone started ringing. I checked the caller and it was Chelsea.


Ugh! Why can’t she get the message that I don’t want anything to do with her!” I thought looking at the phone.


For righteousness’ sake I’ll answer it.” I said and swiped answer.



Hi traitor” I said to her as I answered the call.



Look Kylie, I know you were the one who sent killers to come manhandle and assassinate us. But let me tell you this, your darn plan didn’t work!


What are you talking about? I don’t know a pinch of what you’re talking about.” I lied and she chuckled.



Oh you will know what I’m talking about by the time the police catches up with you!


What do you mean?



What I mean is that I’ve told Miguel about everything the two of us have done to Crystal!


How could you?” I asked her and she laughed.



Now you’ll get a taste of your own dang medicine!



I agree with you that I’ll be getting the taste of my medicine but you as well will have a taste! I’m not going down without you, I promise you that.


Let’s wait and see how that goes.” She said and hung up.



What a scummy b*tch! I can’t believe she told on us.” I cursed as I dropped my phone.


My phone rang again and this time the caller was that dingbat Aaron!


Why are bad news just calling me today!” I yelled and I swiped answer. Hey Kylie.


Hi Aaron. What can I do for you?” I asked coldly and he sighed. I just heard recently, that you’re carrying my baby.


Who told you that?



Crystal did! I’m so happy. At last a junior Aaron. Whatever, I’m planning to abort the child.


You do no such thing!



Why? I wouldn’t wanna be a baby mama and most importantly, I won’t wanna raise a fatherless child.



That was harsh in many ways. But I understand what you’re saying. I’ve always wanted to be a father and this is an opportunity I won’t wanna waste, do not do anything to the child do you get me?


What makes you think I’m gonna listen to you?



I’ll be flying down to New York soon and when I arrive, I’ll tell you why you must listen to me.


Whatever dude, just get off my line.” I said and hung up.



Rubbish!” I added tossing the phone to the couch. Unknown POV


The wedding preparations for Crystal and Miguel’s union and Daniel and


Lolita’s union began immediately.


They agreed that Crystal and Miguel will get married first then afterwards, Daniel and Lolita will get married.


On the other hand, Aaron told Kylie he was gonna marry her even though he has no feelings for her but just for the sake of the unborn child, he is willing to take the journey.


Kylie agreed to be Aaron’s wife but she has one more thing to do….



Fast forward


A Month Later




Yes! Yes! Yes!


The D-Day is here and as you guessed right, today’s Miguel and Crystal’s wedding day!


It was an exquisite and top class wedding! Even more fancier than the initial marriage to Kylie!


Crystal is so lucky!


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled looking at the woman I had become over the last twenty-seven years!


I’m getting married today to whom I had least expected! Who would’ve thought that I’d be getting married to Miguel? No one right!


I’m sure mother, father, Selena and Sam wherever they are, are happy watching me attain a new height in life.


Mrs. Crystal Miguel Nicholas…” My subconsciousness added and I smiled.


Crystal! It’s time!” The door opened and I heard Angelica say.


I’m coming.” I replied and she left. I took one last gaze at myself before I finally became a Mrs.


Satisfied with everything, I smiled and left my dressing room.



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…



Fast Forward…






Do You Mr. Miguel Carlos Nicholas take Ms. Crystal to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest asked and Miguel grinned at me.


Yes I do.” He replied.


Do you Ms. Crystal Happiness DeMarquez take Mr. Miguel as your lawfully wedded husband?” The priest asked.


Yes I do..” I replied.


I now pronounce you husband and…”


WAIT!!” Someone yelled from the audience and we turned back to see…













The Devil’s



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