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Episode five




I sat on a black sofa and thought hard on what to do.


He has a ball next weekend and he at least go with a lady so it can show the world that I’m really trying my best.


I went to my room and sat in front of the PC in a corner of the room and opened a dating site with is name.


Soon a lot of ladies were suggested. I picked a handful and contacted them immediately, telling them to meet in the house a day after the other each.


I made a mental note to always have a notebook and pencil with me.


I targeted he’ll be in the living room when it’s time for a movie series. Guess I thought wrong, he eventually came to the living room one minutes before the SpongeBob SquarePants program.


The door bell rang and I ushered in the first lady.


“Who’s this?” He suddenly flared up “what’s she doing here?”


“I brought her so I can study your behavior and know your kind of ideal woman.”


“Show her the way out” he took on a dangerous note, the temperature of the room went down by degrees, making the air cold.


I turned to face the girl but she was nowhere. The sound of the door opening and closing confirmed my thoughts. She had ran away.


“Is this why they’re afraid of you?” I asked “you’re attending a ball next week and you have to go with a girl!”



I brought out my phone and dialed three more numbers, asking them to visit today.


“I’ll soon find a girl that’s not afraid of you”


I sat on the sofa and watched as he clenched his hands into tight fist as if controlling himself from doing something.



Prince Eric



I was surprised when I saw her holding a book and pen, standing above me like I’m some sort of experiment and even more surprised when I saw a lady enter.


“Who’s this?” I asked angrily “what’s she doing here?”


“She brought the girl here so she can kill us, you have to do something fast” the second voice in my head said


“I brought her so I can study your behavior and know your kind of ideal woman.” She replied, I don’t even know her name yet.


“Show her the way out” I replied.


This lady is really taking my silence for granted.


“Yes and she wants to kill us” the voice replied in my head.


I watched from the corner of my eye as the strange lady scurried out in fear.


“Is this why they’re afraid of you?” I asked “you’re attending a ball next week and you have to go with a girl!” She said but I ignored her.


Why’s she even here in the first place? Did my family send her here? So many whys but no answer.


“I’ll soon find a girl that’s not afraid of you” she added



Thirty minutes, six ladies and infuriating me later,


I disappeared into my room and came back with a bag.


I sat in the sofa closest to her and pulled her on to my laps.


Her breath turned rapid almost instantly, glad to know I still have my boyish charms.


She really need to be dealt with, only I don’t know how.


“How can’t you know how?” The voice replied “tie her up with the rope and throw her in the fire”


Once upon a time, when I wanted to get over my ex, I used to invite ladies to my house but after having s£x with them, they suddenly look like me ex and I find myself filled with hatred towards them then I say mean words to them. I’m sure most ladies in the state hate me.


In a bid to stop hurting people, I chased everyone well except this girl on my laps.


“What’s your name?” I asked, bringing my lips close to her ears.


“Daisy” she whispered.


“Nice name”


“Thanks” she said breathily and before she could react, I tied her hands to the back determined to know why she’s here.


Is it possible she was sent by my ex?


“Good, you’ve tied her now throw her in to the fire there” the voice commanded.


I fought against the voice but I did put her beside the fire not yet in the fire.










Each lady I brought after the first one always tremble when they see him then he makes matter worst by staring at them without emotion.


As the last lady rushed out, I stopped her by the door.


“What’s it?” I asked.


“How come you are still here and smiling?” She asked back.


“Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?”


“That man in there is a seductive devil, he uses and dumps ladies then say really mean words to them. No one in this town is interested in him.”


“How come I didn’t know?”


“You’re probably from another world.” The girl replied.


No wonder one min he’s cold, the next he’s a seducting devil.”


I stood beside a sofa lost in thought and I didn’t even notice his presence till he pulled me on his laps.


It was so unexpected and I was scared.


Not scared of him though, scared of falling in love with him because he always find a way into my thoughts since I came.


I need to accomplish my mission and quickly get out of his lair before I become vulnerable to him.”



I was afraid when he tied my hands unexpectedly and threw me beside the fire place.


Then I got amused and watched him pull a chair closer to me. Unable to decipher what he’s trying to do, I settle more comfortable and flashed him a grin.


“Can you get me a cold lemonade before roasting me?” I asked, batting my eyelashes. “I should have one last wish isn’t it?”










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